Three Malevolent Spirits Around Me And My Fight Against Them

Three Malevolent Spirits Around Me And My Fight Against Them

That is why I have issues with the purple amethyst stone as I found it shows what spirits, entities, “deities” are around you (it puts you in contact with entities)…

I believe there comes a time when you gotta put shit on blast…

I recall while in jail an Afrikan girl who is REAL GIFTED SPIRITUALLY told me she saw an entity around me who will put me through HELL to prove my loyalty to it… It looked like the one in thed middle:

That said, I need to get at the ROOT of the problem of what is causing me setbacks, trauma and problems.

One instance is how my shaman business ain’t going anywhere, like there is a hidden hand holding it…

I recall while trying to REALLY launch it last month (I felt the energy was e
right), this demon possessed CRAKKKAROACH fucked it up by getting me blocked off of facebook and thus keeping me from posting on my “raventheshaman” page (I can’t stand them mofos; it’s cause I didn’t want a bitch ass crakkka and them mofos ARE demons in and of themselves and I discuss this here:
I also found that when I would expose them in the past, my powers would come back to me.

Another are the issues I have with people such as monumental trauma in which, when I try to do shit to get justice, it’s like “something” is hindering it, creating problems so I will feel compelled to rely upon then for assistance thereby selling my soul and THUS MY DIVINE FEMININE POWER!

I know EXACTLY what is causing it and it hates that because of my knowledge I refuse to rely upon it for shit!

I started pondering this when I started thinking: “IF I got these powerful deities around me like Ra, why am I NOT protected? Why bad shit keep happening and I ain’t protected from it…?”

I recall when I got falsely arrested and placed in jail for being topless at the Lost Hills sheriff’s station, I recall seeing what looked like a holographic image of Egyptian God, Amun, appear via a two way mirror:

That said, later on I had a vision of that same “deity” appear BUT I FELT SUCH STRONG NEGATIVE ENERGY FROM IT (This why spiritual discernment IS KEY!).

That said, there have been times in which I have smelled phantom odors like rotten meat (a sign of a demonic presence) and odors like vomit (another demonic sign) in which there was NOTHING LIKE THAT ON MY PHYSICAL BODY (I had washed my clothes, my ass, etc.). Just now I notice shit moving which should not be moving on their own in a slight way. I had one lady say she sensed a shapeahifter with an evil vibe that fucks with me which I don’t doubt. As someone who FORMERLY fucked with satanism (I DO NOT FUCK WITH ANYTHING OUTSIDE MY CHAKRAS AKA DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY) a tarot reader named Tina said that “satan” wants my ENERGY (I put “satan” in quotes because these astral entities can take on any form – including as an archangel – or act like whatever they want to draw energy from you by attracting you to em by taking on a form or mere identity based on what you worship, like etc.).

That said the other night, see, there is a whispering entity (they say DEMONS like Baron Samedi “whisper”) which I hear every night via white noise (I just felt a presence around me). I communicated with it via telepathy. That said, this thing (it won’t reveal it’s name like the other demon, Rebuggo Low, did – I think he was outted by a positive spiritual worker so I can use his name to get rid of him) will say shit that’s true from time to time whuch I believe to gain my trust. This is the same BASTARD spirit in the astral who I believe is holding my baby brother hostage in the astral (when my clairaudient abilities expanded beyond their normal capabilities I could hear him in three year old form crying – THD EXACT SAME FORM they holding him hostage in). I have had a vision of that pointy dunce cap hat wearing all black entity snatching my baby brother Bryan after me and my other brother Kristen were spending time with him and placing him on a yellow schoolbus with a bunch of other kids and sending him to the underworld where it looks like an underground chamber with huge stones that looks like the French catacombs here (where alot of occult activity took place and was I now believe based on my knowledge-experience designed to mimic the underworld in the astral:

Well, more like this (it AIN’T the French catacombs):

Here is how it looked as close to what I saw:

– It looked alot like that except without the cuneiform writings and red blue colors. It was instead composed of blocks of large rock columns raised to the ceiling with the throne having steps leading to it. The predominant color was brown.

I’ve seen this place: while under Baron Samedi ie worahipping him I SAW a thai looking temple, maybe chinese in which the roof looked like a beehive and a picture I am guessing of this Chinese, Asian demon that was dressed as a samurai (a nod to the demon Bruce Lee was sacrificed to which he escaped) which looks like right here:

– He had a monstrous, squiggly face!

