The Real Reason Why The Patriarchy Exists

The Real Reason Why The Patriarchy Exists

As this transcript called “tricked by the light” states the demiurge wants the world to be composed of 60% negativity and 30% positivity so he, his archons, and organic portals can feed…..

You can read the transcript here…..

Who else is better to wrought that but men……

All this, wrought by men…..

And, yet, they wanna force womben into having their babies through that “pro life” charade which is really a cover up for their wanting to use our bodies to carry out their legacies, otherwise known as “having their seeds”…..

Why I’m Thinking of ‘Wokeing Pro Lifers And Why You Should Too

My Response To Men Having To Pay Child Support For Kids Not Theirs

The same motherfuckers destroying our planet, killing other men, women and children through wars they create wanna talk all that “pro life” shit…..

This reddit article says no lies when it says that men based on scientific evidence are big fucking diseases…..

…..And why they obsess over fetuses and see them as persons and more valuable then the womben biologically tasked with carrying them…..

This why I get an abortion everytime…..

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

Just Killed Another Lil Basturd Using My Third Eye #ThirdEyeAbortion

LOL ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป๐Ÿ—‘

That said, there is an even more sinister agenda that transcends the genocidal and rape based attacks spearheaded against women and girls who are in female physical vessels…..

It’s no secret why this happens to me….

This happened…..

And this motherfucker here, talk about toxic masculinity…..

He got a Karen for a wife lool…..

That said, as shown here…..

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

– They tried to get me astrally by pretending to be med students offering free health services which turned into a mass murdering frenzy. Of all the people there – I recognized a couple – I walked out and they tried to chase me and RIGHT AT THE SEC before I awoke I heard, “Oh oh, here comes the police (to save me)” and I awoke……

That said, I find that many folks with Souls – men and women but especially women (cause we are the physical monikers, representations for it, the Divine Feminine) get egregiously harassed usually through being put in sexually degrading situations, being paired with folks who sexually degrade us for material survival (check out this article behind why there are spiritual blocks on folks with Souls making money), and through sexual based trauma…..

The Real Cause Behind Why Folks With Souls Are Subject To Material Hardship

Raped By LA County Public Works Workers

Rapist Still Working At Public Works March 29 2022

Dealing With A Rapist Stalker And How Much Society Hurts Me

In my case it was racist and misogynistic motherfuckers who felt entitled to disrespect me, not even wanting to pay me and they would be ugly motherfuckers at that like one dude who yelled that I was ugly, filthy etc. and should take his running his hands past my breasts as a compliment when I slapped him in the Vons parking lot.


Crazy thing is when I dropped the two tricks rapist type mofos with this misogynistic ass domineering, conquering energy started to come for me, like here:

The Attack By The Nigger Reveals The Psychotic JEALOUSY Men Have Towards Me

Black Ass Nigger Rapist Named Tony Punched Me For Not Accepting His Sexual Advances

I remember in the past before I started healing and removing BIG entity attachments I had mofos who wanted me to be open to their sexual harassment and not even wanna pay me as an even bigger afront, like they wanted to take me for granted, wanted to walk all over me and expected me to be cool with it – total domination energy – but in conjunction wanted me to be vulnerable and weak and submissive.

That’s how organic portal males come at Soulled females like myself with a warrior energy as you can see above…..

That said, see the Divine Spark given to us by the Aeon Sophia is our Souls…..

She, without a male counterpart (proving we can create on our own) created the demiurge otherwise known as yaldaboath or as “christians” know him as “god”: a horrible abomination who is ignorant of his creation, ignorant of any other gods or realms, and thinks himself as the only god…….

– This is what christians, muslims and all folks war-shipping patriarchal mass mind control re-ligions war-ship…..

I think on his level he is aware of his mother, Aeon Sophia, and through dna memory carries a resentment towards wombenkind hence why the process of childbirth – and carrying a fetus – are intolerable, insurmountable, and even fatal.

He needs our wombs to create the bodies that will imprison Souls so he can feed off of us, but at the same time take out the resentment he has towards his mother, Sophia, for rejecting him out on us by creating a society – a patriarchy – designed to treat women like punching bags and all around tools for male aggression, hence why rape cult-ure exists and why all mass mind control re-ligions – which are patriarchal in nature – teach womben to submit to their husbands as they submit unto “god” the demiurge, yaldaboath…..

It’s all bullshit.

You can learn more about the Aeon Sophia and gnosticism here:

It gets even worse if you are a womban with a Soul. I think of this passage here:

As told to me by a fellow Soulled womban who is also melanated during a tarot reading yesterday, organic portal dudes like here come to conquer us to dim our light aka our Souls…..

That’s why I took time to heal, remove entity attachments inviting assholes like this cause these fuckers are a form of a psychic attack.

As shown here…..

And explained here…..

I Am REALLY Under A Dick Attack Curse That’s Fucking Me Up Socially and Mainly Financially

It got nothing to do with my being shirtless. As shown here I walked butt ass naked and not neary 1 mofo stopped…..

It’s all about energy. When your energy field, chakras are leaking these lowly ass low vibrational organic portals will run to that bitch like a flying roach towards light.

Those fuckers are roaches hence why I spray em with Raid ๐Ÿชณ๐Ÿšฟ

I Spray A Wetback In The Face With Raid And Deputies Arrest Me For A Felony and Try To Get Trustees To Jump Me In Jail FULL STORY

Cause of all the healing and entity attachment removal I have done to myself, I honestly inwardly now see these organic portals, these fuckers no different than how I view an object, worse than a roach to where inwardly the shit they would do in the past no longer bothers me cause I now recognize they got the consciousness of a roach so why take em seriously ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ

That’s what it truly means to stand in your power. I have no ill will, or hatred towards them. I recognise that they just don’t count in my world so why recognize them, acknowledge them the same way I would a Soulled being when they do not have a Soul like me.

That’s why they used to call me a snob when I was small cause they knew who I was before I knew and now that I know I own it so….. Yeah, I’m a snob. I have a Soul so therefore I am better than you and I know it.

I am a God, on par with the Aeon Sophia.

All folks with Souls are Gods. We are the 144,000!,000

– Yeah we got protection from “god” alright cause he uses our Souls as a food source, for him, his archons and organic portals in his parasitic kingdom, ala The Matrix…..

– He don’t want us doing this ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป…..

A Cuban shaman once explained to me that those of us with Souls stand 100s of miles above the Earth in the astral, hence why we are The True Gods……

That said, the patriarchy is in effect designed to keep us Soulled people from knowing that we are the true Gods by keeping us from recognizing and igniting that Divine Spark which is our Souls and the Divine Spark IS the Divine Feminine cause it comes from the Aeon Sophia, hence the oppression of the Divine Feminine…..

This is why mass mind control patriarchal re-ligions that are patriarchal due to demiURGE war-ship proselytize that we shouldn’t do witchcraft, open our third eyes cause all those activities lead to those with Souls remembering we are the True Gods who run this world fore if it were not for us, the demiurge, his archons and his organic portals would lose the food source – our Souls – requisite for their survival:

That is why he does not want us remembering we are the True Gods cause when folks who have been used and abused and traumatized for so long remember their divinity, their power and remember THEY are truly the ones who run shit, what do they do: overthrow.

That Native American man said no lies when he said the incoming Saviour will be a womban, a physical embodiement of Aeon Sophia, the Divine Feminine named Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of magick:

I predicted this in years past…..

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

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