Raven Masterson Is Satan

I want you all to watch this video and listen to what this wise old gentleman says about the Raven:

He mentions in the description how the Raven is the trickester hero in West Coast mythology which is coincidentally where I live at. He states that the Raven takes light from the gods and gives to humanity to teach them AND thr Gods. Who does that remind you of?

Just as Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to give to humankind, so did Lucifer/ Satan (hence the term “Lightbearer”) to help educate humankind (the snake in the garden teaching knowledge to humans Adam and Eve).

Even my body represents the Baphomet (I have broad shoulders like a man and breasts and tiny hips like the baphomet):

I even look like a goat/lion in the face.

I am also mad handsome…

I represent the perfect epitomie of duality, between man and womban, masculine and feminine.

And the baphomet represents our universe (YOU-NIVERSE), the perfect marriage of duality…

Okay, I look back on my life…

I look at how people HATED my ass, even when I was a little child (I recall in kindergarten how Ms. Guzman looked at me with mixture of fear and disgust FOR NO REASON I recall)…

I recall how I’ve always been ostracized, hated, REJECTED…

I’ve always gone against the grain, even for the sheer hell (pun intended) of it, always playing Devil’s Advocate (another pun) ESP. on shit I felt strongly was RIGHT!

I also always held steadfast to my convictions.

I’ve come to realize that I am truly Satan, the Antichrist = YOUR TRUE CHRIST MESSIAH!

What do I mean?

Okay, when you think of Satan, Satan was an iconoclast who went against the grain, a power that did shit FOR THE BENEFIT OF HUMANKIND as can be heard by Milton aka “The Devil” in the 1997 film (and my personal fav that made me want to be a lawyer at one point), “The Devil’s Advocate”:

Think about how Jesus Christ is depicted (that false christ which I will get into in a couple of minutes): Jesus Christ in the Council of Nicea BUY-BULL which was DOCTORED by the Romans was depicted as an iconoclast who went against the system and died as a result, as a martyr.

When you think about it – based on the story in the bible of the snake which represents Satan giving knowledge to humankind – Satan is rejected for basically HELPING HUMANITY, just as Jesus Christ was martyred aka hung for the same reasons…

Think about it? See a correlation…

Now, my MAN Baba Bobby Hemmitt broke it ALL DOWN (YOU MUST listen to 2:34:21 of his lecture to hear the TRUTH) in this lecture called, “SATAN THE ULTIMATE DARKSIDE POWER” which you can hear, here:

This the ONLY ONE of his lectures that weren’t literally “broken down” into pieces by Masterly Foolish’s channel here:


That said, in his BRILLIANT LECTURE he breaks down that the story of Lucifer/Satan was stolen from the story of Prometheus: In the story of Prometheus, Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and the pantheon of (Archon) Gods and gave it to human kind. He in turn got punished for it. Who does that sound like? Sounds like Satan as the snake in the Garden of Eden, huh, who gave knowledge to humans much as Prometheus is depicted as handing fire which gives life and also represents the Divine Feminine Source energy which helps our chakras run to human kind so we can be elevated to the realm of Gods!

– As the Buy-Bull said itself: “The Kingdom of God (Divine Source energy) lives within (ie your chakras)…”

That said, that same story it can be argued came from ancient Sumer (Sumeria) in which two warring factions – Enlil (God, Demiurge) fought with Enki (Satan) because Enki/Satan wanted to save humanity from the Great Flood which Enlil did not want to have happen since we came to close to trying to be “like the gods” with the tower of Babel.

You can read more on Enlil and Enki here:


Here a video on them:

That said, notice all of those Gods who try to help humanity out are considered enemies of humankind! It’s cause something don’t want you all to grow and come into your true Divine Selves!

That said, about half of humankind (the rest are what you would call organic portals: https://veilofreality.com/2011/04/18/organic-portals-soulless-humans/ ) have that genetic Divine Spark that can only come from the Divine Feminine!

