Niggeroach Organic Portals Sent To Throw Me Off On My Channel

Here are but a few examples:

This manly looking NIGGER-BITCH (or is it just a straight nigger) here named “Veronica Williamson” – more like VINCENT Williamson, amirite, lol (here her youtube):

Here a close-up (Get ready to BARFF)! OOOOOWEEEE THAT’S AN UGLY BI- NIGGA!

Is THIS a tranny?

That CREATURE looks like a cross between a pooch dog and a rottweiler. THAT’S ONE UGLY NUGGA regardless of whether it’s a tranny or not. Call MrE: or get Mag Ugly Troof on thus shyte! Here’s his channel btw, lol:

Anyways, as you can see above, that “thangs” has IT’S BREASTS out but yet leaves the comment below:

– Bitch, I’ll throw a dumbbell at your flat pancake tittied having rottweiler ass:

Here the second one: this “god motha” crakkka christ worshipping, praying on/ sucking on the limp white dick of crakkka christ bitch who had the NERVE to push her hypo-christian bs on my channel (that bitch an agent, tho.):

Here’s her first comment (You would think her calling herself “GodMotha” would be seen as sacrilege/ blasphemy in her eyes!):

Now, ON THE SURFACE she seems “cool” (this why flattery don’t work on me) cause here’s the deception:

She’s caping for “God.” GOD IS THE DEMIURGE as I stated here: and here, too: Based on what she’s writing, SHE KNOWS ALOT so why would she fall for the lie of God not being anything but “satan” aka THE DEMIURGE! We went back and forth and her knowledge PLUS SPIRIT (or lack of) as well as now I think of it her blasphemously (according to HYPOchristians which is kinda what she portraying herself as) calling herself “God-Motha” SHOWS deception!

Here a couple more….


As always (read the channel description she has) PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY ARE SOMETHING USUALLY ARE NOT WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE (Contrast that with the shit she STARTED up above):

– I sense her animosity had NOTHING to do with what I said (I said some silly shit to make light of a serious situation but yeah it was dumb of me to say it!), but more to do with WHO I AM which is a Being of Light in contrast to her DARKNESS (THIS AN EVIL, MESSY BITCH AND HER FACE SHOWS IT RIGHT BELOW):

– You can see the pure evilness in her face. I also have a feeling that she “dabbled” in the darker aspects of voodoo NOT KNOWING WHAT THE FUCK SHE DOING and got “infected” with demons.

In this video here, the WAY she acts like pantomining emotion, not really into it, just “showing off” SHOWS somebody who I recognize FROM EXPERIENCE has been taken over by a legion of demons with the soul damn near pushed out as she is pantomining emotion and not really showing it just as a being not of this world – a demon – would do the same to fit in:

Here screenshots:

Look at her eyes above, visibly on the camera, watching to see if “she” is pantomining ie “acting human” correctly! Reminds me of how Beyonce swayed her head back amd forth in a demonic, hypnotized manner in that infamous vid of her at an NBA game:

Just as I sensed, when I dropped comments, SHE HASN’T RESPONDED meaning she did it for the purpose of generating dark energy and nothing more!

Here more DUMBASS comments (I’ve had shit go viral AND NEVER had mofos question me – really – on this so I KNOW this is the work of youtube agents):

LOOK AT THIS CRAZY BITCH! WHO TAKES A PROFILE PIC LIKE THIS??? BITCH LOOK REPTILIAN, HEAD TITLED DOWN, THIS HOE CRAZY WITH MALIGNANT ENERGY (See, that’s the beauty about seeing into the spirit world. I don’t have to take people literally for shit cause I can “read” and see their spirit):

Here screenshots of ITS (Reptilian? Human?) face:


Here her channel:

Another HYPOchristian putting people’s looks down and sexualizing breasts (which are meant to suckle children and NOT BE SEXUALIZED hence why they hang lower than men’s nipples) while preaching the Good (hypocritical) word of CRAKKKA CHRIST:

– I like white men anyways so go hate on my looks, boo!

Here some more from the niggeroach crakkka christ worshipping gallery:

– They always mention crakkka christ which is as soul-less as they are…

THESE (cause they are not SOUL-ED PEOPLE) are not humans but organic “portals” which you can read more about here:

That said, I found not uncoincidentally after I posting about how Youtube was sending “agreeable” crakkkaroaches my way, here:

Now they are sending obnoxious NIG-RATS my way, hopeless organic portals devoid of – shit!

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