Confrontation With the Shushing Hissing Reptilian Entity and Other Psychic Experiences

Confrontation With the Shushing Hissing Reptilian Entity and Other Psychic Experiences

That said, here is my confrontation with it HERE:

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I noticed when I walked away, it got LOUDER! When I returned, I heard it from which you can hear in the second film above then it die down again. For a split second, which was NOT caught on tape from what I can tell, I saw a brief glimpse of it in like a translucent, “milky white” form following a strange dream of Michael Jackson in which he was at a press conference and trying to choke the kids there. That said, following this, I had another weird experience in which I saw this entity outside my WINDOW at night (well, during the day at 5am but it was still dusk with dawn approaching) that looked like the pic down below, EXACTLY LIKE IT:

You know that mofo's evil if it's appearing like THAT!
You know that mofo’s evil if it’s appearing like THAT!

I have seen her floating around MANY TIMES BEFORE, outside, in the so called “hypnagogic state.” It’s fingers were “flittering” through the blinds. It seemed there was a weird “glow” around her like a soft light not unlike the “soft glow” feature and effect produced via the GIMP photo altering software with little “stars” around her. I knew it wasn’t a human because I would have heard the fidgeting. This reminds me of how one night I had an experience where something kept PERPETUALLY TRYING TO PULL ME OUT OF MY BODY while I was in the “hypnagogic state” which is a fancier term for: FUCKING OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE! That said, I recall earlier in the day hearing an entity that sound not unlike this one here:

20150913_124710Which I saw by my bedside while again in the hypnagogic state and it made a hissing like, snake like noise in my kitchen. I prayed for protection from Lyra, the Pleiades and next thing I heard was a mountainous roar not unlike that of a lion’s roarous growl. That said, the whole night I COULD NOT GO TO SLEEP CAUSE “SOMETHING” KEPT TRYING TO INDUCE ME OUT OF MY BODY! I then heard something go like…”bring her to me,” while outside using a black woman’s voice (I say that cause I felt it was something cloaking itself). I suspect it to be the “blonde haired chick,” which I suspect to be the reptilian snake like entity you can hear in the above video ASSuming that shape/ form and attempting to do…I have no idea what. I have tried to communicate with it and as a result I had another nightmare that started in which I was in a place like Utah it seemed or Nebraska, the midwest. I was “topless,” near a cop and the cop said, “Oh, that is just you (me) being topless again.” That said, the “dream” then “whisked” me to a showroom of sorts – a club I have been to before in my dreams/ nightmares (always something negative going on there, too and I DO NOT go “clubbing” in my regular, ordinary life or even THINK about it so there was no need for me to even “dream” this) – in which they had three people – a huge, latino man, flanked by a tall blonde hair hat wearing black lady (shout out to Tommy Sotomayor tho. I don’t agree with ALL his views, lol) who I now looking back on it think was a reptilian in disguise – they talk of how they manipulate your dreamscape which you will see when you read further on – and someone else all standing akimbo in the room. There was a piano, It (the room) was lit a smooth, silent dark with I believe turned down lights, maybe candle lights or those lights used SPECIFICALLY for such purpose. I looked about and NOTICED the black lady had attacked the white lady. Seeing some solidarity in race and skin color (which I shouldn’t have), I asked the “sista,” aka reptilian in human guise (it was a poor one cause I think it was very apparent yet my vision was “blurred.”),  “Sista, do you need some help?” knowing how WHITE BITCHES CAN BE! IT stood there silent. That said, fast forward to as I was walking around this “club” – it seemed like the setting was Las Vegas, Nevada – they had some huge, iron wrought, black, tall barred gate with spikes at the top. I have never seen this before and it looked ominous. Flanking it was a stucco beige wall that formed a curvature at the top next to where the iron wrought gate was on the ends of it which would descend down about 15 feet from the ground. That said, a young white blonde lady came “knocking,” shirt torn, asking for HELP! She said, “Please, let me in.” I let her in. Next thing I knew, it’s face distorted and it’ tongue – and this is important too – started swirling like a monster in a film’s would around the mouth. It’s eyes buldged out with circularly abnormal eyes and had black circles under it that were deep and about 3 inches from where the eyes were very black. It started following me, shadowing me and said in a monstrous way, “Hey Rave,” and “You wanna talk?” Now, earlier in the day, this is important cause earlier in the night – I believe around 12 midnight – I asked to communicate with IT, the shushing (now I realize it was HISSING) entity outside. This was it in human form and I find it funny that it took the form of a blonde haired lady as the entity outside took the form of that drawing of the blonde haired, angry woman (of which this thing in the pic above looked) and the one in THIS nightmare looked very much like the pic above that you saw earlier. I almost think that this thing wants me to think it is a white, blonde, nordic Pleiadian so it can do me harm and cause me to hate them but that won’t work. Now, getting back to the nightmare – when I wouldn’t say anything to it, IT would respond, “You don’t wanna talk to me?” in a taunting manner. I knew it was evil then. A very intelligent Prophetess said that this might be the ancient Egyptian gods – either Sobek aka Sebek or Apep. I feel it could be a powerful entity as – at the end of my “room,” my apartment BY THE WINDOW – there is a red portal which I have seen in both the astral AS WELL AS IN MY WAKING LIFE!

That said, this experience was very unsettling but I noticed one thing: I stopped being scared! Just recently, I saw another thing, all black, looking in and peaking through the blinds. I saw it last night again on 9/26/2015 and on 9/25/2015. I have an idea as to why they are here. That is why I am documenting my experiences…

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