Why Black Folks Like To Sleep and How Alien Technology Works

– Okay, this will be an important article…

As I said before, white folks are organic robotoid agents of the Demiurge, the archons who were designed to specifically keep us focused on the 3D world and not awake to our superior supernatural abilities…

That’s why in white societies having visions – which would easily earn you a medicineperson title in people of color societies – causes you to be labeled schizophrenic and thus crazy here (individuality is ruled out in their societies while fake politeness at the expense of the individual is pushed).

That said, “Dreamtime,” the idea of interacting with beings at higher frequencies and lessor densities was practiced amongst the aborigines of Australia in which medicine people, folks deliberately went to sleep so they can go into the astral – which is what happens when you dream – albeit consciously and find solutions to problems, meet dead relatives and so forth…

That’s why black folks like to sleep and seem “lazy” in this matrix 3D based society. We still have it programmed to engage with the spirit realm just like our ancestors. Unlike whites, we have our higher chakras so – when opened we can naturally operate at higher frequencies beyond the 3D UNLIKE THEM! This is why many of us “sleep late”: on a deeper subconscious level we know this reality, this matrix based system is bs! It’s about to end in what is called The Rapture in which those with the spiritual capabilities to ascend ie us melenated folk will be able to ascend and those who can’t which is white folk will be stuck here in this 3 Dimensional trap illusory system matrix created by the archons to keep souls which we melanated folks have trapped here. Our ancestors engaged abundantly with astral which is real technology considering you could just get to China via thought and no plane ticket is necessary. That’s why many of us sleep: when you are woke and see past the illusion, TF does this bs 3D reality mean anyway except as a trap?

Now, that said, let’s talks about ufos…

A thought has been running through mh head that, okay.

Given we live in the Age of Aquarius:


Peep this – alright, you know how witches, spiritualists will use things like copper, quartz crystals (which are in our cellphones) to generate energy and get shit to move – technologies the ancient Kemetians, Atlanteans and Lemurians had – okay. I feel that aliens started out using similar things like rocks and crystals peculiar to their planet that can enhance the mind’s abilities to create ufos from. Alot of shit is coming at me now but it’s coming mad quick. But that is how ufos are formed. I wanna add that they also come about from US – their is a Sudarshana chakra known as the Seat of Vishnu that, when opened can wreak havoc and allow you to see ufos. Baba Bobby Hemmitt spoke about it in his lectures:

That said, this some deep shit. When more knowledge comes to me, I’ll drop it!

PS: I had a dream where a young lady I know but was enemies with (she hispanic so this limits it AS I PERSONALLY KNOW OF KNOW HISPANIC YOUNG LADIES) came to me today via an astral projection experienced and she apologized and we dropped the shit. She was making exuses for her friends but I felt she dropped they asses. It was very profound and at as new artist loft.

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