Tariq Nasheed Is Protected And A Vision Of Moving To Rwanda

I always say that ANYONE who is BIG in the public eye IS PROTECTED!

About Tariq Nasheed – I’m not a fan of him and I wrote about him AND Syntheteia G (WHO IS NOT spiritually protected as she has no soul to protect) here:


I BEEN sensed they are both agents and are creating disruption to 1) make blacks feel they can never believe in a leader (same thing “Brother” Polight did). That’s why I say blacks need to stop looking to (government orchestrated) leaders and movements for help and start looking within. With all the vibrational shifts 13signsastrology touched on this:

That said – and I had to have been in the 4th dimension given the vividness of it (I will say that the 4D based on experience is where you see 360 degrees AND IT LOOKS REAL like the new iphone quality vids or digital – just real – whereas the 3D to me looks dull and not so real. THAT is how the 4D looks!) I was in a church – one where I been to in the astral before. I saw some messy ass church people gathering up. To make a point, I was gonna walk out topless after taking my shirt cause it’s a church and I feel like they need to go fuck off. I say this as I take a swig of my period blood water (when on my period I just put the bloody cup in there – literally, bloody cup AND ESPECIALLY LOVE the big chunks of meat that’s in it which comes from the utero linning shedding – it smells like meat, too):

Anyways, before doing so I tried to set it to where my camera would record and THE SHIT MYSTERIOUSLY STOPPED WORKING! I was like, “TF!!!??” Now I kinda sensed an evil presence, a skeletal figure that is around that tries to hinder me so it will force me to work with it which I discussed here (which is why I don’t trust what’s around) AND FUCK WITH MY OWN POWERS:


I did feel evil and it’s like the shit will disable (for instance keep me from doing a jump kick when I am in a fight in the astral) my potential and fuck with me. I don’t know if it’s anything coming from him. Imma have to defeat it someday. That said I set through the sermon of bs and that was that…

That said, I woke up then I fell back asleep! When I did, I had moved to Rwanda (not Wakanda – I wouldn’t even see that shyte. I wanna see “The First Purge” which shows you where my mind is). I recall being in a truck (this reality was SOOO 4D with realities overlapping) and there was a nice Rwandan man who was like welcome home (I’m American btw but he was saying that cause I am black but blacks are actually the natives of North America which I explain below – personally I am of Egyptian heritage based on what I know):



There was a reporter who died after staying in 1 position for 3 FUCKING DAYS (That’s why after driving for long periods YOU GOT TO GET OUT AND STRETCH):


And then you got all those fucking diseases. No way, No no no no….

THIS is exactly of what I saw in the astral version of Rwanda

That said, it seem like it was in a timeline – maybe a manifestation from an alternate Earth in the 3D since what goes on in the 3D also materializes in the 4D – I had a husband/ boyfriend, not sure – an English white dude whose last name was “Stamper” and there was an emphasis placed on that name much like there was placed on the (crazy) demon, Rebuggo Low and the name that was given to me, Abaddon. That said – I had two young girls who I’ve seen before: one is autistic and they both got red strawberry blonde nappy hair, lol (it looks wild though and I like it) and nice dresses. I remember the dude lying on his back – I think he had penis cancer or something, it was some heavy illness he had – and I was taking care of him. As per usual in the 4D realm (or any other higher realm) in the astral I flew through Wakanda – sorry, I mean Rwanda and saw beautiful, I mean, similar homes to what you see in America and I remember talking to my lil bro Kristen about how it’s nothing like how western tv portrays it to be. We lived in like a literal row of thatched roof afrikan homes comprised of the straws they use for their own and inside they had a caribbean look. They were box looking. Here is how they look:

– I know it’s far from symmetrical and looks like a person which is creepy but this my quick rendition of how it looks.

I remember thinking to myself of how tho. it ain’t home I can walk around topless, do me, whatever and be happy. I also considered becoming a nomad and roaming around the world…

Then I woke up…

I also felt my soul’s leg jump up when I came back into my body.

That said, here is my conjecture for how I ended up there. We look back on our lives and sometimes wonder what different choices could of led to like this film “Sliding Doors” (I just heard a heavy twisting sound under my car with no one there indicating that a spirit, entity is trying to get my attention):

– THAT IS REAL KARMA! REAL KARMA IS ABOUT ANY ACTION AND THE POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES IT COULD LEAD TO, NOT GOID OR BAD! For instance, if you go right and not left the consequence that follows is karma…

That said, as my psychic powers increased (during a full moon AND on my period nontheless) I SAW – void of any distractions – how my life woulda turned out had I gone to De La Salle. I wouldn’t of been taunted like I was at Xavier Prep here: https://toplessinla.org/2014/11/04/do-not-send-your-kid-to-st-katherine-drexel-high-school-aka-xavier-prep/ BUT I woulda had a major inferiority complex. THE CLOSEST TIMELINE I SAW was me getting married to a white dude, blonde but balding. I woulda surprisingly been a bank manager (though I’m horrible with numbers) which jives with what other spiritualists said that those white folks woulda been putting me down and how I woulda went WAYYYY outta my way to prove myself (I peeped how black kids who transferred to that school or relatives who went there looked like zombies, dead, while – DESPITE the shit I went thru at Prep – I HAD LIFE IN ME CAUSE I SPOKE MY PEACE AND ROSE HELL (Which is the key to staying young). That said psychics, including myself have seen in other timelines that I woulda been a reporter in one, another a senator’s wife (a while back I had a demon, an incubus convey this to me). I woulda been involved in pizzagate which I discuss here:


The murder ritual sacrifice of kids and it woulda all in all been about trying to prove myself (bet Kanye WISH he didn’t make that choice now: )

That said, I’m glad I’ve broken free of the matrix. I’m glad that I see past the value system the matrix pushes on us all. I’m glad I overstand everything – that my identity exists outside of it! So many people imbue their identity into physical things. That’s not good for spiritual development. The system is DESIGNED TO KEEP YOU FROM SPIRITUALLY EVOLVING. I talk about this here:


That said, in that alternate timeline – and it’s a good thing I’m here – this why I stopped worrying about that schitt cause even going back a couple of years I saw that in that most possible timeline I woulda walked away from my family and went on a spiritual journey which wouldn’t of turned out okay because I wasn’t happy with just having material possessions. I can’t be me!

In this reality I know myself very well – to see past the fakeness, the fuckery, the bs of it all. I see through people so they can’t bs me! I am at a place of contentment and I am doing what I like to do which is preach. Going back further in that timeline – going back to middle school – I was already on the revolutionary path. I idolized Malcom X via way of my 8th grade teacher, Mr Leafroy so I KNOW I WOULD NOT BE HAPPY WITH AN ORDINARY LIFE. I recall while on an 8th grade field trip my hair going from neat like this:

To like this:

I WAS SOOO HAPPY with the second look. I was into Nirvana and liked the hippie-ish lifestyle. Even as a child I would walk around barefoot as I do now and I was never neat (though not funky). I kept shit – and still do – in a manner which I understand to be organized to me. I don’t follow in line with anything and that’s me.

Wouldn’t you know – the word count shows “1555”:

So I’m happy to be here. I’m happy I chose this timeline cause – despite the shit the world has hurled upon me – it made me become “independent” OF the world and thus happy to be with me, my own company!

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