LA County Colluding With Google To Monitor Me Online Via Spyware WITH PROOF

Why is it that whenever I enter ANY L.A. City and/or county site against this message which particularly popped up when I tried to file a complaint against the L.A. Sheriff’s with the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) – another crooked department – site which you can see here:

It’s also doing that with a website named “Transparent America” which is a site that is good for researching California government employees’ salaries, etc.

Note also while looking up neighborhood prosecutor (so I could find the right address to send some motions to) note how after barely any searches something weird happened (Usually the captcha pops up on the 21st search):

Here is what I searched for highlighted yellow:

This is weird and this only happened while searching government entities – making me think that L.A. County and Google are colluding together.

I noticed ever since I got out of jail – anytime I have LEFT jail, strange things have happened with my cellphone such as it inexplicably getting real hot WHILE TURNED OFF, software errors such as “SIM card not installed” popping up, SPIRITUAL PSYCHIC ATTACKS (WHICH I FEEL COULD BE WITCHCRAFT COMING FROM THE COPS SINCE ONCE WHILE MY THIRD EYE WAS OPEN I SAW THREE ENTITIES – TWO WEARING ALL BLACK BURQAS AND ONE WITH A “DUNCE” REALLY WIZARD HAT AND WHEN ONE OF THE BURQA WEARING ENTITIES REMOVED HER HOOD, THE FACE OF WHAT I LATER REALIZED BELONGS TO AN LAPD OFFICER WAS REVEALED) LIKE REPTILIANS FOLLOWING ME (I HAD A FRIEND WHO CONFIRMED IT AND IT STARTED FUCKING WITH HIM AFTER I EXPOSED IT TO HIM) DEMONS THAT LITERALLY FOLLOW ME, CAUSING ME ISSUES FROM THERE and all sorts of things! The amount of storage on my cellphone changing where sometimes I’ll have an hour to record and sometimes not EVEN THOUGH I WILL HAVE THE SAME AMOUNT OF STORAGE IN and even my other phone getting inexplicably hot though I barely use it AND IT WAS NEVER IN COP CUSTODY! I believe that they are using my cellphone NUMBERS to track me and keep an eye on me. I did an article explaining how they do this and how they operate which you can read here:

That said, ALOT of things are being revealed! The tide is turning and with news of President Trump’s attempts to drain the swamp which you can read here:

Tony Podesta’s sick pizzagate ass possibly going to jail:

And other things once deemed as inaccessible such as certain people now being exposed: things are coming together and many things are coming to the light and finally are being exposed which is what I feel I am doing in this case, now!

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