Making Amends With The Homeless White Dude In Malibu

– You can see something aint right with him in this picture:

I AM SORRY but it just broke my heart to see this guy in this predicament because he reminds me SOOO MUCH OF MY DEAD BABY BROTHER:

Here are two articles chronicling my past experiences with him:

And here:

The way he acts, running to other random people’s homes when he feels he’s in trouble, thinking they will respond (I almost think this guy might have a form of asperger’s), displaying traits of OCD, running around like a chicken with his head cut off when he thinks he is in trouble, living in his own little world…

I REALLY feel sorry for this poor child! I truly do! NOW, I MAINTAIN he don’t own that fucking land but this baby is NOT right in the head! I know he said so much fucked up shit but I see SOOO much of my lil dead baby brother in him, represented by his mannerisms that it fucks me up not to at least show him some good cause I see too much of my dead baby brother in him: it makes me wanna cry!

I gave him $5 and one of my sparkling (non alcohol) cider just show some people care and I see him for what he is – not the hateful shit he said cause I know the poor child ain’t right which you can see down below which I taped on Sunday night, Nov. 12, 2017!

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I just… feel SO SORRY for this poor child! So sorry!

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