Old White Homeless BASTARD TRESPASSES ON OTHERS’ PROPERTY But Tells Me Not To Trespass On Property HE DON’T EVEN OWN

I was about to lay this nigga out:

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– Considering the mood I’m in! I don’t have time for the bullshit!

The demon (or shall I say, reptilian) was about to bounce out!

I did an article on this fool a while back:

Homeless Crakkkaroach Tells Me He Own Public Property No Trespassing

This old homeless CRAKKKA ASS CRAKKKAROACH BUM had the nerve to tell me to exit property WHICH HE DON’T OWN like he some “proper” CRAKKKABUM!

Then, today, I catch him walking up the walkway of SOMEONE ELSE’S PROPERTY like he own it!


That said, I feel sorry for the mofo! I truly do! After all, I had a brother who was learning disabled so mentally disabled people strike a chord in me, on my heart strings (When he was walking a across the street, telling random people about me, it reminded me of how my lil brother having ocd would do the same thing, not understand the social ramifications that people don’t know him amd are looking at him like he crazy)! I TRULY FEEL FOR THE FUCKING DUDE CAUSE DEEP DOWN I SEE MY LIL BROTHER IN HIM (In a sense I am HAPPY he is dead cause it would kill me to see him on the streets like this guy). That’s why I don’t wanna fuck with his “property” because deep down… I know he ain’t all there…

But another part of me when I hear him say, “Nigger,” I’m like, “Fuck it!” All understanding goes out the window cause his crazy ass has some SEMBLANCE OF SENSE TO KNOW WHAT THAT WORD MEANS THUS AND WHY TO USE IT! Some part of me REALIZE (REAL-EYES) that, deep down, even though this mofo is crazy ass batshit and ain’t got a pot (Well, a tent) to piss in… his crazy crakkka ass STILL THINK HE IS BETTER THAN ME – A NIGGER in his eyes which is the very reason that kept me from giving him a pepsi and $5 (No joke) last week as an apology!

I don’t play around with white people! I know that eveb though this mug is crazy ass batshit, HIS HOMELESS BUM DEGENERATE NASTY SCUM ASS STILL THINKS he is “better” than me (bitch even THREATENED to call the cops for my “trespassing” on property he don’t even own)! That lets me know that crakkka ass crakkka cave genetic mutant is aware of his white privilege and that, in the hierarchy of this WHITE SUPREMACIST SOCIETY he is still “above” me cause he is white and I’m black!

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