Breaking Free of The Spell The Reptilians Archons Aliens Have Placed On Me

Here is how that “spirit guide” I spoke of here looks:

This diaphragm explains how reptilians look…


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Black helicopters are greatly associated with the ufo phenomenon.

This is gonna be ALOT to write about…

No wonder Afrodeity – who gave me a reading awhile back – said I might have to leave Cali which is the HEADQUARTERS for reptilians. However, there’s no escaping those mofos really as what I am about to tell you happened in another state: Loser-ana (Louisiana) to be precise.

It’s more than just spirits fucking with me. What I showed you yesterday here:

Those things have been seen aboard alien spaceships. As a matter of fact one psychic Seer saw my brother on board being held captive in his 3 year old form – it’s the 4th dimension so you can take on any form you like – being held hostage by them in a dark room in which these things are blacker than the black room. Here is proof showing a link between these entities, shadow people, “the top hat man” (who I’ve seen whose fucked with me as well) and aliens:

I believe that as we ascend as a human species they are trying to wipe out hybrids because of our abilities and thus our mere potential (which explains some gangstalking) to help huemanity break free of the prison energy harvest matrix the archons got us trapped in. White folks are the main pushers of keeping us within this system so that melanated soulled folks will stay focused on 3D prison entrapping shit such as money, cars, etc. and not higher spiritual development:

See, I myself am a hybrid. That is why my eyes can do this:

This is (maybe) why my shadow did this:

Here the entire picture:

I’ve long realized I wasn’t “normal” and I recall getting a series of upgrades to my dna or level of consciousness, enhancement of abilities in numerous periods in my life: one was when I was 8, another when I was 9, another when I was 16, and also one in 2014 or 2015 and another very recent one I believe this year. They also use trauma to do it since as I said before trauma opens up psychic abilities (this is the main rationale behind torture experiments conducted on kids). I recall in the dreamscape numerous times where when I am fighting someone and then – as if a spell was cast – I’m rendered ineffective which I know they translate into the real world when I’m fighting. I have had them do that with alcohol where if I have forgone long periods of time without drinking (they would induce overwhelming urges in me) I would all of a sudden smell it on my tongue though I did not drink (after having endured alien manipulated nightmares of using) which is call alien dreamscape manipulation which you can read based on an article James Bartley did here:

That’s why when I stated in yesterday’s article how these mofos like to do things, send people to disrupt my spiritual growth. For instance, look at these two JACKASSES, ENERGY VAMPIRES (look at the last two emails at the top and look at the sender’s names and titles…):

This STALKER Joseph Gowen person I already spoke about here:

And this other TRICK person who I musta seen a looong time ago! And he sent that bs not too long after I wrote this article talking about how there is a hidden hand fucking with my ability to do other things. You can read about it here:

This is not by coincidence, this is by design.

Here is the bastard’s email address by the way:

[email protected]

His email address name is fucking CONNIVE which speaks VOLUMES about the type of piece of shit that preys on womben’s energy in that industry, that and that Joe Gowen mofo who I had a vision of trying to prey on a blonde sex worker in a hotel. In a way I AM GLAD backpage got shut down and I know alot of LE read my website (prob. the main fucking readers) hence why I put that bastard’s address there so book him dano!

Anyways, it is a well known fact that us hybrids go through the WORST shit while in this 3D matrix because of the potential of using our powers to break free of it and helping other SOULLED individuals do the same (the rest are organic portals who are created with the SOUL purpose of keeping us focused on the 3D hence why they have a shared soul consciousness – really, they have SPIRITS and not souls and organic portals are discussed more here: )

Eve Lorgen speaks (I think this is THE BEST site that talks on this) more indepth about how they oppress hybrids, huemans with “superhueman” powers here:

James Bartley, my boy (I LOVE his millitancy too) talks about it in depth:

The only problem I have is that they worship “god” who IS the Demiurge who keeps us enchained here (I saw Bartley use the symbol of the Demiurge – a lion’s head – to depict the god he worships so I know it ain’t the Divine Feminine) and call on archangels who are agents for their god aka the Demiurge (the “El” in their names means “of god”). Brother Baba Bobby Hemmitt further breaks it down:

That said, in my attempt to fight this shit off by cleansing myself, I heard that “whispering entity”, that hooded archon reptilian BITCH, say “Die” last night and this is why I am writing what I am writing to you…

See, when my brother Kerry was 2, he reported that he was kidnapped by grey aliens. I believe they took a chunk of his soul and may have placed an alien consciousness in there because based on a dream/vision I had last night, if his soul were to have been kept intact, he woulda been a powerful warrior and woulda done ALOT of great things for huemanity if he were to have been left in tact (I SWEAR I just felt something throw light water on me while in my car). That said, he is now I sense “empty” like emotionally cold though he was loved while growing up and had alot of things (car, etc). I believe that aliens fuck up those with alot of potential to do great things for huemanity.