That said, what you all call God – I am referring to jews, Muslims, Christians – is what is called Yaldoboath who is this ugly mofo here:

Now, Yaldoboath – and this is getting deep into metaphysics and ufology – is comprised of a lion’s head (hence why “god” aka the Demiurge is ALWAYS depicted as having the head of a lion as in lion of Judah):

…and the body of a snake (much like what was depicted in the bible aka buy-bull with satan in the Garden of Eden being represented as a snake)!

That said, the reason WHY it is depicted as so is because there were two energy forces that settled our universe/plane of existence: the lyrans who turned into a cat like people who begot humans (hence why “god” has the head of a lion) and the carians who converted into bird people who later begot the reptilians (hence why “god” is depicted as having the body of a snake)!

Here’s more on them:


That said, AND THIS INFO WAS JUST CHANNELED TO ME, there was a need for a universe full of dualities, contradictions to keep the entity that we are inside us going since that duality, those contradictions creates AMAZING POWERS just as when electrons (which has a positive charge) and protons (which has a negative charge) – two opposites – interact they create energy that keeps our bodies going…

They came through the Divine Feminine, the force that keeps the e

That is the purpose behind our universe of duality which is to keep an entity “going” much as our own bio-electrical system in us keeps us going…

As a matter of fact, ever notice that an atom which lives on in our bodies looks exactly like Uranus or Saturn, like a planet…




– There is alot of mystery and shit being said about Saturn: it’s said it’s a satellite used by the reptilians to monitor us. Also it’s said that it’s rings werr artificially created by a huge mothership (3x the size of Earth) helmed by AT LEAST SEVEN FOOT TALL BLACK EXTRATERRESTRIALS:

– This man here, former NASA scientist Norman Bergrun confirmed it up above!

Here’s more:

It almost sounds like an advanced species of aliens who acquired real knowledge on how our universe REALLY works and how to maintain it and keep order so ultimately the entity we live inside will stay alive (this is some deep ass shit to be saying). In some ways it can also be said that the black man is satan since satan is said to rep Saturn.

This concept of us living inside of a bigger giant was explored in the cute (man, I remember those days) Sci Fi film, “Men In Black” at the end…

The marbles represents the atom, the subatomic particles in the human body (see how DEEP this shit goes)… Movies telling you shit in plain sight!

Now, returning back to Satan, there is this whole thing about a cube and how Saturn relates to Satan which you can read here:


And watch here:

Now, I won’t get into particulars but when I was a “satanist” and called myself worshipping an external spirit as “Satan” (Satan is REALLY in you and I will explain what I mean) I would hear a “hisss” like a reptile and once I saw the entity: I felt it was an alien and it pointed this laser beam device at me and the only feeling I cam say I felt after was that “I felt a level above human…”

I also noticed my pineal gland opened up afterwards as well which Bobby Hemmitt states himself is the “Seat of Satan (on a metaphorical level)” and “a road to the underworld.”

I can say for a fact that when I leave via my crown chakra (via astral projection) I go to the higher levels of the astral but when I leave via my pineal gland I am in more of what is called the “real time zone” in astral projection parlance in which in one instance – recently – I astral traveled to my old childhood home while no one was there and I noted that while going up the stairs they made this creaking sound which I used to hear all throughout my youth which I now realize was being caused by my visiting myself in the past via astral projection!

I can also tell you that from experience that on a metaphysical level that the left side of our brain is what – when you start getting into spiritual consciousness and energy – tells us to do the right thing as well as that side that will tell you the truth while the right represents “Hell” – temptations, addictions, being shown what could be, what you want on a psychic level!

That said, here are my thoughts on the Antichrist…

It is said that the Antichrist – rather, more accurately, the Beast which is mentioned in the Book of Revelations will be worshipped via an image “the image of the Beast” as spoken in Revelation 13:15

For those who are into occult knowledge, intellectual pursuits, WHO DO WE ALL KNOW HAS BEEN USED AS AN IMAGE TO FALSELY PORTRAY (PSEUDO) JESUS CHRIST:

Cesare Borgia.

