Michael Hardman of Burbank Who Works At The Asylum Studios That Made Sharknado Is A Possible Pedophile

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Michael Hardman’s in yellow!

Look at the dude who he is posing with here who looks like a fucking child with a shit eating grin, grinning from ear to ear….

That said, he came to my attention after he wrote this very vicious and libelous review defaming my name, claiming I let the fucking air out of his friend’s tire simply because of his friends’ sexual orientation:

False Hate Gay Crime Accusation

Look at how he is REALLY putting me out there...
Look at how he is REALLY putting me out there…
Now, he is trying to change it and pas it on to his friend by saying it is based on the word of his friend to avoid LIBEL!
Now, he is trying to change it and pas it on to his friend by saying it is based on the word of his friend to avoid LIBEL!

Now, I have never met tho mofo a DAY I MY FUCKING LIFE! I probably saw him in passing but for him to attack me when I HAVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO HIM OR HIS FUCKING FRIENDS A DAY IN MY LIFE FUCKING BOTHERS ME! The fact that he reports my shit and has no problem fucking with me but when I defend myself against his libelous comment reeks to me of someone with a fucking personality disorder like either borderline personality disorder or fucking sociopathy, but definitely someone with a passive aggressive fucking personality. He fucked with the wrong one!That reeks of mental illness, to me, by attacking someone who ha never attacked you but you get pissed when they fight back! I can’t see how this mofo can maintain having a job by working at the Asylum as an ADR / Foley Supervisor:


72 E. Palm Avenue
Burbank, CA 91502

(323) 850-1214

The partner/ CEO is Paul Bales whose email is here:[email protected]

Funny, too, I asked yelp to remove the review as he was NEVER A TENANT, never a customer, thus he is not even supposed to post up a review. They have yet to get back to me in violation of their own term yet I get a fucking message from them saying that I violated their terms of service by fucking responding to this fuckery and thus defend myself! No one has a problem with gay being the way they are but this whole gay are above reproach when they do ANY wrong is fucking wrong – no one is above reproach, especially a misogynistic, racist asshole like Michael Hardman. I see racism i okay with yelp, but just bashing a person who happens to be gay person who bashes my race I NOT! Wtf!


Now, as for his accusation that I took the fucking air out his friends’ tire cause of their sexual orientation, now, anyone who knows me knows that I am naturally attracted to white men so thus I WOULD BE THE LAST MOFO TO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR OWN FUCKING BEDROOM! It would be hypocritical! Hell, I can understand if anything their sexual orientation cause of MY natural attraction. That said, on top of that, I knew the two ladies… It was always hi and good bye! THEY WERE VERY NICE! I never had a problem with them to do anything of that sort nor would I do that: I am more direct and in your face. I wouldn’t do cowardly shyte like that! They never fucked with me so I never had a reason to fuck with them (and funny, they didn’t write it). As a matter of fact, HERE IS THEIR REVIEW:

Yelp Review By Neighbor 1Yelp Review By Neighbor 2





Yelp Review By Neighbor 3Yelp Review By Neighbor 4





Yelp Review By Neighbor 5And you can look at the profile pic in those images above and here as well and see it is them (this is them):

Ex Friend Gay False Hate Crime Accusation 2That said, I shouldn’t have to go on the defensive cause it is MICHAEL HARDMAN WHO IS BULLYING ME, making himself into a fake victim when he attacked me for no fucking reason, claiming a fucking FAKE HATE CRIME THAT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED, WHICH IS IN MANY RESPECT ILLEGAL TO FUCKING DO and does a real disservice to REAL fucking victims of lgbtq directed hate crimes! This is why I say I think he has a mental illness, a persecutory complex combined with delusional disorder in that he has somehow manifested in his head that I am his “enemy” though I have never done anything to him or his friends and will attack when I defend myself. I personally think his statement are projection in that he hates me, envies me cause I got a better body:

Michael Hardman Pervert 2

Michael Hardman Pervert 3
– I have no words for this shit…


…but seeing in his diatribe how obsessed he is with my showing my body in public combined with his dressing up like a stereotypical woman in women’s clothes, complete with bra and fucking panties, a la buffalo bill esque style as you can see up above, you have to ask yourself, what the fuck are we dealing with? I will tell you….

Before I begin, I want to say another thing I can note about him is that many people with a persecutory complex disorder will attack you after you have attacked back to defend yourself, which is what he has in many respects recently done. This strikes me as narcissistic, borderline and I sense much envy in hi diatribe tripe on yelp which reeks of someone who felt that I did a perceived “slight” cause I am a female with a great, womanly body that he wishes he could have a his own body but can and never will…

