Malibu Lost Hills Sheriffs Called For Fag Trailer Park Affair Gone Wrong

Seeing that shit I kept thinking of the Sly Family Stone, “It’s a fagggooooot affffairrrrrr”:

I REMEMBER MY MOM PLAYING THIS SHITT – AND I STILL THINK IT’S SHIT – IN THE CAR and even as a youngin I knew dem niggaz were high and I didn’t understand why my mom liked that pitiful shit???

I got a fan…


I saw the boyfriend, I guess MAN in the relationship banging nuttily on the trailer door which you can see here from earlier:

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Schitt was crazy.

Then I guess cops got called to scene. I THOUGHT THEY WERE CALLED FOR ME which is why I started filming (they were in the meridian where I usually park so I got ready) and a young nice couple caped for me which is cool!

They deputies were mad nice, even throwing up the peace sign (They shoulda thrown up the Lord Satan sign like this to REALLY show peace):

Serioisly, it shows what I do is worthwhile and having an impact. I COULD BE “compacted” and boxed in and act a certain way ie POLITICALLY CORRECT to attract a wider audience but I GOTTA BE ME and I don’t sell myself out for anything or anyone.

Here me disposing of trash (I honestly hate liter and my parents ALWAYS cleaned up the neighborhood like good white people):

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