South Americans And Mexicans Are Organic Robotoids Created By The Draco Reptilians To Be Worker Bees

South Americans And Mexicans Are Organic Robotoids Created By The Draco Reptilians To Be Worker Bees

That’s why Mexicans work so HARD (Notice I said NOT SMART 🙂

That said, I think I found my answer to this blog I wrote a while back:

See, I’m a natural anthropologist. I have a natural knack for it. I’m so good at it that I aced anthropology when I went to college yearrrs ago without studying.

I sit back and I observe people. I am very astute and intuitive. That said, this thought has been rummaging in my mind for quite some time.

That said, I notice that Mexicans, South Americans are SIMPLE MINDED BUT SPIRITUAL PEOPLE! I notice on one hand they are VERY STUCK on the world, extremely carnal – focused and seem “blunt” and one dimensional, like a stereotype. I even had one say to me outright “I never been with a black girl before” AND I’M A STRANGER HE’S APPROACHING!!! Now granted I’m pretty fucking blunt but I take into account CONTEXR, ETC. It’s like this mofo lacked higher vibrational AND MENTAL functions! In part this mofo is STUPID! I observe like Trump and others do ACCURATELY that these mofos have an obsession with sex and also it sounds like maintaining the archon-Demiurge created matrix trap as well!

That said, I notice that many of them – erstwhile – when you get them on a private level, THEY SOME OF THE MOST SPIRITUAL MOFOS YOU CAN TALK WITH! Very knowledgable, deeper than whites and you can go beyond Crakkka Christ with them (they don’t have dogmatic FAKE spirituality like whites have) even though their shit’s are really knock offs of BLACK FOLK’S SHIT, for instance Santa Muerte:

– Shit just the Grim Reaper in Espanol with a skeletal pussy!

Is a knock off of voodoo’s Baron Samedi:

A voodoo Lwa of death.

– It’s funny when I go into their botanicas I notice they’ll have candles for Elegua, etc. and I know they ain’t
got alot of Caribbeans, Afrikans out here (the ones here don’t really practice) SO THEY STEALING OUR SHIT!

Look at the Elegua-esque candles here:

– PEEP how they have these statutes ALL BLACK though they got whitish faces…

Both voodoo AND santeria derive from Palo Mayombe which is an Afrikan spirutual system.

That said, another thing I notice is that they have a hivemind which us symptomatic of robotoid behavior. I notice that when I do something, say something here for instance – it’s like it’s been heard far and wide amongst them, as if somebody sent out a signal saying, “Raven did this,” and I’ll see them behave towards me as if I have done said or done something to them personally. Another hivemind characteristic I notice amongst them is lack of nuances or understanding them. With black folks or others, if you call us out on our flaws, will delve deeper and see that there could be problems, etc. We do not all think as one hivemind or see an attack on one of us in any context as an attack upon us except in case of white supremacist attacks designed to fuck with us or spick and spans doing the same. That said, with hispanics, well, just look at this:

– Imma take the time out to say, seeing he calls himself “Hellbound” so I’ll assume he is somewhat of a satanist (I sense he is), SATANISTS HAVE THE MOST CHRIST CONCIOUSNESS (Which is what TRUE Christ Consciousness is) OF ANY GROUP I EVER MET! Honestly, as you will later hear from Baba Bobby Hemmitt’s “Satan: The Ultimate Darkside Lectures” SATAN will be the One (aka NEO) to free you from this Demiurge-Archon matrix ran TRAP! It’ll get broken down later…

Like a hivemind they all VORACIOUSLY attack this man for calling out South Park Mexican for raping a 7 year old girl (pedophilia and misogyny – which I will explain later why – ARE FUCKING EPIDEMIC amongst them) like a hivemind that feels threatened so they go into attack mode to defend what they are truly here for and their “queen.” Let me explain their original purpose:

They were created as organic robotoids to serve the reptilians. That is why they have a tendency to focus on lower vibratory thoughts, acts (for instance on sex, pedophilia) while having some higher vibrational levels of consciousness but not so much that it goes beyond the occult as they were designed to serve the reptilians in especially blood letting rituals but not designed to have higher level chakras beyond the lower ones (they from what I sense as a horde – not all – have the sacral chakra and the root chakra and none really higher than that). It’s because they were created to just be worker bees (hence why they work so HARD) and not function beyond the matrix!

