Is Barber Trayvion Curtis aka Tray Cutts Dating Harvey Levin of TMZ

Are these two in love:

Harvey Levin and Trayvion Cutts Butt Buddies FINALHere is what he posted about Harvey Levin of TMZ on his instagram:

Tray Cutts Harvey Levin

Anyways, I put two and two together when I noticed “Trayvion Curtis” aka Tray Cutts of the New Millennium Barbershop located at: 684 S. La Brea Blvd Los Angeles CA 90036 (PH.: 323-592-3802), put in an ad on well known hooker – amongst other things – posting page, “Backpage,” seeking people to get their hair cut, etc., which you can see here:

Tray Cutts Going On Backpage For HaircutsBut how many “barbers” seek their clients out on Backpage? His homophobic rantings which you can see and read here: Also kinda confirms this.That said, I suspect that Mr. Trayvion Curtis aka “Tray Cutts” might be “cutting it” and BUSTING IT WIDE OPEN for gay males seeking male escorts to buss it wide open, like this pretty Jamaican here:

Closet Case Tray

Ain’t he so pretty? I am shocked he has kids after all…

Bastard Child

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