Vic Lynxton of Wants to KILL WOMEN

Look at this shit here taken from #realzero ‘s instagram which you can see here:   Need I say more??! Here is his instagram: Now, I did an article on him a while back which you can read here: and here: in which he voraciously and vociferously HARASSED ME for being black and natural haired as well as a strong woman on top of all of this, which you can see here: He even went so far as to COME TO MY NEIGHBORHOOD AND DROP THIS FLIER WHICH YOU CAN SEE BELOW: HE THREATENED ME AS YOU

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LAPD Officer Dale Wayne Ziesmer Who Harassed Me For Being Topless In Public Is An Accused Woman Beater

HERE is a bigger picture! I am not fucking shocked…not by a long shot! – PS the charges were dismissed CAUSE SHE REFUSED TO TESTIFY, probably out of fear due to his power and possible financial (perhaps?) dependency on him as well as a slew of other things. After all, cops get let off for killing unarmed folks, RAPING WOMEN, so when he gets off what is to stop this possible powder keg from getting that gun and attacking her? Here is more info… W 432 Camino Flora Vis San Clemente CA 92673 which was taken from here: That said,

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Just Because A Woman Is Topless Does Not Give A Man The Right To Sexually Harass Her

…or any other woman for that matter. That said, the pic up above (and video down below) are what I am referring to: Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”29168″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”] A couple of weeks ago I got sexually harassed by that driver you see in the featured pic up above as well as in the video, which is above as well. Basically, I was minding my own business when all of a sudden he made some comment, some gesture and next thing I knew it came from that truck. Now, I am not somebody with a flight response: I

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DO NOT DEAL WITH CROWNCAMS.COM! I want you to read these messages down below: They came from a “Vic Lynxton”, who, when I googled the name, all this came back up: ‘s address is 6230 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90048 and their number is: 323-977-8009 Here are vic lynxton’s links: Here is vic lynxton’s youtube: Also, to note, I am doing ALOT BETTER in the Alexa ratings and I am not even a porn site: Here are the Alexa ratings:         Basically, in effect this person feels that black men are so lowly

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Could Convicted Murderer and Rapist Adrian Waite aka 423chattanooga10worldwide of Chattanooga Be The Next Grim Sleeper

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This is Adrian Waite aka “423chattanooga10worldwide”: Here is his instagram, which is chock full of prostitutes, things about sex:                                                       And…even underage – potential underage – prostitutes as can be seen here:                                     That said, this mofo is a convicted MURDERER and rapist as the court documents show in which in 1993 he was CONVICTED FOR

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