Let me break it down…

See, their “god” (this why they have to steal OUR AFRIKAN GODS – like everyone else) was Quetzalcoatl, a serpent plumed feather God:

Doesn’t this statue of Queztalcoatl…

Resemble demon Sumerian God Pazuzu which is why I think he is reptilian…

It’s funny cause I sensed in a past life (and saw this in the astral) that I was a female reptilian in his army. You can see a remnant of that past life here:

Here a closer look:

You can SEE (pun intended) more of that here:

I believe that Quezalcoatl (and I know) Enlil are two reptilian Gods around me, protecting me which I saw in a vision which I wrote down here:

– You can also see the shadow of nefertiti there too, casted where my shadow should be…

I even felt spiritually compelled to do a painting a while back where he was “conjoined” and was an aspect of me on the left side.

That said, Quetzalcoatl also appeared as a white man as well which explains why they – unlike other groups – worship white folks to this day!

One thing I wanna say is, that is why I say that white people are organic robotoids working for the reptilians:

Here is info on organic portals, robotoids:


Here is PROOF Quetzalcoatl and other reptilians existed in physical form as conveyed by this fossil:

Mud Fossil University discovered it (Thank you!!!):

That said, and this explains the viciousness of the cartels (they even murder babies #DONE) and the utter “distance” in humanity that causes them to commit pedophilia, hate women (which is another reptilian trait), because their overlords are Reptilian, it is not unlikely to think they took on some of the traits of their masters. In reptilian culture – as per extension of the archon agenda – the Divine Feminine energy is hated and negated. That is why – as an extension of influence – there is so much matricide (murder of women) and infanticide (disdain towards given life cause WOMBEN CAN DO IT) amongst them. That is why there is so much machismo, womb envy!árez

Interestingly, down below, this young victim who many believe to have been an mk ultra monarch sex slave ran outside this big time hotel in Mexico in which she shouted how she saw Carlos Slim – a Lebanese born wealthy Mexican oil magnate (NOTICE HOW NONE OF THEM CARTELS NEVER FUCK WITH HIM AND HIS FAMILY!!!!) AND MEXICAN CARTEL MEMBERS FEASTING ON HUMAN FLESH AND BLOOD (Told ya I’m right!):

I sense she is not on this Earth plane and got sacrificed and as I stated here:

And here:

When you get sacrificed, I don’t care HOW “GOOD” YOU WERE, YOU ARE TRAPPED FOR ALL ETERNITY unless a good shaman or Powrful ancestor can GET YOU OUT! I see her in chains in a temple like place similar to where I saw xxxtentacion and others, including my brother. I also see her in a dark forest place where I sense them dark hooded entities like here jacked her (I see her crying):

Reptilians use blood as an energy source – hell they NEED IT hence why, as influenced by their masters, that is why there is so much bloodlust throughout Mexico, South America (before you pull blacks into this – look at our indigenous societies before contact with white folks – we were peaceful mostly except for small skirmishes – emphasis on SKIRMISH – AND we are considered the only true HUEmans on the planet: everyone else got “neanderthal” or “neandeRAPE” DNA!).

Not only that, peep Ancient Kemet (Egypt), A BLACK CIVILIZATION! We were egalitarian (my bloodline stems from there). There was equality between the sexes (there were female Pharoahs):;wap2

Taking it a step further… the aliens that set up that civilization, one of em, had Pharoahs such as Akhenaton rule who had feminine shapes, feminine physiques and ways as indigenous to thst as aliens species:

WHILE in white ran ancient Rome and Greece it was EXTREMELY MISOGYNISTIC ajd hateful towards the Divine Feminine (I told ya crakkkaroaches are agents of the Demiurge and that they created patriarchy):

I touched on it here:

I notice that in societies with a large reptilian influence (dragons, etc.) there is a tendency towards bloodlust and lack of empathy along with a hiveminded way of being. Asians are the perfect example (Indians in South America are said to come from there):

Rape of Nanking:

In case youtube takes those vids down, YOU CAN READ about it here:

Note how in China there is a huge lack of empathy or consideration for other’s feelings which others note:

– It’s funny cause over there they got that 1 child policy where ALL THEY DO IS KILL LIL GIRLS and so thus keeping up with the Demiurge policy of anti- Divine Feminine Acts:

With that said I believe that like the whites (who “mysteriously” popped up on the scene 2000 years ago which I believe is due to genetic experimentation by aliens: ). Note they keep changing the date of when crakkkaroaches first came on the scene:

the asian whites (who also popped up that long ago) had their genetics tweaked to be good at maintaining and implementing the technological aspects of the reptilian agenda which is by creating a physical “Heaven on Earth” which is designed to divert you from spiritual pursuits and so thus open your chakras so you can experience REAL HEAVEN in both the astral (where you can create ANYTHING you want, imagine) and bring it back here to the 3D Earth. As I said before, all this is by design because the Demiurge and Archons want you to stay stuck in your 3D bodies (hence why this place is called a “prison planet”) because the Demiurge and archons use our souls as an energy food source as shown in the matrix and use our bodies to entrap our light souls in here:

I talk more about that here:

This is why the commercials, music and movies we have are designed to lower our vibrational level so that we will focus on 3D pursuits: money, sex, drugs – all the shit I said that Mexicans and South Americans focus on.

