Raped By Public Works Workers

Raped By LA County Public Works Workers

It happened on December 13 2021 at around 10:18 am…..

Imma show you the two main mofos….

He was smiling here when I was chasing him….

I covered him here…..

Wetback Public Works Worker Calls Me Mop Head And One Tries To Run Me Over

– I had an astral vision of a dude who fixes cars and rapes womben and his name was Alex Pacheo.

Here another one. He more violent and I think he stuck a finger in me as I walked away….

Covered him here. You can see him get near violent with his supervisor….

Employees With Traffic Control and Los Angeles Department of Water And Power Call Me A Hoe and A Nigger

And another one here…..

Covered him here…..

Attempted Rapist’s Bear Mace Has FUCKED UP My Period And Wetback Ass Department of Water And Power Employee Says I Deserve To Get Raped

Interestingly it was about the very topic of rape which I will talk about here:

– I forgot to mention while looking at the trash the driver in the truck ushered me over to him…..

– Something they did to me…..

I swear up and down after I reported it to the cops I heard that last obe driving past my van one night saying, “We gotta get rid of this bitch!”

I also think he contacted me thru instagram for sex cause I swear I heard the name “Sebastian” thrown around….

That said I’m happy I can finally come out and talk about it.

Ain’t nothing being done – I saw that in the form of seeing undercover cops park there during a day of practically no activity at the place and the fact that the detective went there on a day when he said purportedly that they had the day off – this was the Christmas holidays. Now having grown up in a family of civil sevants NO WAY IN HELL ARE THEY NOT WORKING. AT LEAST THERE WILL BE A SKELETON CREW……

– I recall seeing a gangstalker in a black porsche move his arm as if to say “yeah” for what they did. I recall a white car possibly this one….

Sexual Predator Gangstalker In White Car Threatens To Come Back To Harass Me Tomorrow To Run Me Out

– This fucking sexual predator. Imma get his license plate next time…..

And a burgundy newer model car were filming…..

You can see here public works employees pantomiming what happened…..

I chased his ass when I saw him the other day last week and he knew he fucked up cause he was HAULING ASS……

This him with his weird looking ass…..

I been going in looking for his ass….

Detective told me not to do anything but fuck that…..

You can contact public works here (funny how when taking a screenshot THIS PART on the site BLEW UP TO BE BIGGER AND MORE OBVIOUS):

Public Works Website:

900 S. Fremont Ave.
Alhambra, CA 91803

Here the traffic control folks for the other dude here…..

Employees With Traffic Control and Los Angeles Department of Water And Power Call Me A Hoe and A Nigger


That said, I don’t give a fuck what – or what not – a woman is wearing.

Dudes need to learn to respect women period!

That said I speak my peace and live my truth. This ain’t my fault. Males need to learn to respect the female species and it starts with us!

Personally I think womben need to start aborting male children. That’ll teach em who is God #GodISWomban

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