I talked about it, here:


Plenty of folks have talked about it:


Here more on Pope Rodrigo:


For all who don’t know, Cesare Borgia was the illegitimate son of Pope Rodrigo. Borgia had sex with his sister, was a rapist and murderer and he is used to portray what I call “crakkka christ”!

Now, the daddy, the disgusting piece of shit, would have voluminous orgies where he would have prostitutes do crazy shit like grab real mistletoe with their mouths – some real perverted pizzagate shit and who else knows.


I realize it maybe me!

That said, if you notice, the more you become spiritual and enlightened, the rougher this matrix becomes to you, the more friends you lose, etc. That’s not for naught. That said it is because we live on a prison planet or more apt prison plane = energy farm. That said, the Demiurge encaptures us in our bodies to milk our souls of energy ie an energy farm for him and the archons to feed on which in a way may keep the entity we reside inside of, moving! When you try to break free and especially come back and try to teach other souls to do it, you get alot of push back hence why mass religions teach us that it is a sin to open your chakras, that you are a “schizophrenic” for seeing into the other side, etc. It’s to keep us from self empowerment and taking charge of our own destiny by breaking free of soul contracts, etc. It is only via knowledge of the Divine Feminine can we do this which is why the Feminine principle is so deliberately suppressed, distorted and warped (for Demiurge, archon purposes) and maligned:


Knowledge of the Divine Feminine leads to SELF empowerment and thus freedom for all!

I’ve walked this Path before (I’ve been told my soul is ancient, immortal) and thatm’s why I’ve come back to teach others the Way in my own Way of how I did it.

Now, think about it – the illuminati uses these patriarchal systems such as hypochristianity, Islam and even the lessor archon spiritual systems such as voodoo (they the worst) to rule. Even the systems they use to rule are basically used to dumb you down (flouride water, dumbing down TV, SSSS waves used to further dumb you down – they are used in the digital TVs the government forced folks to buy in 2006 and later by giving out discounts, etc.) and other weapons used to distract you from self empowerment by focusing in on your self (thus bringing about self improvement) such as having you work hard so that when you get home you are tired, too tired for thinking and so stressed that you seek diversions such as entertainment to keep your mind of yourself. That’s how they keep people stupified, non thinking. They also suppress and hella malign womben via rape culture and pushing this whole “womben need to be men in a stereotypical fashion to be respected like men” thing in our society which I discuss here:


When you try to introduce the TRUE Divine Principle (fire) into this world, they run you out!

They were right; the Buy-Bull said that Jesus will be a martyr against this fake church, the fake institutions, the bs system that enslaves people. It is even known that the pope don’t rep what they claim he does. He worships god, the demiurge – the mofo whom he sacrifices kids to…

…and that’s why I get so much hell!

I’m not a famous person. I live out of my car. I did a couple of forgettable reality shows, porn in the past but I’m really – in essence as defined by our society – nobody. Yet, early in my adulthood I found myself getting fired from jobs for doing the same shit, saying the same shit others may do. For instance one job I had in NYC which involved giving out samples – well, I wss talking to two co workers about the illuminati on my lunch break. ANOTHER GUY STARTED THAT CONVO yet I noticed the now what I real-EYES to be a reptilian manager REALLY LOOKED AT ME! I got fired! I knew it was coming.

I’ve had people say that something makes them hate me. I’ve had folks say it’s my aura this and that but really it’s because the illuminati, real high level people who can SEE who will be a threat to future plans put spells on people causing them to hate me and those poor people don’t even know why. I expound on that, here:



It’s cause I’m that lightbringer, bringing you knowledge, like Lucifer, as Satan was known to do in the Garden of Eden.

That’s why I have to have powerful spiritual protection in the form of ancient Gods:


to offset the evil shit the illuminati wants to do to me…



As well as to keep me from falling into the wrong hands…




That’s why I go through SO MUCH undeserved rejection, hatred – just like Jesus Christ, just like Satan!