That said, after that evil entity said, “DIE (I been known about a reptilian death curse against me which you can read here: )”, I had a “dream”. In the vision, I was back in my childhood home (my room was the same room my brother was abducted in) I saw what I guess were supposed to be old neighborhood girls I grew up with – Jill and Jade (tho. Jade was MUCH DARKER but still light skinned- both girls were REAL creoles and Jill looked white while Jade looked Mexican) pushing TWO baby carriages in which one had a white baby (Jill) and Jade had a dark skinned black baby. So I recall being in my old home. There was a demon which reminded me of “Rebuggo Low” whom I talked about here: who pretends to be a helper. But I heard satan’s name which is a thought form, an energy that reptilians, archons created to keep us under control. I was in my bedroom and it was dark. I started to tell it without fear to get the fuck out. At one point my brother heard me and jumped in to run it out (I feel that my brother here in this dream was my REAL brother and the soul that the aliens took when he was 2 – still in the astral). That said HE WHIPPED HIS ASS and the feeling I got was that this was my true brother who woulda loved and protected us and not the predator who used his warrior skills to do harm (see how aliens can fuck you up!) esp. to us (saying that just makes me wannna cry. It is a looong story and alot to talk about but the entity which I sense was DEFINITELY dispatched by aliens) was going from room to room, taunting us, saying “You can’t get rid of me” – I feel it was put on my family to cause obstacles to happen to keep us from reaching our potential. As we talk I am trying to break the Divine Life Contract I was FORCED to sign up for so I can incarnate here. That said, at one point, like a roach or shall I say crakkkaroach we thought we killed it then at one point it rose up again. I saw it: it was a spirit version of a reptilian, mighta been holographic. I recall at one point my brother Kerry fighting it in the streets in an effort to rescue my baby brother Bryan who is on the other side. He told me and my lil brother Kristen to run inside.

At one point, we came outside and there was a man who looked like an ideallyic version of my dad lived next door to us. As my dad would do he came home in the late evening. He had three snobby daughters (note the number THREE which is significant in numerology) who seemed snobby and messy and were dressed in white blouses with some necklace that was black with a silver grey thing in the middle (I sensed and it looked like these anti emf necklaces you can get online to block the harmful, MIND CONTROLLING effects of cellphones which you can purchase here: )

Here is how they look:

In addition to wearing a white blouse, these three light skinned sisters (they wore a perm and wore hairstyles reminiscient of what I once wore) were wearing black dresses which figures ALOT in MK ultra lore (look it up) and their church going style just reminded me of “traditionalists” telling me to stay within the matrix ie under these grigori, aliens.

If this world weren’t so sick, I woulda done great things. Me and a hispanic-REAL HALF WHITE dude I once spoke with after he contacted me via youtube agreed. He is also harried by aliens as well and talks about it (the shit he says is the truest and unfiltered shit you’d ever hear on this topic).


Dr Sebi, who found a cure for AIDS, WAS MURDERED. He was also thrown in jail at one point cause of what he can do.

Left Eye of TLC was murdered cause, being she was a celeb, she could report back that Dr Sebi IS THE TRUTH AND SOLD NO LIES!!!

So was Dr Gary Davis who had to move from America to Afrika where he finally found the cure for AIDs via goats blood! You can read about him here:


They got this hellyweird crakkka named Dr. Caca something (Saying this crakkka MEXICAN to throw shade at them people – see the deception) peddling goat’s MILK (a perversion of Dr. Davis’s cure) KNOWING DAMN WELL THE CURE AIN’T IN THAT so they can have this other crakkkhead crakkka – Charlie Sheen – say there is no cure since (of course) THE SHIT WON’T WORK!

I can tell you from personal experience that after getting raped in NYC – I was told to go on aids and hiv stopping medicine so to avert it from spawning in my body. THAT AIDS MEDICINE MADE ME SICK AND I FELT LIKE I HAD THE FUCKING ILLNESS WHEN I NEVER HAD HAD IT! That’s because it renders you sick so that you will be conducive to a panopoly of illnesses (think of the film, “Boy In The Bubble”) that characterize it in which the aids medicine actually DESTROYS ypur immune system as I experienced first hand! Medicine should NOT MAKE YOU SICK!!! IT SHOULD STOP OR AVERT IT!

Dr Bradstreet who found a cure for autism (another syndrome created by the illuminati):

– Funny cause he got the same name as those Wall Street people – Bradstreet and Bradstreet!

