Harassed By Woman Beating LAPD Officer Billy Bob Ziesmer and Officer Trick Kwon For Being Topless In Public

…I am trademarking that fucking shit: “Trick Kwon™” before a rapper takes it!

WOULD YOU BELIEVE THIS BILLY BOB THORNTON SLINGBLADE LOOKING MOFO POSSIBLY BEAT UP ON A WOMAN, as you can read right here: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2013/04/dale_wayne_ziesmer_lapd_threat.php

And see right here:

Dale Wayne Ziesmer LAPD Officer Domestic Violence Charge


I will talk about him MORE in the next article….

Anyways, getting back to the main topic at hand…

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I don’t like bullies..and these mofo bullied me. That said, Officer TRICK KWON™ might of been a trick I have seen back in my day as a prostitute.

So it is okay to bare my titties in private FOR HIM (if he were my TRICK) but yet I can’t bare my titties out in public for NON SEXUAL REASONS!

That said, I am not sure if TRICK KWON™ is a trick or not, but I am sure of this….

Alright, a while back…I had an experience, an encounter really where I had a being, an entity (maybe spirit guide?) who was an Asian man wearing a crumpled up gray dress shirt that barely fit, red tie (from what I could recall), and brownish like dress pants, tap me on where my third eye is supposed to be – the middle of my forehead – and out I came. I fell on the floor of my apartment near my computer (I used to sleep at the foot of my bed). My vision, astral vision that is, was very blurry. What happened next is we were floating through cosmic space and time, passing by, rather rapidly, different countries, nations in which I caught sight of China, esp. Afterward, we slowed and I saw these BEAUTIFUL, MAGNIFICENT AND GORGEOUS mansions which we were inside of. I recall one ornate staircase being two flights up that kinda made a right toward upstairs at the juncture. It didn’t appear to be made of any Earthly matter based on the way the material “glowed” in an otherworldly manner for lack of a better word. I recall it was red, with an otherworldly, “polished” finish to it (all the mansions had a “sleek” somewhat, “polished” finish). I recall during this astral journey my looking at his eyes and I noticed they were yellow where the white should of been and everytime he turned I noticed they became “slits” which I chalked up to third dimensional perception. I recall thinking to myself, “Is he a reptilian?” which I think he was (I will elaborate more on this in an article tomorrow but contrary to my former stance I do not think they are the inherently “evil species” as virulently complained about by white contactees who might be influenced by what some think is a white supremacist agenda being pushed by the Pleiadians esp. since given that one – a serpent – gave Eve the apple of knowledge which is not bad but good considering that the rendering of the apple signifies enlightenment and knowledge and in conjunction the kundalini is known as the awakening of the serpent powers to enlightenment and it can be overwhelming when you open it as I can attest as it once opened and is still opened in me). I felt no harm (this is very important to note). As we were passing by in the inside of one of the polished, beautifully ornate mansions, which appeared to be in New England (I used to live up that way) there were pictures of people meeting with skeletons. Taking this to mean something bad based on Western Christian thought which associates them with “death” (I am not a hypo-xtian, but that is all I could connote the meaning of these things to based on the western, patriarchal predominant hypo-christian culture I grew up in) I felt that since he was a “reptiloid” – at the time – he was trying to get me to sell out. I awoke and my third eye was bleeding:

Third Eye Bleeding

That said, after the experience, I questioned and pondered what that REALLY was all about – was it good, bad, on my side, what was it trying to do but one thing I do know…

The One and Only Officer Trick Kwon™
The One and Only Officer Trick Kwon™


It looked like him, Officer Trick Kwon™.

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  1. Crooked ass LAPD needs to be taken out, for allowing and wrking with corruption and harassing you as well. I miss your videos on YouTube. I stop interacting with people after you left because of all the negativity they were bringing to you name and everything

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