The Illuminati Still Trying To Recruit Me For Their Perverted Agenda

The Illuminati Still Trying To Recruit Me For Their Perverted Agenda

These mofos are still at it… And I will – contrary to what they want me to do which keep mum about what I am about to expose to you – CONTINUE to put them and their diabolical ass plans on front street and hurt their asses just like they are hurting me so that I will be forced to join their asses…

Well, remember these THREE (NOTICE IT’S THREE VISIONS I HAVE HAD!!!) articles here:

And here:

Okay, in another attempt I intuitively feel that they are trying to do to get me to be the Antichrist (based on the “dreams” I have had as told about in the articles above you can see what I’m talking about…) I had another “vision” where a dude who looked like this wealthy dude here:


Really, more like this dude here:

– That guy is STRAIGHT UP The Antichrist (So he played it in the “Left Behind” series)!

…Anywayz, he, “Took me in” and “took care of me!” The illuminati will put you throw a WHOLE LOTTA BS to make you join em, just as you put pressure on rocks to make diamonds come out!

I remember specifically he was grooming me for something tho.

Now, for the longest I was told by one seer that “some old rich wealthy white (actually, he said octoroon) guy has been watching me for a long time” and I even had a DEMON WARN ME that I will be a “senator’s wife!” He sounds like an illuminati HANDLER! I will be ready (to beat his ass when I see him!)!!! Honestly, in the other visions I had of being the Antichrist – I always felt AND SAW that an older white dude with sandy blonde hair would be my “right hand man.” His face was always amorphous however meaning I never saw it! Usually, from my EXPERIENCE this indicates someone will pop up in real life. I will be sure to ensure THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AND OUR PATHS WILL NEVER MEET (at least avert it) in this timeline (or any other!).

Interestingly, when I got my receipt back at the 99 Cents store it showed “$5.55” on the receipt (555 in numerology means, “movement”). That said, when I started questioning, “What is my destiny?” A vision flashed before my eyes of my getting involved in politics, helping the underdogs of society! IF I FALL INTO THE WRONG HANDS BEWARE OF THIS AND HERE’S WHY!

Anyways, here is the most notable aspect: while in the astral, I saw an apartment “building” that stood out! It was all black and built like a rubic’s cube, TWO BLACK RUBIC’S CUBES ON TOP OF EACH OTHER!

That is not the first time I’ve seen that symbolism!

You see, the cube is associated with Saturn = Satan and it has for millenia as explained better, here:

You can also read an article on it, here, in case illuminati ran Google/ Youtube take it down:

Saturn is what spawned the Hellish Holiday of Saturnalia in ancient Rome in which was alot like the Purge where you could rape, murder, steal for about a week – more of which you can read here:

This shit was once real!

– And state sponsored, too!

It’s what Christmas is based off of! 😉

That’s said, that’s how I KNOW shit’s real!

I feel like this guy will take me in and fund a bs “political career” to get me to go in the direction of the Antichrist! This is what was revealed to me and I am laying it out to expose it to you all! That said, numerologically, here is my expression (destiny) number:

Notice they add up to perfect “9s”. I was meant to be a humanitarian but like all things the illuminati does they pervert and warp the Spirit of Good things for evil just like when they do this symbolism here:

– This looks like some mockery of the Holy Madonna here! Bad enough the SKANK done adopted her name to pervert it (As they do with all good things such as Ra and Isis, who are not evil yet they got Isis’s name on that CIA supposed muslim org.).

Hell, as you can read in Hitler’s numerological chart he was meant to help alot of people, fight injustice in the Roman Catholic Church with their pedophilia bs but then… the illuminati derailed him and got him starting WWII (They I feel want me to do WW III):

Note his numbers add up to perfect 6s!

As assassinated ufo researcher the late Max Speiers said here:

They are both mocking Ra – the ancient Egyptian Sun God who can be likened to Jesus – and stealing his power via the eye symbolism!


That’s what they will try to do to me, pervert my destiny for evil and I won’t let em!

I will continue to NOT DO what the powers that be WANT ME TO DO WHICH IS GO IN THE DIRECTION OF EVIL!!!


That said, they can kiss my black ass and fuck all their material trinkets, too! I’ll find my own way!


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