Even the Washington Post is dropping hints about how he died by calling his death “mysterious” aka SUICIDED:

This Doctor named Dr. Burzynski discovered a cure cancer via antineoplaston therapy. Now the government out to shut him down:


– Just like with Dr. Sebi!


Here an article talking about all the doctors killed after attending REAL CURE FOR CANCER SUMMIT:

Dr Mercola (I read his site when I need cures and his shit IS THE TRUTH and what he says about honey and scrapes and letting shit AIRDRY IS SOOO TRUE):

Here an article hinting at his detractors:

And me. That’s why they stay taking my ass off of youtube, esp. as pertaining to the topless thing which runs in tandem with the Divine Feminine which when more people embrace will disrupt their hierarchal, patriarchal demiurge controlled system of the Demiurge (I talk more about that here: ). That’s why they stay throwing unfair court cases on me (Read this here, WATCH the vid and DEFINITELY click on the link). LAPD, city of L.A. been FUCKING WITH MY ASS – ROYALLY! This place is the Seat of Reptilians.

That’s why I always say that if they ain’t character assassinating you, censoring you like a mofo (as they do me), TRYING TO KILL YOU, THEY AIN’T REAL! All those “truther” channels with millions of followers – ask yourself why they allowed to stick around while others are taken down.

That said, I was born into a SICK SOCIETY so in a society where the mofos who do pizzagate like John Podesta run the show. Read more here about pizzagate here:




This pertains more to MK Ultra (which I will talk about later on in this article) and how these new social media stars like Bonk Gang who has become popular by stealing shit from people and has become so big he got cops emulating him:

and Prettyhoe 304 (who was raped by her father and had 4 kids by him which is real mk ultra and is now facing fed charges for pimping kids – how ironic – and dousing a young lady in bleach after stealing her money)…

Are being used to push discordant, violent criminal behavior so that these kids who have already become sociopathic due to cellphones (which I explain here WHY: ) will emulate them and become more criminal (which is why these new social media rap “stars” like lil pump, lil xans – notice the “lil ” in their names which I sense has to do with with MK Ultra indoctrination) so as to justify introducing Martial Law in the future (that’s probably why not too long after I did this article here: they put her on federal charges so it won’t seem like it’s the case). I saw in a theoretical natal chart for someone born in 2018 that they would be born into Martial Law (I used the same site to do my natal chart on in 1999 and everything it said has come to fruition!). Scary times we in!

How can you expect me to “make it”? Sincere people who are honestly good who can do great things for huemanity ARE NOT ALLOWED (Through operation Stargate they can see us coming: )

That is why I got fired for telling the truth at every job I ever had (they cam sense your energy signature).

That is why I get MK Ultra agents in the form of Veritas Entrepreneur (scroll further down in this article to learn more about her: ) who, and this what REALLY confirmed MK Ultra to me regarding her, she has ties to a city attorney in LA though she lives in New Orleans (interestingly, my hometown) in La. which I find suspect GIVEN my issues with the City which I discuss here: and here: AND she went on a crusade against me after I merely told her that she was bothered and still affected by a racist incident that happened to her in the military (she went “NOOOO” like I was strangling her), as if I pulled up a horrible, horrible memory (I think it’s deeper and I had a vision of her getting electroshocked in one of those places where she was “serving”). She also has no identity as she lives off of emulating what others do, she looks drained and she told me she can’t help but leave her body via astral projection which is due to the trauma of what happened to her (many mk ultra victims exprience this and increased psychic abilities which she said herself happened after the military incident due to trauma, which you can read about here: There is another person named “Sha” (who mighta been this Bri person who contacted me awhile back, after all she said she got multiple personality disorder which is a HALLMARK of MK Ultra) “reaching out to me” BY DESIGN. LISTEN to this recording and listen to the male voice at the beginning say almost “Hello” SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT I AM DEALING WITH! THAT IS “SHA’S” HANDLER telling her WHAT TO SAY (She also speaks in monotone which is characteristic of MK Ultra).

Here the recording:

Here the email she sent (while talking with her after she had told ME a psychiatrist was probing her for info on herself which perturbed her – SHE TURNED AROUND AND ASKED ME PERSONAL QUESTIONS!!!):

When you are TRULY here to do great things for huemanity THEY WILL TRY TO SHUT YOU DOWN WHICH IS WHY THEY HATE THE INTERNET CAUSE THEY CAN’T CONTROL IT THOUGH THEY ARE TRYING WHICH IS WHY THEY PASSED THAT “BACKPAGE LAW” – FOSTA (That is the ONLY reason why I really wanted people to see the DECEPTION in what they are shutting down backpage for which is to ultimately shut down free speech on the net so that REAL NEWS ie what those LIARS call fake news won’t spread! Backpage got picked cause of the sex worker shit making them an easy target. You can read more about that here: ).
That’s why they say that those who are of “Jesus Christ” aka the Divine Feminine SUFFER in this world while those who embrace aka god the Demiurge THRIVE!

