White People Are Organic Robotoids Created By Reptilians And Designed To Shut Down the Power of Black People

Earth’s original people… Watch here!

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I won’t give away TOO much but I will say this (here are some talking points FOR YOU to digest):

  • That is why they stay “on code” – they have a hivemind – JUST LIKE REPTILIANS ARE SAID TO HAVE!


  • THINK ABOUT IT! They are ALWAYS in our convos, personal spaces, INSISTING THEY BE THERE like satellites who are monitoring us for “something” which I believe are – reptilians!

Note, too, that they do NOT and CAN NOT stand in the sunlight and naturally – even before chemtrails aka “global warming” which they created to destroy the indigenous peoples (“Black people”) before the Earth righteously kills em off in 2050 (Read here): https://mobile.nytimes.com/2009/12/18/us/18census.html

…Thus showing they are NOT natural to the Earth!

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