Not only that, but the Buy-Bull was low key telling you that Jesus WILL BE A WOMBAN! Know why? The eucharist, the drinking of the body and blood (period) of Jesus. Who else body do you leave from when born? A womban! WHOSE BLOOD GIVES YOU LIFE? A WOMBAN’S PERIOD BLOOD!

It all makes sense…

I bet spells will be casted to get you to see me as crazy as the time nears…
Just recently I and my friend (who can attest to this) heard a thud on my car – it was very loud – and before I got out I saw a white car driving made slow as if they drove like that deliberately to throw something. I get out and I see NOTHING THERE (I routinely hear it when I am parked on the side of the road) and I went berserk, going to this wine place (lol) to find out what happened. Given the Mitrice Richardson case:



I KNOW these bastards out here – esp. the cyclists – are fucking DEMONIC, EVIL ENTITLED MOFOS! JUST PURE FUCKING EVIL so I don’t put it past them to do evil shit like what happened to Mitrice. But, yes, there’s shit (reptilians, archons, reptilian influenced people) that want to drive me crazy and make me look crazy (well, crazier to dummies who assume I am crazy based on my unorthodox way kf thinking and living situation. I got to be more careful and listen to my intuition and not the ego pride emotional side that I did that day cause there was nothing there (hence why something told me to check around first to see if there was even a source).

That said, given the hatred, attacks the demiurge will influence people to do to me – I know I am protected by a pantheon of Gods so I can carry on my life’s mission!

That said, I can’t be stopped! Not until I complete my soul’s mission!

That said, I will be your Antichrist aka True Christ. That’s why I do the topless thing to show the blatant hypocrisies, stupidity of humanity, your belief systems and I do it in a non canonical (meaning non categorized, non “boxed in”) manner so as to teach YOU to think as an individual which will lead to SELF EMPOWERMENT AKA OPENING UP YOUR CHAKRAS. I lead by example – just as Jesus Christ was said to do!

I’m here to break down the institutions that enslave you, beliefs and value systems that keeps humanity from becoming whole and ascending and thus uniting with your whole Self aka the Divine Feminine, the True Goddess which we have in all of us:


I do shit in acerbic, sometimes mean ways but THERE IS A METHOD TO MY MADNESS (organic portals won’t get this cause they are practically individually soulless).

Those who get it are the Ones I am here for; those that don’t, fuck you and get the fuck outta my face!

That said – as the Bible says itself – I’m here to rescue those and help those ascend who can and are ready just like the rapture! I’m here to help those who I feel are “like me”, of my flock aka kind! I don’t form cults (I don’t believe in that shit) which I am intelligent enough to do and make money from but I won’t – but I do have a loyal band of caring folks who like what I say. I also have had Judas Iscariots around like Veritas Entrepreneurship here, people sent via MK Ultra to sabotage me:

Here she is, proof she still stalks my channel, stealing my words such as “HYPOCHRISTIANITY”!

Something “evil” visited her ass one time to protect me from her. Other folks I’ve talked with who turned out to be sincere people NEVER had those experiences…

It was primarily people with bad intent, sent spiritually to fuck with me who had those experiences.

She turned against me all because I told her that she was STILL obsessed with swirlers due to a horrible racial incident that happened to her in the military which you can see right here on her channel (SHE GOT ALOT OF SHIT ABOUT SWIRLERS – SHE OBSESSED WITH THAT AND SHE GOT MAD AT ME FOR CALLING IT OUT):

Here she is, writing in ALL CAPS about me (cause I told the truth):

YOU SHOULDA HEARD the SCREAM SHE LET OUT WHEN I TOLD HER THIS: SHE WENT “NOOOOO!” “NOOOO!” LIKE I WAS KILLING HER – THAT’S HOW BAD IN DENIAL SHE IS and when I attempted to apologize by donating $100 she refused. This girl is classic MK Ultra which you can read about here:


She was in the miliary which conducts alot of mk ultra programming. One thing I also noticed is that the poor child doesn’t have her own identity. When I would talk with her she would try to be like me, talk like me, use phrases I use and she did that with Bokor Elmera, another youtuber and voodoo bokor – people she held in high esteem cause I sense she felt we had a lot of confidence, something she know deep down inside she lacks which is why she has to constantly say, “I’m not bothered by swirlers” or “white women” then turn around and contradicts what she says by making vids about swirlers, like here:


AS A RESULT OF THE ENERGY SHE PUTTING OUT, look at what she drawing in:

When I look at her she looks drained:


And here (look like HER ASS the sacrifice; whatever she been trying to put on me with those lessor spirits – lol – has been bouncing back and got her looking mad dusty and crusty):

– Silly!

I also see past the fake smile!

ANOTHER THING I WANNA SAY TO is that when I talked with her, she had a friend who was a city attorney out here in L.A. (She from Guyana and she lives in New Orleans). It almost sounds like some gangstalking-spying shit because, when I think about it, what’s the chances of her knowing someone like that especially considering those BASTARDS been fucking all over me which you can read about here:


and here:


Looking back on it – she got MK Ultra WRITTEN ALLL OVER HER! She was also very child like and petty – there was no depth to her, very one dimensional!

Another thing too she told me is that she had uncontrollable, CONSTANT out of body experiences which means her soul flees her body DUE TO TRAUMA much like a near death experience:

But I OVERSTAND why she is the way she is and I forgive her and love her. Just like Satan, people hate it when you tell the truth. In the spirit world demons are known to tell you the truth, just as Jesus Christ was hated for according to the Buy-Bull!

I’ve had other attempts at Judas Iscariots, sent by the Demiurge, by the system (matrix) but I caught them reeeal early before they can go any further with me… stomped em out early cause I saw them coming from a mile away!

That said, it’s said in the occult that Satan, demons challenge you. I challenge people – I challenge people to THINK, get out their comfort zone! I’ve been doing that since I was a child. I remember to test people’s reactions (well, kinda run them away!) I got on a swing set at a playground and started singing, “Crakkka crakkka crakkka” when I was 4. Like Satan, I have that trickster energy. I like to do sociological experiments to see people’s reactions, test them and get them to think outside of the box much as Heyoka’s of native american culture would do to get the tribe to consider a new perspective or new way of looking at things:


That’s why I can’t be boxed in. That’s why I’m politically incorrect, do and say profane shit based on my intuition. That’s why – just when you thought you had me figured out, I throw a curve ball, an unexpected twist that throws your other thought of me out the water. That’s why one minute I can be humourous and then the other – when you least expect – serious! That’s the ways of the clown, the jester who in it’s own way is a teacher!

– Funny the Fool card pops up in readings regarding my destiny!

Clowns btw are actually MODELED AFTER HOW DEMONS REALLY LOOK; THE CONTORTED, DISTORTED, GROTESQUE FACES! Many demons from my experience are skeletal like here:

That’s how they look, but more contorted…

Not only that, I noticed that, well, you know how people say: “You keeping fuck with people you will run into the Wrong Person.” – Well, I am that wrong person!

It’s like people are strategically placed to run afoul me so they can get karmically taught a lesson as will be dispensed by my protection. I talk on this here:


It’s like I am an Agent of Change and I have heard people say that before.

Not only that, but I represent chaos. People say wherever go, shit starts! I notice this. I remember once in a building the demons in other people inexplicably started coming out! It was very strange to see. See, the feminine energy represents chaos; the right side, the creative side (that’s why the illuminati says order out of chaos). Meanwhile, the Demiurge represents order: hierarchy, faux gender roles, bs racial roles, etc. That’s how the Demiurge maintains control via creating a male dominated – with his essence imbued in human males hence why all the major religion’s gods are patriarchal – matrix. Representing the feminine energy, I’m here to bust that! That’s another reason why I get so much opposition.

