Could Convicted Murderer and Rapist Adrian Waite aka 423chattanooga10worldwide of Chattanooga Be The Next Grim Sleeper

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This is Adrian Waite aka “423chattanooga10worldwide”:

Adrian Waite Profile Pic

Here is his instagram, which is chock full of prostitutes, things about sex:

Adrian Waite Instagram Perversion CENSORED

Adrian Waite Sex Workers Adrian Waite Prostitute Adrian Waite Instagram Perversion of Black Women









Adrian Waite Whore Virgin Complex
He certainly found the time for the whore virgin complex!

Adrian Waite Tristina Millz Adrian Waite Tristina Millz 3 Adrian Waite Sex Worker Pose Like Lil Kim Adrian Waite Tristina Millz 2 Adrian Waite Instagram Perversion CENSORED




















And…even underage – potential underage – prostitutes as can be seen here:

Adrian Saite Underage Girl 2 Adrian Saite Underage Girl 3 Adrian Saite Underage Girl 4 Adrian Saite Underage Girl 5 Adrian Saite Underage Girl 6 Adrian Saite Underage Girl

She looks to be 16 and possible street walker!
She looks to be 16 and possible street walker!
She looks to be about 16 years old, around that age.
She looks to be about 16 years old, around that age.



















That said, this mofo is a convicted MURDERER and rapist as the court documents show in which in 1993 he was CONVICTED FOR MURDERING (but the rape charge aspect of it all got thrown out) TWO BLACK WOMEN – Jolene McClendon and ANGELA RANSOM: (link to case here for you to read:,235,236,364,365,366)

Adrian Waite Murder Docket


It – the judgement against him ie conviction – got reversed in 1997. He also appealed at one point before the MURDER charge which you can read here:


He is still at is as of 2011 he had a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHARGE as can be seen here (link to charge and where screenshot came from):

Adrian Waite DV Yellow


Adrian Waite Broke Niggas A Drug Dealer

AND he has drug charges as well (Dox from the docket:

Adrian Waite Money Drigs

*He could also be engaging in pimping and pandering which constitutes human trafficking and more than likely the women – and UNDERAGE girls/ hookers – you see in his pics could be human trafficking victims working for him.


…But he is always complaining about black women being with white men, yet he wonders WHY:

He also likes talking about white men – esp. COPS – beating on black women:

Look at what he watches and sees - VIOLENCE AGAINST BLACK WOMEN! I personally think these vids are TURN ONS for him in light of what he DID and is probably still doing to this day!
Look at what he watches and sees – VIOLENCE AGAINST BLACK WOMEN! I personally think these vids are TURN ONS for him in light of what he DID and is probably still doing to this day!


…but his documents – RAPE AND MURDER OF TWO BLACK WOMEN confirms all you need to know about these undeniably NON HUMAN, REPTILIAN POS!


He says down below that “dark skinned women have the best pussy”:

Adrian Waite Dark Skinned Women are only Good for Pussy


While talking all this “black king and queen” hotep shyte right here about black women being queens:

Adrian Waite 2 Black Queens

Yet the misogyny comes out by him saying, “Men,” ie RAPISTS like him should “lead” with a woman BEHIND HIM:

Adrian Waite Respect 4 and Leading Women



Adrian Waite Religious

See the cognitive dissonances in all he says!?

He also – the rapist pedophile convicted murderer of two black women ie Adrian Waite ie 42chattanooga10worldwide” claims with his black ass to be a “Latin King” (anyone who knows a REAL Latin King please let them know about this):

Adrian Waite Gangmember Latin Kings

That said, this guy is STILL a felonious, violent, threatening predator who can become a potential SERIAL KILLER, murderer and RAPIST of black female and women of color prostitutes just like the Grim Sleeper – a black serial killer who raped and murdered black female sex workers over a two decade period – something I suspect Mr. Waite may be in the process of doing himself. Here is why (first, look at these images that are ghastly and haunting he has of me):

This is benign
This is benign

THIS is what he wants to do to me because I am STRONG and he targeted me for such:

Adrian Waite Picture of Me Ghetto Gaggers Adrian Waite Wants To Kill Me






Here is a link to the youtube vid of the woman beating her head against a keyboard:

That’s what he wants to do to ME and that is what he did to his victims!

