WHY Are Blacks Trying To Pander To A Race Of Degenerate Pedophile Rapists Leafblowers

WHY Are Blacks Trying To Pander To A Race Of Degenerate Pedophile Rapists Leafblowers

I mean if you’re gonna go beg for acceptance from any group go beg the jeWISH: they are rich, smart, got their shit together…..

They aren’t a bunch of degenerate rapists who are built like bean bags (hence the name “beaner”, solely driven by carnal desires with the level of consciousness of an insect and, unlike the wetbacks who are killing your black asses and run you outyour communities, jews at least have historically helped us:



That said, I gotta shake my head when I see this caping, this pandering for acceptance from low level, low IQ leafblowers and lawn mowers whose favourite pasttimes are: drinking modelo, impregnating their cousins and having 15 las cucarachas by the time same prima is quince aΓ±os….

Look up Lina Medina. This happened!

….drinking, having sex, raping, rape and pedophilia as can be seen up above πŸ‘†πŸ»

I always say that if rape were an olympic sport wetbacks WOULD WIN. EVERYTIME πŸ†πŸ‡²πŸ‡½πŸ—‘βœπŸ‘

That said, this is what I’m referring to….

– Oh lord, some black had to throw in that “Wetbacks are part of the 13 tribes of Israel” nonsense. No, they come straight from hell.

Hear πŸ‘‚πŸ»πŸ“£ my response to that…..

I’m glad to see some black folks waking up tho. cause I think this blog, allowing folks to see that their observations on these things are correct….

Fuck you and them illegal vendors. Go back to Messy-Hell-Hole with them typhoid carrying azz elotes or whatever the hell they call em. When you bring up and rightfully so their wholesale genocidal attacks on black communities here is what one bean bag built beener had to say:

Here my response to it.

I just blocked it. It is how they steal energy.

You can go on raphouse.tv and read – and contribute – to more comments here….


That said, I feel they have made this in response to my posts since I’ll link back to my site on topic regarding the demon seeds.

I touched on this yesterday…..

Black People Here’s Why They Treat You Like Kids And Steal Your Stuff

WHY black folks got such low expectations when we got such luminaries in our raza……

Jay Z and Beyonce:

– Who are high up in the illuminati (can George Lopez boast this?)….

50 Cent:

Whole rich ass Afrikan nations I can go on…..

We paved the way for alot of mofos. This latin publication even states so:


So, again, WHY are we begging for acceptance from people who look like and are disproportionately built like turds and are the colour of such πŸ’©πŸ€·πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

Just tell em to mow your lawn and have a good day!


While this stupid nigga at raphouse is still begging these demon seed leafblowers and lawnmower-ists for acceptance…..

This wetback here https://www.instagram.com/offthecuffelcallejero/ is calling us mayates which is basically these cucarachas’s equivalent of calling us worse than nigger while asking why we don’t accept them…..

Told you wetbacks are hopelessly and genetically stupid (Quetzalcoatl made them that way so they will be slaves for em – as they are now given the jobs they can only do aka menial work – as well as never question the human sacrifices he made em give for nothing) and you shouldn’t in any way associate with them things…..

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