These Basturds Named Peter De Bonis and Michael Van In Florida BRUTALLY Raped My Friend

These Basturds Named Peter De Bonis and Michael Van In Haines City Florida BRUTALLY Raped My Friend

My friend never got justice so I am putting em on blast for all the world to see:

The orange one, Michael Van, I heard also like lil kids and masturbates constantly to child porn and shares child porn images on kik…..

This one here, Pete De Bonis, looks like he got AIDS. Same thing too with him being a chomo from what I have heard…..

That Michael Van got sociopath rapist written all over his face…..

– You can see that skinny one’s got AIDS…..

That said, both these mofos took turns holding my friend down and raping him after luring him with the promise of food due to his going from pillar to post.

He was then brought to Michael Van’s house where he was beaten and raped repeatedly for hours on end.

Due to homophobia in a southern state he couldn’t go to the police.

My friend has literally been crying out for months for justice. Something needs to be done cause he can’t be carrying around this immense wound. It is killing him within and choking his life. I see it, hear it from him on a daily basis.

Both these mofos have been seen. Now we need justice ??‍♀️??

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