The Real Cause Behind Why Folks With Souls Are Subject To Material Harship

The Real Cause Behind Why Folks With Souls Are Subject To Material Hardship

This is a talisman…..

From most definitely the pyramid and the all seeing eye on top down to the numbers (numerology) and the phrase, “In God (the demiurge) We Trust”, this is a talisman.

All the things I pointed out are practically sigils aka spiritual symbols stored in the money to give it the arresting power it has over people, hence why folks fight for and kill for and even lose their lives over it…..

Wow look at the numbers here…. speaking of numerology, referencing the 888 the political candidate, of all people, tried to steal….

888 – contrary to popular belief – does not connote to “good luck with money” but means continuation of a cycle, usually toxic, in thr demiurge’s realm…..

Trust me I know cause during the time I stayed in a shelter in 2017 I KEPT SEEING this number play out over and over……

22 or any enhancement of the amount of numbers after the first 2 is what you want.

22 means master builder in numerology, controller of your own fate which 888 does not give in any variation and it is why it is a highly prized number in judaism….

This is actor Jon Bernthal. He is a Jew.

Look, Kylie Jenner wore that shit – a 222 necklace – and explains the deeper meaning behind it here:

That’s why Adam 22 uses the 22 behind his name 👍🏻

That’s why he calls himself “Grandmason” and why he is materially successful because he chose that number and – as indicated by his fake last name – fucks with the demiurge…..

That said, the spells casted in that talisman we call moan-ay is why folks kill each other over it, cause of the energy spell it cast…..

Now this is pure fucking evil…..

There is a reason why in societies where folks don’t have it they are happier. That shit is a spell in it of itself and it is made worse in that we live in a society where we need it for survival, hence why folks do atrocious things to others and themselves for it….. Many off grid homesteaders can probably relate……

Imma say something as well that is more egregious regarding what is attached to the money…..

Alot of us with Souls face extreme financial hardship. This is to keep us awakening.

John Ellizz in his book talked about this:

I don’t care how smart you are, how many degrees you got, you will be going through it and have to saddle with an organic portal – usually in a degrading, submissive manner such as prostitution, to get your money up!

I was forced to do this yesterday due to lack of money with the dude I mentioned here and, the minute I accepted this guy’s talismans – his money – I felt some negative, dark, black energy, of addictions, reattach!

I had to cut him off again for both my spiritual and physical health.

That said, after I did a reading for a young Soulled lady whom I had a GREAT CONVO with after, who even though she has a degree in a field brimming with jobs, she is going through the same….. I had an idea.

I realEYES that it is some worldly affliction of material hardship placed upon us Soulled people. As gleaned from her experience, even when we use mundane occult rituals like water magick or even money magick to get our money back…. it backfires.

I figured out why.

Through my third eye I saw that the baphomet’s image and thus energy was encoded in the money.

As told by another Seer who experienced this through his third eye, the baphomet is some matrix archetype, some gatekeeper for the archons designed to keep Soulled people down. One Soul brother I knew told me he saw a gang of baphomets attacking him when his third eye was wiiide open!

I went ahead and used the technique I taught here of burning books – and using frequency to do it – to get rid of this image encoded in our money:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

RIGHT AWAY I felt a deep dark energy uplift off my crown chakra. That means that this spell, as with all spells and curses and anytime you war-ship in entity, has the effect of getting into our chakras – usually the crown chakra – to then dim and eclipse your energy with it’s own so you can not use your own to manifest things as you should.

That’s why her – and my – money spells kept bouncing back.

In her case it was energy vampires and, in my case, sexual leaches, organic portals with addiction issues which would then slide on to me when I would have any contact with them whatsoever.

Usually it is when you are on the precipice of breaking free of this material archon matrix trap and freeing yourself, spiritually ie ascending.

That said there is probably more to it so use your third eye to see what it is so all of us Soulled people can have our material roads collectively open!

That’s why your spiritual greats like Guatama best known as Buddha knew they would have to go without, to ascend!

That’s more than likely how he looked too…. Also from my own experience as well as the experience of others fasting works wonders to remove astral parasites along with sage tea 🍵

Drink ORGANIC Sage Tea To Remove Entity Attachments From Within

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