I recall the days back on Hauser and 6th when I REALLY talked about reptilians: my electronics was fucking up, my money got fucked up (money are talismans hence why they got those symbolisms like thd pyramid, etc.). When my third eye was open, I SAW AN ASTRAL MEETING OF HOODED REPTILIANS, SHADOW PEOPLE AND EVEN SOME HUEMANS (That is how I know they are ALLL in cahoots). While trying to get out of this media row business park, look at what happened:

Tell me they ain’t got eyes on me.


See reptilians don’t like when you expose them and they will call you crazy when you EXPOSE THE TRUTH! NOT AT ANY OTHER TIME WHEN I SPOKE SPIRITUAL SHIT DID HE CALL ME CRAZY! IT. WAS. THAT. ONE. TIME. I saw in the spirit realm that this mug IS A FUCKING REPTILIAN, VIA MY THIRD EYE! That’s why after his druggie ass told me that he does meth his ass is still fat ass fuck (it’s cause meth doesn’t have the same effect on reptilians that it would on huemans). He also tried to push me to eat his steak so I would have sex with him (like I would want his big fat crakkka ass) cause they generate or in other words STEAL energy via SEX or any other low vibratory emotions. At one point I sensed it was a compulsion (inferring from his insistence) cause my energy WSS the food he sought. That’s why I ran his fat ass up the street. A Sgt. at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s station, Sgt. Foss, is a reptilian (a redneck reptilian I call it)!

Not only that, they put spells on people. They use smart phones which I explained here are black scrying mirrors due to how it looks when you cut it off plus there are quartz crystals which facilitate communication:

Early this morning – and I feel this conveys why folks are becoming more sociopathic, reptilian – is that after sleeping with my phone by my crown chakra, my consciousness is now emphasizing the frontal lobe which if overactive can lead to sociopathy. THEY PUT SPELLS ON PEOPLE as was done to me to get folks not to like them. They can also influence folks to go along with their agenda by getting them to like folks who fulfill their agenda. I believe their agenda is to STRONGLY keep me from coming into my own power, advancing it. That’s why many folks on the way to sharpening their spirituak gifts experience addictions, ego issues that keeps them from rising up and fulfilling their own potential.

On the astral map as conveyed by a psychic Cali or shall I say Kali is represented by the Root Chakra. That’s WHY so many reptilians (I’ve seen people’s eyes including that dude’s alter to slits ALOT out here). The root chakra connects you to Earth. If it’s energy is out of control you get addictions – addictions to materialism as can be seen here in LA where every third car is a maserati or lambo because it’s RENTERS wanna show off cars they don’t own.

In a better society, folks like myself coulda thrive but things WILL get better. I will leave it with this –

Back in the early 2000s Peggy Kane (I love that name) spoke of how reptilians, aliens were eating people on the other side regardless of what their deeds were here. That said she spoke of something of light coming down to free huemans. I think it is the Ascension energy of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of the Womban – the Age of the Divine Feminine.

– Just now, before wrapping up this article, I FELT SOMETHING FLY into my ear (reminds me of the fly that shot into that woman’s ear in that film, “Drag Me To Hell” when she got cursed):

Funny, in that film the witch says “saiyaaa” which (no pun lol) is EXACTLY what I heard an entity say after I banished it after it came back with me from astral traveling…

Here is that entity…

I talk about those reptilians, archons fucking with me as early back as 2014, 2015 here:

COMPLETE with fucking with my electronics…

Before that, I had an actor client who I saw during my days as a sex worker CONTACT ME I guess for that (it’s no coincidence that this is happening while trying to break free of these entities here: When I speak to him, though he is very nice and is supposed to be enlightened I can strongly sense an inadvertent condescending tendench to shame for being me and breaking free of the matrix and its programming – hallmarks of archon and demiurge attacks it started when I went natural and now it is about my choosing to live in my car. Fuckung organic portal! That said, it’s like while I am trying to start a shaman/ witchcraft biz that can HELP PEOPLE, there is something trying to keep me in the realm of energy vampires which is sex worker (it’s no coincidence that after writing that article that “connive” person contacted me). NOW MY EAR SUDDENLY FEELS BETTER! I recall spiritree on youtube saying that there are spirits of poverty, addictions around me (Before I left my old apartment I had a vision where them three evil entities I showed you all above wanted me to end my life by LITERALLY being on the streets, homeless which was confirmed by my cards and my girl Donna Martinez’s tarot card readings). It’s worse than that! There is something trying to hold back my progress. I know what it is and IT WILL END!

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