That is why alot of that SHIT is aimed at the true SOULLED PEOPLE – BLACK PEOPLE (Hence why when we give into the system we are called SELL-OUTS IE SOUL-ED OUT!)!

See, black people are the true children of the Divine Feminine (hence why our traditional societies are matriarchal). They even tell us this by, again, saying we the only “true HUEmans” on Planet Earth:

I sense the two articles are implyinv neanderthal sex = rape:

This article RIGHT HERE CONFIRMS that the moors aka blacks ONCE DID DOMINATE EUROPE:

That is why we, as the true soulled beings with the ability to ascend and transcend multi different dimensions they stay stealing and manipulating our culture to keep us from doing just that. Rap for instance started as an ART FORM to help us rise above that:

Then “THEY” co opted it and turned it into a misogynistic art form that DEVOLVED into calling womben bitches and hoez, obsessive focus on excess materialism and everything that is the opposite behind why rap was originally created to where it devolved into this man here being considered a “hero” (them fuckerz are spellbound and I explain it here: ) for saying the fucked up ass shit I said rap (now ear rap[e]) was perverted into:


The bloods and crips ORIGINALLY started as neighborhood militias designed to protect black communities from police abuse and violence. FBI/CIA/ILLUMINATI got their hands on them and now these nuggaz are smoking out each other but not George Wetback Spick Zimmerman as evidenced by xxxtentacion’s murder yet fat Georgie Porkie still walking around, free – mysteriously unscathed:

Here is more on the gangs before CIA/ ILLUMINATI INFILTRATION:

Then we got the Black Panthers who – I recall my mama saying – helped folks in the Desire Projects of New Orleans. They started out and were designed – on an organic level – to do the same as the gangs tried to do which is protect our communities. Then, the CIA DEMIURGE CONTROLLED ILLUMINATI STEPPED IN, and DESTROYED the movement and look at what they did to the leader, Huey P. Newton:

– READ what happened to him cause out of respect I don’t even want to write it.

And look, DESPITE how that man died, they already trying to sell his picture and eat off his legacy:

That’s why I don’t believe in movements (many are CIA-Demiurge orchestrated abyways) or groups or even forming them. In the past for whatever I did (sex work activism, copwatch shit, topless rights shit – whatever) cops, system people as I call them, etc. would “encourage” me to start organizations based on that. That’s so they can control you better and keep a close eye since you can infiltrate a group but not a sole individual. That’s why I keep it about me. They’ve done TRIED to character assassinate me (like I care – I know my message will ONLY reach a chosen few and that is ALL I care about), get paid trolls to drum up opposition against one lady (living in her car, lol!). Censor me on youtube (with +200 channels taken down – lol). They even sent mk ultra slaves to get close to me which I discuss here:
Alot of insincere, evil people try to bark up my tree like this psychopath here who I sense is controlled by a reptilian:

None of that schitt works on me and I’m still here to preach ✊ I’m spiritually protected and I’m divinely chosen so I don’t care about any of that matrix shit they send my way. As 13signsastrology says here, after the great vibrational shifts which have taken place over the decades, MASS MOVEMENTS WILL NOT WORK:

That is because – as shown via the Mandela Effect which you can read down below – with the changing shifts in consciousness and reality as well (reality is no longer stable as we once knew it and you have to have a nuanced mind to understand and ascend which many don’t) people don’t succumb to the hivemind syndrome of following the crowd anymore:

More on the Mandela Effect:

– This lady, Cynthia Sue Larson, a very sweet lady was the first to come up with it years ago way before it became “popular”:

Even the organic portals are waking up (which is another way of saying organic robotoids) so it is hard to assemble people into a hivemind consciousness with the Awakening of the Divine Feminine Spirit and thus individuality:

– The Dove will be the peace aspect of the Divine Feminine that will restructure the Earth once the Great Cleansing or catacylsm have you designed to wipe it clean of the matrix system programming from the Age of Pieces aka the Age of the Demiurge, Man, aka the Age of Jesus Christ (or Crakkka Christ aka Cesare Borgia aka the IMAGE OF THE BEAST in which I break down the Deception here: )

That WAS your true Anti Christ: the Catholic Church ALLL alone with it’s patriarchal teachings designed to oppress womben, it’s crusades to – as the Anti Christ is claimed to do – push their shit on others, their theft of other people’s lands and their self righteous claims such as “taming thr natives” despite their SAVAGERY to non hostile natives.