I believe that is TH, a Thai demon god. I know his song that appears when he takes a soul and everything.

That said, this whispering entity started trying to communicate with me via telepathy. As always, it refused to convey it’s name BUT it said that it was a fallen angel aka Grigori aka Watcher (I just got pain on my neck, back and arm where I got sore a from an attack after saying that, something I believed they influenced since I smelled faint rotten meat RIGHT BEFORE). I sensed it was taking on that identity to gain my trust so I will believe that whatit says, ESP. what I will say next, is credible. I then asked what I am? It said the Antichrist. I sensed he was just talking bs. I then asked WHERE IS MY BROTHER? THE BASTARD THEN SAID, “DON’T WORRY ABOUT HIM!” SINCE HE IS THE ONE WHO GOT HIM TRAPPED! Then the most disturbing was when his ass said, “When you gonna come play with me” – like something that would bd ssid outta a horror film…

At one point when I called it out it said, “YOU’RE PARANOID!” which is VERY similar to how when I call out bad people in real life they say the same shit (I sense many of em are being influenced by and sent by that thing). I even heard a man SCREAMING on the otherside in obvious distress while this thing called me “paranoid” for calling it out. Once when I called myself calling on Archangel Michael recently I can hear it mocking me by saying, “Help me” after I called archangel michael. I also believe it’s demonic ass is the cause behind my sometimes hearing a symphony of discouraging (to say the least) voices when my spiritual ears are at their most sensitive. Just now I heard it call me “crackhead” and “nigger” as I type this cause the pos don’t like being exposed. I sense that it is also responsible for influencing other folks to think the same way.

That said, I don’t trust what’s around me. I talked more on that here:

I believe it is deceptive and wants to draw from MY power (we don’t need those things) as shown here:

Via this diaphragm:

There is a chakra that is to the right side of our head which from what I understand is NATURALLY NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. This article talks about just THAT:

The reason why I can’t astral project easily I sense is because they are siphoning energy from there as that article states.

These things – the Grigori – are designed to keep us from coming into our True Power. I personally feel that they made a deal with the Demiurge to oppress huemans who become spiritually strong and enlightened so they can return to “heaven” aka the abode of the Demiurge to make up for giving humans knowledge and abilities hy directly mating and interacting with us. When I would meditate (some would say it is a sure sign of entities fucking with ya) I WOULD ALWAYS COME ACROSS DISTRACTIONS DESIGNED TO KEEP ME FROM ELEVATING MYSELF TRULY SPIRITUALLY!
My “spirit guide” who is a reptilian grigori who I mentioned here:

Has the head of a snake and flourescent dark green skin. He was the same one who said, “I don’t want you calling on me” when I asked for his name. That shows he ain’t on my side (I just felt better after suffering from health issues).

I recall one youtuber saying that angels, since they are spirits, can turn into demons and visa versa.

The Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt stated that as we grow spiritually, the agents of the Demiurge – archangels – will go against us. Here is where he explained it:

As I said, our 3D world is a prison planet, the realm of the Demiurge. As shown in this sequence here in the Matrix, it feeds of our souls which are IMPRISONED in bodies:

THAT is EXACTLY how the Demiurge has us. I also explain how the gods we call upon in voodoo, santeria, ancient Greece etc. started out as “mortals” who via opening their chakras aka their Divine Feminine energy (what the Buy-Bull calls “The Kingdom of God”) were able to break free of their bodies and transcend this 3D realm, breaking free of it and ultimately breaking free of this 3D matrix. Yet they are placed and seen as these distant figures who are superp powerful guys as stated by our Demiurge worshipping religions yet their backstories are never explained – and that is for a reason. I talk about that and why spiritual people get oppressed in this 3D matrix here:

That said, it allowed them to break free of the 3D matrix reincarnation trap which – as displayed in the matrix – is designed to “recycle” our souls to provide food for the Demiurge via being placed in new bodies and keep us trapped. That is why when we come back our memories are wiped clean: it ain’t about learning shyte, it’s about stealing your energy and keeping you from your soul birthright which is coming into unity with your Divine Feminine and thus become your own god, escaping the Demiurge!

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