Another thing I wanted to throw out is the fact that he calls me practically a druggie and a crackhead in hi yelp personal diatribe because of my natural haired appearance and the perception by some whites – such as Michael Hardman himself I presume – to believe that any black person, in particular black woman who is not wearing her hairstyle according to the decencies of “European society” – somehow is fucking “unkempt” and thus a crackhead, such as his insinuation I was passed out due to drugs when he never even knew me nor knew the real reason (where is the proof I did it on that night??), thus leading me to think this is based on his stereotyped thinking based on my race. To top this off, I had a row with him on social media and he referred to me a the n word (here is where he works and he erased it and I accidentally refreshed it before I could screenshot it) yet this person who has attacked me for no reason based on what I can safely say and presume is my gender, MY sexual orientation AND MY RACE feels I am persecuting him based on a fake hate crime that I never committed and he has no proof I committed! That said…

Here is his company’s info:


72 E. Palm Avenue
Burbank, CA 91502

(323) 850-1214

The partner/ CEO is Paul Bales whose email is here:[email protected]

Here are links to HIS sites:







Now, let me give you my thoughts on what we are dealing with:

First off all, about his being gay…now, I will say this, THERE IS A LOT OF MENTAL ILLNESS in the gay and trans community: ALOT which they will never admit and self medicate via illegal drug (which I think Michael Hardman does and projects on me as doing). That said, looking at the pictures he has up above as well as what I was able to procure from his facebook, he is someone with a love/ hate relationship with women. He does NOT HATE gay women nor does he hate fat women cause THEY ARE NOT THREAT NOR COMPETITION FOR ME, ESPECIALLY STRAIGHT MEN, WHICH I FEEL HE LUSTS AFTER SO MUCH! He hates me because I am straight, I am petite and so thus competition. It seems like he likes and use black male bodies, which you can see below:

Michael Hardman Sicko 2 Michael Hardman Sicko…so thus he probably ASSumes I like black men and so thus I am definitely competition cause of the skin I am in. That said, a lot of gay men have a tendency to hate straight, natural women regardless of race/color cause they know we have the holy grail men seek: our wombs! See, men are hardwired to want to spread their seed around with as many women a possible. Women are more selective due to the fact that we take a risk by having sex with a man and could end up stuck for nine months if we fuck with the wrong “dick” that won’t be there to take care of us or our young. Thus, as a result, women can be choosy and we can be ourselves: no implants, butt injections, MAKE UP or any other deceptive shyte needed that is typically used by gay men and tran people alike to deceive and so thus win over straight men. That said, they envy us because we don’t have to put all that effort into being who we are, naturally! Another thing is that we live in a society where if a man is caught showing affection towards another man in public, he gets attacked. So, as a result, people like Michael Hardman resent the fact that I am in the body where I can freely enjoy a man’s affections and be myself, in and out of public, and not get attacked and have real hate crimes perpetrated against me for my sexual orientation, which is unfortunately a real concern for people like Michael Hardman. You add in the fact that many men in the gay and trans communities want to be with another man but not marry em or even be seen in public with em (closet cases) and you get EVEN MORE resentment towards me because of my gender, sexual orientation and my body type.

Another fact is that alot of it is spawned by pedophilia (and I am NOT referring to the people born gay, either): That said, look at this pic and notice he makes a sexually suggestive comment involving a TOY FUCKING BALLOON around a two year baby (who does that!?)

Michael Hardman Sicko 3

Note here him gloating around this very young looking man (?) or is it boy (?)

Michael Hardman's in yellow!
Michael Hardman’s in yellow!

Many gay males and females won’t admit this and what I am about to say does NOT apply to those who are born that way as well as transgenders who are born that way such as this young lady here:




That said, there are alot of gay men and gay women who become that way due to childhood sexual abuse and molestation. This can be particularly traumatizing on males in our society (not to downplay the role it has on women) because males in our society live in a culture where any sign of affection between males is taken as a “homosexual” display and so thus is condemned. When a young boy gets molested as a child by another male, he may enjoy the sexual act due to an automatic reaction being stimulated in that area (there are studies that talk about this automatic reaction and it NEVER MAKES THE ACT OKAY!) and so thus society may say he is gay. He may think he brought it on to himself thus making him think he was responsible and so thus was gay as well. Thus, he can internalize this confusion to mean that he is gay and since he feels that he is “tainted” may not want to deal with a woman because of the awkward sense of frustration from the confusion that is coming with his gender identity from that day. Now, to any survivor, I will tell you this: unless you wholeheartedly want to spend your life with a man, then, no, that sexual touch DOES NOT MAKE YOU GAY! It doe not change your sexual orientation as your “sphere of attraction” is so much more greater; unless men make your heart skip a beat, then, no, your “enjoying” any sex act of any kind DOES NOT MAKE YOU GAY OR CHANGE YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION or whatever attraction you have, be it race, whatever! I suspect this could of been the case with Michael Hardman, seeing the sexual inneundo around a small child in that one pic, observing the pictures of him in a rather creepy buffalo bill esque stereotypical female outfit. That said, many folks who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse and trauma WILL work out their feelings of confusion by molesting kids themselves, which I suspect Michael Hardman to be doing to that little boy in the pic himself in an effort to “work out” what I feel could have been issues of childhood sexual abuse and trauma! This is my take on him. I am quite certain I am not the only person he pulled this on. If you have been a victim or he has done something to you, drop me a line here: [email protected]



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