LAPD Officer Dale Wayne Ziesmer Who Harassed Me For Being Topless In Public Is An Accused Woman Beater

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Dale Wayne Ziesmer LAPD Officer Domestic Violence Charge NewspaperI am not fucking shocked…not by a long shot!

– PS the charges were dismissed CAUSE SHE REFUSED TO TESTIFY, probably out of fear due to his power and possible financial (perhaps?) dependency on him as well as a slew of other things. After all, cops get let off for killing unarmed folks, RAPING WOMEN, so when he gets off what is to stop this possible powder keg from getting that gun and attacking her?

Here is more info…

W 432 Camino Flora Vis San Clemente CA 92673 which was taken from here:

Dale Ziesmer Address YellowThat said, I know him from here (He made an appearance in this video which you can see down below.):

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That said, Officer Dale Wayne Ziesmer who works out of the LAPD West Valley Division was an accused woman beater way back in 2013 in which he reportedly threatened his wife – which is probably not an unusual occurrence – in a domestic violence dispute. Now, in light of this and looking back on it, I realize it is not too surprising that he tried to CONTROL when and how I display MY OWN BODY which is a display of the male desire to control the divine feminine and thus control our true womanly power as the divine cosmic YOUniverse sees it – as evidenced in the video up above. Violence against women by cops is not an uncommon occurrence (the following was take from here:

  • Domestic violence is 2 to 4 times more common in police families than in the general population. In two separate studies, 40% of police officers self-report that they have used violence against their domestic partners within the last year. In the general population, it’s estimated that domestic violence occurs in about 10% of families.
  • In a nationwide survey of 123 police departments, 45% had no specific policy for dealing with officer-involved domestic violence.
  • In that same survey, the most common discipline imposed for a sustained allegation of domestic violence was counseling. Only 19% of departments indicated that officers would be terminated after a second sustained allegation of domestic violence.
  • In San Diego, a national model in domestic violence prosecution, the City Attorney typically prosecutes 92% of referred domestic violence cases, but only 42% of cases where the batterer is a cop.

That said, many of the LAPD officers – many with a 50’s style mentality and old world attitude toward women which can be seen in the style ad way their waitresses act at the LAPD Diner at 1880 Academy Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90012 ph. # 323-221-5222 – are not beyond taking an old fashioned attitude towards women and our bodies, which often involves wanting to control us as evidenced in my case in which if they can not have control they will often resort to beating women up aka “domestic violence” or falsely arresting females to do this. I started copwatching the LAPD because of an incident in 2010 in which a misogynistic mofo who was deliberately almost to the extent of hitting my car trailing me to SEXUALLY HARASS ME made a false accusation stating I pulled a gun on him after I ran him up the street. After being falsely arrested in the parking lot of a McDonalds where I was gonna go and meet up and talk to a friend, put in handcuffs, HUMILIATED, placed in the back of the patrol vehicle, having guns drawn on me (this is why I take sexual harassment seriously and you should, too), I told the officer what had actually happened. I recall one, Frazier, a light skinned, bald headed fat black cop who works the 77th division, say to me, “The world would be better if women gave into men.” I recall later on, while copwatching, when I called him out, he attacked me. That is why I copwatched and that is why they hate me. When talking of female victims of police officers, none are more overlooked more so than the sex worker as can be read here in which they use their vulnerable status in society (which is why I approve the Swedish model of decriminalizing prostitution) in which it is common and I have evidence in the form of testimony from their own words on tape in which they rape, sexually assault, batter em – some as young as 12, 13, the usual entry point for prostitution – by using their status as a “criminal” in society against em. Because of my copwatching days, that is why they attack me. I recall one young lady telling me that a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy who resided in a nice, lavish home in Whittier had sex with her while SHE was pregnant, proceeded to take back the money then called the COPS ON HER and we all wonder why they do drugs. The trauma they face from cops and tricks alike is deafening and not something that no one could cope with, especially on the daily basis they are exposed to it. They attacked me in that video above because I am female, because I am a woman of color and because in addition to my monitoring their actions – something those PIGS HATE – I refuse to let them control my body by bowing down to their misogynistic desire to define my body based on what it mean to them and our sick, warped euro-perverted society for their own sick, sexual benefit!  A black woman who openly defies the status quo is this society’s biggest fear. That is why they arrested Eye Empress Sekhmet:

…but not any of the more docile, Hotep naggers who say the same things she say on youtube (cause they know nagger males won’t do shyte). That said, let me give you my assessment of Ziesmer before I wrap this up. Now, this is colloquially based on my own encounter albeit reaction with him during my time of copwatching based on what I pick up in his soul. That said, he strikes me as a quiet type, someone who if pushed enough can explode. He strikes me as dangerous in that he is a powder keg and won’t express himself, his anger that is, in constructive ways. If someone pisses him off, he will let it simmer and simmer until it finally implodes on him, which was probably the case I think with his wife (which we will never know).

If you have a problem with Ziesmer being on the force, please contact the West Traffic Division at:

4849 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
213-473-0222 Voice

Or you can contact the communications department:

100 North Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

PS #freeeyeempresssekhmet

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