Retracing The Steps of How and Where Mitrice Richardson Died

While out in Malibu, every now and then, thoughts of Mitrice Richardson pop up…

There’s that yellow orb again…

Here’s a sec. pic. (Taken a sec. AFTER I shot the prior one) IN WHICH THE ORB IS NOT. THERE.

Here’s another pic:


Returning back to Mitrice, what happened to her, HER BEING SACRIFICED, is hard to dismiss (This world is wicked!!!)!!!!

Here, I talked about this somber story before (PLEASE READ):

I also retrace the steps regarding where she possibly succumbed, here:

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That said, I went ahead and retraced WHAT happened to her so I could get an idea (Now that I am more psychic) of what happened to her, become more attuned to her spirit so I could get in contact with her and help her while she on the other side!

Imma do an article following this one updating or rather re exposing a video in which they tried to set up an “indigent” mountain man to be the fall guy FOR HER MURDER!!!

Here is the video (but I will do a main one REALLY exposing shyte):

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