How Spirits Make Themselves Known In the 3D As Shown In My Baby Pictures

Here are my baby pictures…

– Don’t I look like an alien? Fun fact, when I was a baby, my father, who loved and still does like my mom love me so much, wanted to enter me into a baby beauty pageant. My grandfather said I looked like an alien so my dad didn’t despite him vehemently wanting to since he saw the beauty in me.

That said, before I go any deeply, look at this picture:

Vs. this one:

DON’T THEY LOOK LIKE TWO DIFFERENT BABIES (Peep the features NOT the skin colour). That said, when I was a child, my parents placed me in the SAME ROOM where they say my older brother Kerry got abducted. I almost wonder if, with slight deviations, they swapped my soul vessel aka body for another? I always wondered…

That said, one natural born shaman once taught me that entities will make their presence known in the 3D by use of shadows, etc. That said, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM SHOWING YOU HERE!

Let’s look at the pic of my lil brother who passed on due to committing suicide due to evil entities telling him to do bad things to himself as a result of him being FORCED on psychotropic drugs:

LOOK at what is standing behind him:

Now, a while back – an entity named “TH” was shown to me to be around me in a vision. He is I am guessing a Thai Demon God:

Now I’ve been told that my baby brother is TRAPPED in the astral on the other side in a dark place. As of recent, I see an ancient, very ancient Egyptian like temple where powerful gods are.

While under Baron Samedi, a voodoo lwa of death, I was shown a Thai temple with his, TH’s, visage. I KNEW he was holding my brother there. Friend or foe I don’t really know what to make of him. Once he helped me with a court case. I don’t know if that was an attempt at buying me out or what, but I gotta make certain that he is legit and may either be helping my brother (I was told that it is him in child form that the psychic saw was being held captive which could represent his disabled Self and thus keeping that soul aspect from rejoining with and thus fucking up the rest of thr soul body) or hurting him (I was told by a good psychic that it was bait to get at me). I mean I have had visions of him being whisked away by astral witches that look EXACTLY like this with the dunce pointy tall magician cap (which is where the kkk got their dress ideas from and hence why they call their high priests magicians and why they sacrifice black folks which is for the melanin due to it’s spiritual value: and it’s why magicians are known to wear those caps) into a school bus with a bunch of other kids and sent to the underworld (He was in his 14 year old self’s body):

Here a clip of similar entities from “American Horror Story”:

– That said, when I saw TH, that is how he looked except he had a squiggly face.

That said, here are the entities around me. NOTE the fogginess in this pic here:

Those are spirits letting me know they around.

Here is another pic of two spirits: one which is wearing a white gown that is very similar to what they say Mary in the Buy-BULL wore and the other circled in blue wearing a white gown similar to what Mary wore:

Now, while I was in the shelter, I SAW A SPIRIT THAT LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THAT! NO JOKE!!!

Here is one at the top of my head, here:

In the red, that’s a roach. I notice when I go into the astral I see the GIANT ONES – ALOT! I know I have two that help when need be, kinda like pets but astral aka etheric.

And here is a picture of me with my brothers…

Over all, I sense these entities… well, I won’t give out too much but these in fact SHOW the entities around me!

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