That said, that’s why black folks are hated: all these organic robotoids HATE OUR SOULS JUST LIKE THE DEMIURGE which Baba Bobby Hemmitt breaks down here:

That is why through slavery they tried to break us down. That is why hispanics wage war against us. I got attacked by One:

That’s why this happened to this young man here by them:


Better yet (if I had my way) I’d round they asses up while ALIVE like President
Jorge Rafael Videla did during the Dirty War in Argentina and drop their black “mayate” hating asses into the ocean.

Fuck them! Get them spicks outta here and these lil bastard border hoppers!

– Throw they lil asses into the ocean, too!

Them lil bitches look grown anyways.

This REALLY the reality: the lil bastards roaming free. Looks like youf local “gym,” night during a hurricane:

Fuck them people!

A hit dog will holler. They know what President Trump says is true. After all, we supposed to open our borders to them yet they kill Guatamalans who enter their country, Mexico, illegally.

– Amun!

You see the selfishness, THE UTTER ENTITLEMENT of those reptilian bred practically “farm animals” since they were bred for no higher purpose then to serve their agenda, just like whites!

And then they’ll just throw out the SAME simple minded responses, retorts WITH NO NUANCES which I ain’t got time to hear cause I know it is all apart of that hivemind bs programming they have. That’s why I don’t take it personal. I also realize that they are organic portals and use it as a way to STEAL energy which is why I don’t acknowledge em and thus don’t give them any.

This shit goes deep!

In the past we called Afrocentrics crazy but now we see there is truth to what they said all along! In this new reality where reality ain’t fluid, the veil is being lifted and the truth exposed. That said, for years it was said whites (and I believe other non black races) were designed to go against the true soulled people – black people – by being created by a black alien mad scientist in a lab named Yacub, who created some of the other races to torment us.

That theory may not be too far behind as this CONFIRMED NASA scientist here stated that he saw 7ft foot tall BLACK AFRIKAN ALIENS getting off a mothership 3x the size of planet Earth and creating the rings of Saturn:

Now, Saturn – and this goes deep – IS HUGE in ancient mythology. The Romans had a holiday that circumvented around Saturn called Saturnalia in which was a weak long festival of Chaos not unlike the film, “The Purge”:

The first article – with the orchestrated attempt to use Saturnalia to overthrow the Roman Government – sounds like “The Purge 3”.

Now, Baba Bobby Hemmitt breaks it down further and says black folks are “Chaos Beings”:

That said, it’s said that Saturn runs ALOT OF SHIT – and influences alot of things – on this planet. This article pretty much breaks it down about Saturn and it’s association with our planet.

This mofo right here – though I don’t like how he puts a fear based dogmatic (as white folks always do) spin on it he talks of how symbols in many major religions correlates to saturn aka satan aka melanin worship:

Even according to the ancient Sumerian tablets it talks of hueman dna being tinkered to create a sub hue-man slave race with NO higher spiritual capabilities:

It goes back to Enlil, Enki, the Annunaki which you can read about here:

It goes deep…

If this is to be believed, that is why there are so many people up against us black folks. It is to keep us focused on the illusion of Earthly experiences (the illusion of the dollar which ain’t nothing but a talisman as expounded here, the focus on cars, thots – which is a DELIBERATE corruption of the ancient Egyptian Deity Thoth’s name whom you can read more on here: – and just all around low vibratory schitt) and not advance as SOULLED BEINGS, not ascend. The white illuminati deliberately takes black mysticism and perverts it and turns it spiritually upside down to meet their purpose:

That’s why Hitler turned the swastika from a peace symbol:

Into an evil symbol…

Read more about it here:

Shit like whites always do – as they did with us and rock – THEY TOTALLY TOOK AND TURNED AND PERVERTED THAT SYMBOL LIKE A MOFO – LIKE THOSE CULTURE VULTURES OWN IT! And they like to claim they Aryans (true ones are the Persians, Northern Indians) and use it to take them people schitt yet they quick to kick them people who they say are them outta Europe.