This vid ALSO shows how intimidated and fearful he is of my power: listen!

This would be the end result here in HIS mind:

Adrian Waite Picture of Me


Here is a message in which he requested the dox ie personal info of a woman who did ghetto gaggers:

Adrian Waite Stalking Women from Ghetto Gaggers

He contacted me:

Adrian Waite Stalker 2
He attempted to use vernacular as fellow predator – I will get his info soon, too, betoally did to get close me not knowing I can see it from a mile away by talking about the “third eye” and other stuff he figured would resonate with me.

Adrian Waite Stalker 3

Note he "liked" my Facebook page after I RAN HIM UP THE STREET!
Note the timestamps: he “liked” my Facebook page after I RAN HIM UP THE STREET!

Here he is basically RESHARING a post I did warning OTHERS about him here showing his stalker tendencies:

Marcus Waite AKA Adrian Stalker


This alarms me cause it indicates that he is a STALKER with a predilection for RAPE AND MURDER who is doing this to go after black sex workers (thank goodness I don’t see black men in this case – not to say white men don’t do this as the Neal Falls case proves otherwise) but I fear for black females engaging in sex work who DO see em and could potentially come across him as well. That said, I got targeted by this slow POS because I am strong and intelligent, something he wants to break down as that is what he fears in females the most: one who will fight and say, “No,” and won’t back down as I do and you can read the emails below in which in a very crude manner he tried to “break” my confidence in my attraction for white males (he seems most bothered by that and threatened by it as well):

Adrian Waite Stalker White Dudes
I am putting out this guy’s dox just in case something happens or a victim who escaped him sees this!


You can note this guy feels that – given that he is a potential serial killer who HAS murdered two women in the past – he must, that he HAS TO to destroy me as he – desiring control over females by breaking us down – feels that I am symbolic of that which he can never conquer: a strong woman who is smarter and more cunning than him and he knows this!


Personally I had the money, what you saw in the film, “Hostel,” would be in order in that I would PAY people to literally kidnap, bring him to a :”red room” and do what was done – unjustifiably in his case – to Mr. James Thimm in this 1985 Christian Identity murder case in which he had a shotgun hole blasted into his face and, though he lived, was allowed to live for a NUMBER OF DAYS WHILE BEING TORTURED, RAPED WITH BY GOATS (IN MR. WAITE’S CASE I’D LIKE TO USE GIGANTIC BLACK DILDOS TO RAPE HIM IN THE ASS), PITCHFORKS, CUT OFF HIS DICK AND BALLS (THAT IS WHAT I WOULD DO TO MR. WAITE), BEAT HIM UP AND THEN, AFTER HIS LUNGS COLLAPSED AFTER BEING TORTURED, he expired. May he R.I.P. (Mr. Waite will REST. IN.PISS. ONCE I AM DONE WITH HIM)! Those are the things I REALLY WANT TO DO TO MR. WAITE AFTER WHAT HE DID AND MAY STILL BE DOING TO HIS VICTIMS (IF THERE ARE ANY) TO THIS PRESENT DAY.

I’ll be the “black Dexter” and he can be my “victim” for the greater good!