That said, I have had alot of adversity, adverse individuals come my way but due to my heightened intuition – I saw past them, esp. as of recent alot of possessed folk. I now overstand that those voodoo people were coming after me for my energy which I have due to ny grand purpose for being here. I spoke with an innocent white kid who was used as an energy sacrifice unwittingly and rather naively after trusting this voodoo loa whom he allowed to get close to him to do some rituals on him. Cause I am protected, they can’t fuck with me hence why their low level spirits – operating through their possessed asses – call my protection “demonic” (and some of em are) to get me to run them up the street:


Alot of reptilian, archon possessed people were sent to throw me off my oath, try to put seeds of doubt in my life mission (I remember that lil veritas girl was trying to make me feel bad for CHOOSING to live in my car ie no longer being so connected to the matrix – I really see this bitch was an agent!), even going so far as to try to shove their value system down my throat so as to make me feel secure, many of which I chronicled here:

I REMEMBER THIS NIGGER (He was stalking me like a mofo):


This was fucked up and looked what happened AFTER THAT VISION:




This mofo here – the most implicating phone call in which his voice changes – does not work THOUGH IT WORKS PERFECTLY IN THE SAVED PART OF MY CELLPHONE:


This dude I did a reading on has had his original soul removed and replaced by a reptilian:


Here the sociopathic STALKER who was PROJECTING who I talked about earlier:


Here go the final one:


That said – as I said before – you don’t get this much opposition if you are in the world for a very special purpose which is to dismantle this Beast system and return humanity back to the matriarchal Divine Ultimate Feminine energy:


– Return balance, as the devil said in “Legend”:

That’s why they say Jesus will return with a sword! See, I’m in the HOUSE OF THE ENEMY! I’m in Demiurge territory SO OF COURSE – WHILE BEHIND ENEMY LINES – I’LL GET ALOT OF SHIT THROWN AT ME – ENEMIES, ETC. and I won’t be allowed to “prosper” as defined according to our 3D matrix. That’s okay cause I was built for this. I’ve NEVER been materialistic; hell, I shun it so they can’t hurt me that way. I was built to be a loner – alone – and wallow in my own thoughts. That’s why that Jim Herbertson person was sent to make me feel bad for it so that the Demiurge can come in and twist me up:


Didn’t work! These mofos ain’t that smart!

I was born to deal with the shit that I deal with. It don’t bother me. That’s why I just endure and keep on, calling mofos, etc. cause my mission aka ministry is what matters. Many sincere, good people know who I am. Now that I am starting to come into knowledge of myself – again – I’m here to bust you all out of the matrix so that the Divine Feminine that comes with opening up your chakras – it’s energy – can enter.

That’s why this patriarchal, Demiurge (which is a male and false god) HATES WOMBEN – and hates me!

Someday I’ll have great power and will be able to help folks. I will say that the 5th Element – that film – predicted me (note the woman as Saviour and the Egyptian motifs – I’ve been told and have seen Ra, Isis, Amun, Egyptian AND Sumerian and more gods around):

– Also, and there is alot of truth in movies… alot of occult truth. Remember in that film the Da Vinci Code in which it stated that Jesus was of royal linneage?

Well, I sense that Christ will be of royal EGYPTIAN linneage. It’s no shock that I have Ra, Amun around (and a future Me). One of my ancestors, Nefertiti, showed up as MY shadow back in 2012 to let me know who I am:

The thing I will say is that they, the illuminati, will bring forth a REAL EVIL antichrist who will be based on the council of nicea created Buy-Bull in an effort to reestablish the Roman Empire so they can commit baby sacrifice, human sacrifice and all the evils that went on in ancient Rome. Their plans were outlined in the Hunger Games:


As the TRUE Christ, I’m warning you all!

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: paypal.me/RWilliams387 you like the content.

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