Demons And Smart Phones

EDIT: After sleeping with my cellphone positioned by my crown chakra – I know why folks are becoming sociopaths by these reptilian/archon influenced black scrying mirrors. It is because after having slept with it by my crown chakra, I notice that my mind is now “focused too much” on the frontal lobes which if expresssed too much causes sociopathy.

I REALLY had to make this blog here because of a REALLY fucking weird experience I had early this morning.

Okay, I decided to do an experiment to aid in astral projection by placing the cellphone above my crown chakra – which is where I usually place my stones – to see it’s psychic impact. I took this kinda from Spiritree as she spoke of how cellphones aided her in similar astral projection experiences. I also (and she more than likely herself got this from here) did it based on my knowledge of cellphones as black scrying mirrors considering that when you turn them off THAT IS WHAT YOU GET:

Here a black scrying mirror:

They are also comprised of quartz crystals which is what is used to facilitate communication for witches, spiritualists. I spoke about that here:

That said, early this morning – well, last night – I noticed a sudden change in my attitude, feelings (WHICH I COULD USE) – in which I became more hateful, violent. It was raw and uncontrollable. Then, come this morning – and this reminded me of a similad experience – I HEARD A VOICE that sounded like it was coming from a pip squeak crakkkaroach – a white “man” and he was saying fucked up things about me like, “People don’t like her cause she crazy” etc. I looked up and though I heard a weird silence (it seems folks are spiritually controlled in California) NOBODY FIT THAT VOICE PROFILE. One person who I spoke to who I felt MIGHT – NO WAY! Wasn’t him. Wasn’t him. Then I heard the same voice later coming in the same direction where that guy was. I knew it wasn’t him. It was coming from that phone.

That said, THIS WAS NOT the first time I had had such an experience. I recall back in 2012, 2013 – I was going to see a client who was coming to my door. NOW I SWEAR what I am about to tell you is REAL ASS FUCK! Okay, he arranged to come to my door. That said, AND THE LINE TO HIM WAS STILL CONNECTED, there was a voice that started out like his – all normal – which changed into a NYC dude’s accent. That is when this voice started telling me, “Come to the car…” I HEARD THIS WHILE STILL CONNECTED TO THE DUDE AND WITNESSING HIM NOT TALKING WHEN HE CAME TO THE DOOR. I handed him the phone and the voice stopped talking. It was fucking weird.

People have talked about folks’ changing attitudes after getting cellphones. In my case I can say that I might of been hearing cops because when I would get released from jail my cellphone would get unusually hotter even when not in use, weird shit happening etc. while being perfectly normal before going in. ALSO, LET ME SAY THIS: when I was AWAY from my cellphone will in jail, etc. I FELT SOOO GOOD being away from the smartphone. Even the early models of phones don’t bring out the addiction, the obsessiveness, co depdency that SMART PHONES do! People are ADDICTED to them. They can be sitting right by their friend and will TEXT THEM! IT. IS. WEIRD. They talk of loss of human contact. They talk of folks’ – especially kids who only know the world of cellphones – becoming sociopathic and not caring about other individuals. I talked about this sociopathic link here:

That said, and as I said before, it’s because the stage is spiritually set to out demons, entities in them. Many of the companies that created them are successful due to whatever god they are worshipping. That god can be imbued in the cellphone to pay homage and gain greater adherents. Again, turn it off and you got a black scrying mirror – a literal conduit to the next (real) life.

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