I will check to see if there are any missing black sex workers in that area. See, I don’t give a fuck about that WHITE BITCHES’ (the whole thing is fucked up really) “prostitution” freedom movement. They don’t give a fuck about black and women of color sex workers, so I throw their white crakkka asses under the bus as well. As a matter of fact, LeaNights and her best friend – pimp located in Little Rock, Arkansas – Charles Brown Jr. aka “deshawncool” or “dashawncool” – were CAPING for this murderer and rapist of black women in which I saw in the comment section of one of Adrian Waite’s videos in which deshawncool aka Charles Brown Jr of Little Rock, Ark., a gay black pimp and woman hater, gave out my ADDRESS so that this CONVICTED MURDERER COULD PRESUMABLY MURDER ME (leaNights’ is much further down):

Deshawncool Giving Out My Address So Adrian Can Murder Me 2 Deshawncool Giving Out My Address So Adrian Can Murder Me






Here is HIS youtube channel:

Here is his google plus profile page:

Here are some others who defended him as well:

Maddam27 of Youtube here:

Maddman27 Defends Convicted Murderer Rapist

Links to Youtube and Google Plus profiles here:




RandomUsername010 LeaNights DEFENDS Adrian Waite

(Youtube and google plus pages here):



Here is LeaNights Info:



Twitter accounts (both which she uses to sell prostitution “services” via):

Here is another posting where RandomUsername010 made some rapist defending comments here:

RandomUsername010 Rapist Defends Adrian Waite and Another Rapist Black Male Miosgynist 2

The video he is on about!
The video he is on about!







Betoally, whom here can be seen stating that black women are “only good for pussy” can be seen resonating and caping for CONVICTED MURDERER AND RAPIST, ADRIAN WAITE! Betoally, aka Cesar who works as a truck driver for Ralph’s as can be seen here in the screenshots AND on his Facebook profile – told me he just wanted some “black pussy” as if, just as Adrian thinks, all black and dark skinned women are worth, which you can read here:

Betoally Sex Harassing Me
He says he just wants some “sweet black pussy!”
This is Betoally aka Cesar who works as a truck driver for Ralph's STILL HARASSING ME!
This is Betoally aka Cesar who works as a truck driver for Ralph’s STILL HARASSING ME!
Now, he is telling ME to fuck off after he stalked me.
Now, he is telling ME to fuck off after he stalked me.










Here is Betoally – by his delivery truck – for Ralph’s:

Betoally Stalker Works for Kroger

Here is skank hoe LeaNightsCAPING for Betoally to basically justify and say that black women are only good for sex. I have a whole profile here on THAT THING!
Here is skank hoe LeaNights CAPING for Betoally to basically justify and say that black women are only good for sex. I have a whole profile here on THAT THING!

You can call Kroger – of which Ralph’s a subsidiary – at 513-762-4000 and ask to speak to the legal department!

LeaNights HATES black women and here is my whole article on that sick, pedophiliac or paedophiliac (look at the screenshot of the pic on top) BITCH here:

Anyways, here is Betoally AKA CESAR (FROM PLANET OF THE APES) CAPING for convicted murderer – rapist ADRIAN WAITE HERE:

Betoally Siding With Convicted Murderer and Rapist Adrian Waite

Here is his google plus page along with youtube and Facebook links:


LifesApoem and djbwill (another one with CONTROL ISSUES who kept basically harassing my other channels after I ran him after he showed he was more concerned with my engaging in CONSENSUAL SEX as opposed to this RAPIST AND MURDERER WHO TOOK TWO BLACK FEMALE’S LIVES IN THE COMMISSION OF RAPING THEM – obviously black women’s lives don’t matter to these sickos) also caped for this MURDERER AND RAPIST in their own ways:

Here is djbwill caping for murderer rapist Adrian Waite aka 423chattanooga10worldwide by being more concerned with porn and defecation on rooftops then the actual ABDUCTION, RAPE AND MURDER OF TWO WOMEN:

Sick People Adrian Waite 1

Here is his google plus and youtube profiles:



Here is djbwill on his google plus profile page showing him as “friends” with rapist and convicted murderer – Adrian Waite:

DJBWILL friends with Convicted Murderer Rapist Adrian Waite Yellow


LifesApoem decided to cape for and side with Yolanda Winston who I strongly suspect is Adrian in covert form, which you can see here:

Sick People Adrian Waite 2

Here is his youtube and google plus pages:




Here are the online profiles for Yolanda Winston, whom I have reason to believe based on the writing, grammar style, etc., could be one of his victims:

Here is HIS ie “Yolanda Winston’s” google plus and youtube profiles here:

Here are the messages sent from “Yolanda” which gives me reason to believe this is actually Adrian acting as her:

Yolanda Winston Claims She talked to Ransom the Victims Family Last Ditch Effort


Here is Adrian Waite pretending to be Yolanda when I know a woman wouldn't concentrate on sex as he does, look at the screenshots!
Here is Adrian Waite pretending to be Yolanda when I know a woman wouldn’t concentrate on sex as he does, look at the screenshots!


Yolanda Winston, who has arrests for prostitution herself (so that throws out that that is her attacking me for sex work when she is one herself), criminal trespassing and aggravated assault, fits the MO of the type of female he would pursue: a black sex worker since he knows they won’t be missed (screenshots of her arrest in case she is missing at his hands is down below):

Yolanda Winston Aggravated Assault Adrian Waite Yolanda Winston Mugshot Adrian Waite Yolanda Winston Prostitution Adrian Waite










As a result, I have reason to believe that he may have killed her (in light of everything I have researched) and that he is collecting black female porn stars’ – sex workers dox so – like Mr. Neal Falls here:

He can go on a killing spree of female BLACK sex workers this time (Neal’s were white sex workers, may they rest in peace):

Rest in peace, ladies, rest in peace!


He is not gonna get them or me (or at least anymore) because I will put an all points bulletin on him. As a result, after I called him out, locked him from my accounts and he kept COMING such as in this one instance when I went to the LAPD and he left a message replying back threatening me for posting a video on him and what he does and saying that “Officer Wise claimed my pussy stanks” – this is what he wrote which you can read down below:

Here he is saying Officer Wise of the LAPD claiming my pussy stanks which is more in line with what Adrian Waite says as can be seen here.
Here he is saying Officer Wise of the LAPD claiming my pussy stanks which is more in line with what Adrian Waite says as can be seen here.

I don’t believe that as I was there when Officer Wise contacted Mr. Waite from the LAPD Wilshire community police station and HE DID NOT SAY THAT! He left a message and that is all I can attest. His sick statement there is testament to how obsessed with sex to an UNHEALTHY LEVEL THIS CONFIRMED SEXUAL PREDATOR IS! It is obvious this guy is being exposed and hates it so I have become the target of a barrage of attacks from him, which you can see down below from his facebook accounts:

Here are some where he made threats towards me as well as to other allies – note they are ALL BLACK WOMEN – in an attempt to suppress our voices against him:

Marcus Waite AKA Adrian Liking Facebook Page
Here he goes again with the “white boy with black women” complaining shit as he – A CONVICTED MURDERER AND RAPIST OF TWO BLACK WOMEN – BEMOANS THIS, SICK BASTARD!

Marcus Waite AKA Adrian Making Threats Marcus Waite aka Adrian Waite Sick Mofo Threaten 2 Marcus Waite aka Adrian Waite Sick Mofo Threaten














He says in the above messages: “Stupid idiot bitches need they head cut off and shitted down they necks,” makes pleas for someone in the “Latin Kings” to MURDER me by saying: “Will someone put a end to that stupid bitch fuckery this bitch stay in los angeles…” then he goes on to INACCURATELY state and spell my address, lol! This ANIMAL (fuck he is lower than that) should have NEVER BEEN ALLOWED OUT OF PRISON, EVER!


Marcus Waite aka Adrian Waite Street Walker on Profile

Note that the “Jamillah McKinley” screenshot up above is the profile of a street walker/ sex worker (note it says she “Works the streets” – use common sense to see this). Anyways, she could be one of his victims if he is – what I suspect to be – a serial killer! That said, you see this guy’s violent tendencies and how he won’t stop to do what he does which is harm others.

