White Hispanic Sent By Yahweh Attacks Me

White Hispanic Sent By Yahweh Attacks Me

Now this part here saddens me and hurt my heart – he gave his last dollar at the end – cause I don’t let shit die down – and was regretful, apologising in a way.

Folks who come at me to take from me be it in the form of energy, blessings, don’t do that so I have to respect him for it!

Why You Never Sacrifice Another Person For Material Wealth Especially If The Person Has A Soul

That honestly had me crying at the end!

I can’t stand an energy thief, especially one with misogynist, rapist, racist ass tendencies like this mofo here had earlier…..

I don’t regret what I did. It had to be done.

It’s crazy too cause in my tarot reading from yesterday when I was reading for the Soul collective I saw a devil moment coming and here in come this motherfucker……

I wish I woulda heeded it then used my third eye to avert. I saw temptation, drinking but I didn’t know it would be this πŸ™πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ₯ŠπŸ‘±πŸ»

I just had no fucking clue!

Something practically wanted me to go in blind so I could get “tested” then provide energy loosh for Yahweh (funny thing is I saw this before via deja vu).

Notice throughout the video he keeps saying, “I am protected by Yahweh.”

Yahweh is Cain of the bible.

– So he is, in effect, the child of a jealous murderer, just like Yaldabaoth……


…..just like the image of the beast aka Cesare Borgia who everyone war-ships via hypo-christianity and Islam……


– That’s all I need to know about who is controlling him cause you can tell his ass is controlled.

That said, I was in my van, throwing something out, and I saw him leering at me with this perv fucking smile. So I gave his ass the evil eye and proceeded to walk up the pch. He didn’t say shit to me.

So I see him go up to the fruit lady and get a mango with a coconut THEN I see his rotten fruit ass come back offering me a mango and what you see above ensued.

Look. I don’t put up nor play games with people demanding my time and energy and I do something for their benefit and not wanna do shit for me in return. That shit gets to me and I won’t tolerate and he thought I was playing (that’s why I went back later with the van. I honest thought that the cops – who were called by the fruit lady – was there for me).

I hope – and based on my cards – I hope she didn’t send that mofo to antagonize me cause I have had weird shit sent my way in the past by em…..

Arab Fruit Selling Bitch Who Hates The Homeless Calls Me A Nigger And Follows Through Plot Threat To Run Me Out

Racist Arab Seller Makes Good On Threat And Sends The Cutty Black Sow and Casper The Methhead Hoe In Sprinter Van They Stole My Way

Malibu Watch Out For Wetbacks Driving Sky Blue Sienna Minivan License Plate 8KCY169 As They Canvas Vehicles To Steal Parts

– So I don’t put shit past em! I like my peace and I don’t like to be disturbed by folks and they know that and so I don’t put it past her to have manipulated and thus manifested this whole situation.

You know what, just now I heard that fruit selling bitch yell, “Move” so her scandalous ass set it up!

She more than likely told that mentally ill mofo to appease me with mango. Sick ass bitch. She will pay for this….. That’s why I keep them blogs up and all attempts they done made to try to appease me so as to get it taken down don’t and won’t work!

As a matter of fact JUST RIGHT NOW I got STRONG TINNITUS in my left ear that she was plotting something – I saw through my third eye her sending another homeless asshole my way and in the ether I heard her say, “her titties out” to cause chaos.

I just let her know I know, too, and that I will put it in this blog!

She a scandalous slow evil bitch!

I see past mofos and their intent…..

Putting A Virgin Raping Sand Nigger Fruit Seller Who Called Me A Slut In His Place

Fruitbat Sends Emails EXPOSING That She Is Really In The Biz of Torturing and Killing Homeless Women

That said I don’t like the idea of crakkkas – and wetbacks – using black folks for knowledge, our bodies, energies and especially if you are not paying us!

I talked about it here:

Spiritual Culture Vulture EA Koetting’s Channel Got Shut Down By Voodoo Curse

And here:

Proof That Blacks Need To Avoid Wetbacks Being In Their Personal Energy Space Because Wetbacks Are Energy Vampire Leeches

….And then to use fucking intimidation really gets to me!

