Exposing the Sexual Predators and Possible Closet Case Homophobes Who Work At The Barbershop On 684 La Brea Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036

That said, look at this shyte:

Amber Williams aka Dan The Man Stalker Amber Williams aka Dan The Man Stalker 2 Amber Williams aka Dan The Man Stalker 3 Amber Williams aka Dan The Man Stalker 4 Amber Williams aka Dan The Man Stalker 5

Amber Williams aka Dan The Man Stalker 6

Look at the messages he sent me:

Amber Messages 2 Amber Messages 3 Amber Messages 4 Amber Messages 5 Amber Messages 6 Amber Messages 7 Amber Messages 1I suspect it was either one of the two guys here (more so the one sitting down since he said in the email messages that he was, “sitting down” and that he had a “bald head.”):

Stalker Sick Fuck
Look at those FUCKED UP TEETH!
LOL - look at that ugly ass nigga! At least Earl Sinclair look more HUMAN!
LOL – look at that ugly ass nigga and those FUCKED UP ASS TEETH, looking like a black METH HEAD! At least Earl Sinclair looked more HUMAN!

Nagger Employee 2 Sitting Down Yellow











OR…him, her, shim:

Only a woman takes a pic like that...or a guy in the closet, who knows...
More like waiting on his (her?) trick! Only a woman takes a pic like that…or a guy in the closet, who knows…

LOL @ that fucking face of hers(?)

Anyways, I suspect it is either #1 or #2 cause #1 seems like he is Jamaican and he says he is Jamaican and as evidenced by the fake Amber (such a white girl name) Williams profile here on Facebook, he has a pic of Jamaica right along with the Grio, the Jamaican sports team of which coincides with Mr. Trayvion Curtis aka Tray Cutts statement that he is Jamaican, as you can see here:

Jamaica LoveCloset Case Tray Jamaica







Here is the fake Amber Williams profile, highlighting his liking a sports team:Amber Williams Facebook Profile

Look at their methhead friend here- Lol – (probably a seller or more than likely, a client for their drug dealing which I suspect goes on there):

Methhead 5This is sick. When I first saw them, I thought it was scary, stalkerish, even serial killer-ish! Sick was already enough of a word to describe it yet scary in that, okay note: #1 Note how he has a picture of a dead, black rose. A dead black flower symbolizes death, so called “immorality” which is a nod to my former profession in the sex industry!. The next ones strike me a stalkerish and even serial killerish, as if he connotes women with being inanimate objects in the form of life like doll he could “paint and play with,” a la like serial killer Ed Gein or the infamous Buffalo Bill:


That said, to reiterate, this is scary in that it signifies a person who sees and wishes ALL WOMEN a sexual objects, living, breathing, giant, inanimate blow up, sexed up looking dolls who are obsequious to his every demands and nothing more, nothing less, just like a doll in his eyes! He hates me because I am the utter and fierce antithesis of what he wants: just like many of the “men” there are fake pro black hotep negroes who claim to hate whitey while wanting to be with white and other non black women I suspect, unlike them, I am myself and am comfortable in my own skin! I like white men, naturally, and I have no problem saying this. I was born this way which i why I can understand where transgenders, lesbians and gays are coming from. I am free to be me and I let no outside criticism or opinion of me change that by changing me. I am centered in my being and I know me hence despite the fact that I face a wave of opposition, a ton of haters both offline and online, a lot of people who hate me, I still never waiver or falter in my beliefs or goals cause I know who I am and I am true to me. directed towards me and still never falter or waiver. I recall back when I attended Xavier Prep which is now St. Katherine Drexel in New Orleans and I recall Ms. McCloud, the math teacher, placing me in front of the entire classroom so she can embarrass and shame me for speaking “articulate and well” – this is a “black” school btw – and telling me that other people’s opinions matter. It didn’t kill me. The experience didn’t kill me. It made me stronger and more devout in my being. One thing I learned from that experience that that is what your enemy wants: for you to care about what they think of you so they can destroy you.