These are all sick and twisted people. People wonder why I have so many enemies but as an indigo it is MY JOB to take these people out and expose them. As I said before, Mr. Waite is a person who is probably a low level I.Q. sociopath/ psychopath with violent tendencies though he may seem offish – but make no mistake, HE IS DANGEROUS and should be threaded upon lightly. That said, he used to work for Pilgrim’s Pride, a multinational corporation, but then got fired for unknown reasons but I do suspect it is for street/ sexual harassment. HOWEVER, HE COMPLAINS to President Obama about, “Not finding a job cause he is a convicted felon” as can be seen here:

Yet, he won’t even repent of his ways and probably got fired for SEXUAL HARASSMENT!

Here is his badge from working at Pilgrim’s Pride:

Adrian Waite Works At Pilgrims




Here is Mr. Waite’s Facebook profile showing where he USED to work (I confirmed with Pilgrim’s Pride he no longer works there):

Adrian Waite Contact Info
He foolishly states his “personal” number here, making it PUBLIC RECORD!

He also foolishly states his phone number IN his Facebook profile, making it PUBLIC RECORD as can be seen in the screenshot up above, which is: 615-267-8882

Here is his address as well (I found it via his OWN GOOGLE PLUS PROFILE – DUMMY – MAKING IT PUBLIC RECORD):

5105 North Moore Lane in Chattanooga, TN

Here is his email, ALSO public record as gleaned from his own Google Plus profile page: [email protected]

All this info which I am reposting in case their are victims who recognize these things – telephone, address, email, etc. – and not his name may come forward by recognition of these things!

Adrian Waite Posted Email and Address Dox
Adrian doxed himself, lol!

As to this date, I am still getting harassed by Adrian Waite in which you can see down here below:

Adrian Waite Stalking My Public Posts as King Sfww

Here he is, still stalking my public profile by “following” it as can be seen up above!

Here he is, in violation of Penal Code: 39-16-301 in the state of Tennessee, he is impersonating a police officer, which can be seen down below:

Adrian Waite Acting As Cops 2


Here is what Adrian Waite – verbatim and taken from his own words – stated showing that he has violated the penal code for unlawfully impersonating a law enforcement officer to get me to righteously take down a post WARNING other females about this convicted murderer, RAPIST and potential predatory stalker AND possible serial killer (if he keeps at it or hasn’t already):

“Hey Topless In L.A., I think this photo is inappropriate and doesn’t belong on Facebook. Would you please take it down? this is the police we are monitering all your postings and you need to remove this post from your facebook and from your twitter or you will be facing charges both in tennessee and california for harrassment and the inappropriate use to slander and mislead some one please remove all post of this content or you will be charged this is your only warning.”

Here is the Facebook profile from which it came from:

This says it all!
This says it all!

And this…

Adrian Waite Pics Facebook Post











Grim Sleeper took pics of his victims as well (if you got any info on the Grim Sleeper please contact the LAPD Grim Sleeper task force at 877-527-3247)

Grim Sleeper






This mofo is a violent and dangerous real CRIMINAL who should have NEVER BEEN LET OUT ON TH STREETS and attesting to his unhealthy sexual obsession – including being in the car and taking pics of underage hookers – and reposting them to his instagram ala the “grim sleeper” aka Lonnie Franklin Jr style and given his past history of rape and misogynistic violence towards women AND trying to collect OUR dox of black female sex workers involved or with previous past associations in porn (so to stalk us?) – I can NOT help but to try to get the word out as all his actions ring of SERIAL KILLER and possibly someone still murdering black women on the “strolls” ie street walker spots who are the most vulnerable and overlooked in society. If you have any info on Adrian Waite aka 423chattanooga10worldwide or anyone reported to be missing and was last seen with him, please contact me at [email protected] or the Chattanooga police department at: (423) 698-2525 or to report general info (a good tipline here): (423) 643-5000

(Here is their address)

3410 Amnicola Hwy.
Chattanooga, TN 37406

I will keep an eye out for him and watch what he does and keep abreast of his movements so as to make sure black sex workers are safe from this predator!

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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