I will say I wish sometimes I didn’t give a fuck about freedom cause I woulda ran his crakkka ass over!

In the middle of the night I had this fucking nasty ugly wetback – looking like Snik from Little Monsters…..

Having the fucking audacity to approach me for sex and not even wanna pay which gets to me!

This the first time……

OH OH WE GOT THE LICENSE PLATE: CA license plate number 8ZIL384.

So go fuck with him like he did me!

I also strongly believe he works at Mastros (just got tinnitus in my right ear meaning I’m right) as valet (would you believe this dumb beaner told me he works as a “volunteer” when valet at Mastro’s wear that…. I told you these fuckers got low IQs) so give em a call at 310-454-4357 and let them know they got a beaner soliciting for sex working there!

…..That said, as I was saying before, these mofos got the audacity to feel entitled to my time, energy and body abd not even pay elludes to how little valued black people – and our bodies – are in America.

And then to wanna intimidate me into giving my energy – that’s why I am constantly in fight mode with these creatures out here, putting energies of ‘wokes of reptilians, shadow people and demons on these mofos cause you can’t let these stupid neandeRAPES (and their wetback urchin chern) disrespect you!

The caucasity……

….And this white bitch. Sounded like she said, “I stil like you” as a spectacle to poke fun at my life.

Welp, she about to join in πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ¦–πŸ‘€

There’s a reason why the Woolsey fire and all that occured out here!

Forest Fire Breaks Out At Sunset Mesa on The PCH In Malibu

These are some evil racist mofos out here so I match their energy. They are deceptive, they all have a rapist “take take” energy, an energy of entitlement and they don’t like folks with Souls who they can’t control.

Alot of these homeless mofos out here, even ones with Souls, are mk ultra. Many of them are made a spectacle out of, mistreated, treated like fucking mascots like they did this brother here:

It’s sad and that’s why I don’t let these mofos get close to me, not even talk to these things except to tell them to gtfo or if I plan on ‘wokeing them πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ¦–πŸ‘€

Look, I won’t lie and I won’t hold my tongue.

I look down on them! I see these mofos out here as dumb, stupid and no different than a robot like Cookie Tookie would say.

They are stupid to think they can bamboozle and run game on someone like me with superior intelligence. They are stupid to think that I am “wanting” and “lonely” when it is they who are wanting and are always grabbing at my energy.

I am better than them, superior to them and they know it and I have the perfect attributes to keep myself from easily being manipulated by them and joining them so they call me a sociopath (which is true of them) cause they can’t beat me down and have power over me, witch is what they want but will never have cause I am too smart, too psychic and too quick witted for their drone organic portal ass low IQs.

Not to mention more spiritually powerful and they can’t use my power for their own benefit which is what they want πŸ€–

With that being said, I feel sorry for that. I hate what the fuck he did but I could tell that he is controlled by something and is in a very dark place himself.

I see somebody’s child – I think of my deceased baby brother who had learning disabilities and I think of this dude (right now I’m crying just thinking on this).

Yesterday I saw him come back and go by the creek and I thought about doing something but then intuitively felt inclined not to:

You can’t always do shit for ego.

Then this happened:

I won’t lie I broke down:

It’s not what he did for me but it’s that you got this broke, broken down individual (he started yelling and that, “He is not a rapist” when I said he was which makes me think someone raped him which is not unheard of on the streets) who don’t have much in the way of material possessions – owns a dirty shirt and khakis – and gives away his last dollar.

His intentions are pure. He ain’t like these fuckers around here with ulterior, sneaky motives…..

Arab Fruit Selling Bitch Who Hates The Homeless Calls Me A Nigger And Follows Through Plot Threat To Run Me Out

But a good, but troubled person at heart with pure motives.

He was right about money being evil though:

The Real Cause Behind Why Folks With Souls Are Subject To Material Hardship

Before I end this, I will say this. I recognize my value. I will only let folks who care about me and have my best interest at heart get close and not users and abusers.

I recognize that shit and I will call you out like that wetback:

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