As a matter of fact, in the Buy-Bull which was stolen from other REAL spiritual systems, what is called the Rapture will be the Ascension of Soulled beings who can function in Higher Dimensions while the others who are non soulled, hivemind beings (non blacks) will be Left Behind. That’s why all these other races HATE US (out of envy) BUT ARE OBSESSED WITH HAVING SEX WITH US so that they can intertwine their lower DNA with ours snd piggyback on our spiritual energy to ASCEND (THAT’S WHY I RUN THEM FREAKS UP THE STREET AND I AM GLAD I AM OUT OF PROSTITUTION!). It is also designed to – being that they are organic portals – so that they can STEAL our energy via the sacral chakra (Since that is where the sexual energy which is the STRONGEST ENERGY in melanated folk) lies. That is why the system has it set up so that we are DELIBERATELY placed in the lowest rungs of society economically so that many of us are forced into sex work (prostitution):

– This white boi who uploaded this is pissed, lol!

SO THOSE BASTARDS CAN STEAL THAT ENERGY AND KEEP US FROM ASCENDING (I know the game). Baba Bobby Hemmitt broke it down here:

As a star seed, I don’t fuck around. I don’t mince words. I have an above level consciousness that allows me to “see the all” and “overstand”. I’m not phased by Earthly, human bs! I see it, I call it. My consciousness is not of this world. I know this. That’s why my eyes do this:

Cause I’m not human – at least my soul ain’t but I use this bodily container to tell you the truth of what is going on… the unstifled truth. That’s why I am a target:

That is also why I got GREAT spiritual protection:

That is why when people come for me, they get destroyed! In any way, shape, form or matter.

I know who I am and why I am in the world:

What you call “the Antichrist” will actually be the Great Savior that will free you from this prison planet. It’s funny because everything that describes starseeds which are system busters, game changers:

This article spits alot of truth:

This statement taken from a site, circled in yellow, really resonates:

Here are a list of Starseed attributes (NOTICE WHO they resonate with):

…ARE ATTRIBUTES ASCRIBED TO SATAN, THE ANTICHRIST (SEE the correlation?). That’s probably why we are so hated cause our Higher Vibrational energy inadvertently recoils the low vibratory organic robotoid fake hivemind humans and other predatory alien species on the planet. The Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt (I know it sounds like I worship him but I don’t – ps I JUST HEARD A DEMONIC CRAKKKA – I know it’s an oxymoron – say some shit that broke my concentration. Getting back to Baba Hemmitt, I just agree with what alot of what he says). That is why the “antichrist” is so demonized. In this world where you got pizzagate shit going on, where elites commit ritual abuse and rape AND murder/sacrifice of kids like here:

Ask yourself WHY is a person sooo hated for merely speaking the truth?

The Buy-Bull itself was CREATED by the Romans at the Council of Nicea who were HEAVILY into child sacrifice as mentioned here…

As the old saying goes, consider the Source.

They fear that Divine Feminine Energy which will establish a Golden Age reign of Peace and Love which the Buy-Bull calks the reestablishing of Jesus Christ’s “Kingdom” aka consciousness here on Earth which only the womban energy can do which I discuss here:

That is why the “alternate media” is filled with patriarchal pro christian shills who are figured prominently so they can act as enemies of the NWO when it is all the same thing and they worship the same thing: “God” aka the Demiurge:

All Call for An Uprising IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE:

– The fact is the signs and symbols ARE NOT THE PROBLEM (Hell, they are in your own churches such as the upside down crosses found in the Vatican) but what they are being used for but if you listen to “Call” he’ll send you back to the Dark Ages with his extremely HYPOchristian thoughts (I sense he was at one point an occultist hence why he knows so much).

More on the Demiurge here…

THEY ARE NOT THE TRUTH! They are part of maintaining the deception (telling you that opening your third eye is a sin, etc).

They don’t want you to come into your Higher Self. They want you to stay stuck on this Earth Plane and use your soul energy that is entrapped in your bodies for nourishment aks loosh. See, I know what’s up!

The goal of the illuminati is also to kerp you stuck on this Earth 3D plane hence why they poison you with flouride, dumb you down with dumbed down television, same shit designed to keep you from reaching your Highef Self just as the low vibratory teachings of HYPOchristianity are designed to do (teaching you everything is a sin, to fear everything, that knowledge = sin). That is why knowledge which is deemed a sin is associated with Satan who as Baba Bobby Hemmitt said is the True Messiah who will come to liberate you.

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