I allow no categories, no other groups of people, no one to define me. I know me. I need no validation outside of me. I need no validation from no one. I prefer not to be part of a group: If no one likes me, well, fuck em! Let them hate me. I love me and that is all that matters! That said, these people are the antithesis I suspect of me: “They are of the world, in the world” as I call and see it. They CARE what others think. They have group think and need to belong to a group of people to feel valid and have their very existence, thoughts and ideas validated. And though they may seem to be superficial and judgmental, their is an intelligence there in each of them yet it gets suppressed by the group hivemind and way of thinking. That said, they hate me because they wish they could be me: I am a individual free of the constraints of being worried about what the world thinks! I don’t care! That said, they envy me because they could, won’t allow themselves to be like me. I am an individual, something many people you will see claim to be, but don’t want to live up to! The burden of being one, of being isolated, of not being liked, massively, is too much for most to bare. Most people are weak. They are followers. They can’t think outside the box and suppress those who can. I suspect they can,. but won’t. My toplessness is manifestation of not just the flouting against societal thinking, but male patriarchist way of thinking as well: about women, about our bodies and the overt sexualization and dehumanization that comes with living in a rape culture where women’s bodies’ are highly sexualized automatically without our consent, just like in rape! That is why this person doctored my picture with makeup: my hairy underarms, my hairy bush pussy, my makeup-less face defy the norm and the male misogynist agenda to control women’s bodies and give the power that truly lies with the woman and to the man by making women think they need to do all these things to achieve a man’s affection when I learned a long time ago a a hooker all you need is pussy, and men will come to you! You don’t need to do anything extra as evidenced by the fact that the so called homliest woman can still outcharge a good looking transgender sex worker or equally stunningly handsome male sex worker or by black men calling me all sorts of names over the phone – from “nappy” to ugly,” “pickaninny” and everything in between – and then asking, “Why don’t you see me (I don’t see niggers – black men – period)! That said, men hate a woman who stands strong – as the great Alexxys K. Tylor would say it – in her vagina power and knows her worth and doesn’t put herself out there, begging for men’s affections. See, I learned a long time ago that men are programmed to want to spread their seed around with as many women as possible, just like a dog. We as women ie WOMBAN are more selective, picky about our partners cause we have a womb and thus must be very protective of it cause fucking with the wrong nigga (or crakkka) can land you in hot water for nine month. That is why we are picky. We have to be.That said, men need women more than we will ever need them and men hate when a womban knows this. I know this. That is why they hate me! That is why that guy doctored those pictures and creepily dolled me up: he fears my strength and dolls can’t talk and are thus not a threat to him.

– Now that I really think about it that really sounds like a serial killer type personality to me!

Another thing I want to touch on is this…


There is something wrong with the black people around here. Not all, but most and the ones I am referring to are the “wannabe down” (really, fucking down low like Treyvin Curtis aka Tray Cutts), wannabe ghetto but never quite lived in the ghetto types. There are also the hotep negroes aka hebrew israelite type mofos who hate the white man but wants to be with his white woman or how they hilariously claim that the Mexicans and Native Americans are apart of the “lost 12 tribe of Israel” so they don’t have to date exclusively black women, whom they hate, such as this person who strikes me as a hotep, pro black negro who works at that barbershop further down below…

You can read more about the anti-white terrorist organization, the black hebrew israelites, here:

Here is an article done on one employee who works there, Sunny Bey, in which he talks about some pro black bs bullshit of how the white man is keeping him down or something: http://www.markevitt.com/2010/11/the-first-time-voter-why-sunny-bey-will-vote-for-obama/


I suspect many of the people at that barbershop on 684 S. La Brea Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036 are the fake hotep hoe pro black types who hate white people but at the same time really want to be with whites, around white and with white women (and men, like possibly in Harvey Levin of TMZ fame’s case as you will learn later). Like many fake pro black hotep hoe and negroes, they feign being pro black but they really want the white meat, regardless of gender! That is why they partially me: I am open about my preference. They resent me and they just need to come out of the closet with their racial/ sexual preferences, with the mixed bastard children I have seen one of them with:

New Millenium Barbershop Negro Harasses Me 3 New Millenium Barbershop Negro Harasses MeHere is the video of that same employee who works at the barbershop on 684 S. La Brea Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036 harassing me on MY BLOCK to put on a shirt, with his mixed race, anti black, non black children!

Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”29043″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

Now, let’s talk about the possible closet cases, like Treyvion Curtis aka Tray Cutts:

Closet Case Tray Tray Cutts Feminine Face 2 Tray Cutts Feminine Face Tray Cutts Going On Backpage For Haircuts













Tray Cutts Child AbueSomeone call cps on his kids here as to who knows what he is doing to em:




  • (800) 540-4000
  • If calling from outside of California, phone (213) 639-4500


New Millennium Barbershop Endorses Homophobia YellowFunny thing is, his client is Harvey Levin of TMZ, who I think doe more with him than get “cuts” at the barbershop as you will see down further below!

Trick or client, you decide!
Trick or client, you decide!

Here are his coverup albeit cute chern aka children for white folk aka non black folk to understand!

Tray Cutts Closet Case Family
His family…
Future skank Trayvion Cutts
This looks like a lot like a future prospective whore, hooker, skank shots as I see taken of ladies on motorcycles…is he molesting her…(?)
Bastard Child
Cute kid!

Here he hate white people aka Iggly Azalea and the Jewish rapper, Macklemore, making him Anti-semitic:

Closet Case Tray Racist Iggy Azalea

Look at that money down below and look at how he is advertising on backpage.com for his “services”!. Now, me being a sex worker and all and going by this here:

New Millennium Barbershop Guns Drug Money Yellow
That much money considering the split at a barbershop?

Advertising on backpage for “barbershop services,” who does that?

Tray Cutts Going On Backpage For Haircuts
Evidence of him advertising for possible hooker services?


I suspect that he, Trayvion Curyis aka Tray Cutts is FUCKING Harvey Levin of TMZ based on the aforementioned research above and below:

Harvey Levin of TMZ
Harvey Levin of TMZ


Is he. Trayvion Curtis aka Tray Cutts Harvey Levin’s of TMZ boytoy, male prostitute? Look at more of the contradictory evidence here:

He Wants A Hispanic Chick
Don’t be fooled…this is a fucking latina or light skinned black chick! He cropped the photo so YOU WON’T SEE!

Tray Closet Case Cutts Loves Black Women Tray Cutts Claim He Loves Black Women But Doesnt New Millennium Barbershop Now Black Women Are QueensLike a lot of hotep, fake pro black, hebrew israelite negroes, he tells black women to wear their natural hair and not be a certain way as can be seen by the pics up above yet he has a picture of latina thinly veiled by hiding her face female who is probably the the type of chick he will marry (while fucking gay me like Harvey Levin POSSIBLY on the side!)…

Then, probably not (based on the Harvey Levin pic and what I can speculate), he’ll stay in that closet I feel and suspect..

Here are their dox:


Here is their address and number so you can complain about his homophobic, transphobic and anti-white behavior:

684 S. LA BREA BLVD LOS ANGELES CA 90036 PH # 323-592-3802

Oh yes, even though he claims to be from Jamaica, he hates the American flag and America and white people as well considering his “black pride,” anti white, racist symbolism- especially as his black pride is an ANTI-WHITE flag, it is safe to presume that TRAYVION CURTIS AKA TRAY CUTRTS HATES WHITE PEOPLE #DONE

Tray Cutts Hates American
Here is a pic of a man wiping his arse with the American flag and Jamaican born Trayvion Curtis agreeing…

Tray Cutts Hates White People

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