Why I’m Thinking of ‘Wokeing Pro Lifers And Why You Should Too

Why I’m Thinking of ‘Wokeing Pro Lifers And Why You Should Too

– Sist⭐r in the comment section says it’s around 85% 😳

That said, this is why Imma start ‘wokeing the “pro life” movement and esp. the men with my patented “Rot Your Dick Off ‘Woke™” which you can purchase here:


….Cause this is a crime.

The selfish audacity of these mofos to call themselves “caping selfishly for a life” (cockroaches and plants and the meat they eat are/were living things but they ain’t caping for them 🧠🤯) and then not giving a fuck about said life/ real child once they enter the womb and get out into the world is extremely selfish and cruel.

To know these babies are gonna become the same “bums” whom these “pro lifers” – who often times have the white supremacist attitude of “You can pick yourself up by the bootstrap” and “You on your own” will be the SAME ones who will dismiss their LIFE story in foster care, their struggles, and will be the same ones to shoot – since they are always fucking pro 2A – these babies if they try to rob em to survive as bums.

This is selfish. An outrage. And this is ALLLL due to male fear of the power of womben.

Let me explain…..

A man can do his part to stop an unwanted pregnancy by stopping at any 711 and buying condoms for $11. A man can also get a dick libido enhancer at any 711 or any convenience store for $11.

Let that sink in!

That said, women and girls gotta go to the CVS and pay damn near $64 (in some states you can’t even get it over counter) to stop a clump of cells from forming by getting the morning after pill to stop an unwanted pregnancy.

Let that sink!

I been saying for the longest that men have a fear of the inevitable reestablishment of a female matriarchy coming back to help MOTHER Earth ascend which I believe we are nearing that time as we are wresting back control from the male misogynist demiurge, who made childbirth painfull delibertately in retaliation for it’s abandonment at the hands of it’s mother, the Aeon Sophia.

You can read more about that here in the Gnostic text of the Bible:



The Womban is God.

Now a Native American man at a conference broke it down how the original religion was created by a womban named Yah – let that sink – and how the messiah will be the Egyptian Goddess Isis, who will go thru many trials and tribulations, including going to jail, getting into alot of trouble, being judged harshly and unfairly who will then restore balance…..

– This is deep.

I broke it down in my occult analysis of the 90s movie “The Fifth Element”:

The Fifth Element Film Reveals Christ The Redeemer Will Be A Black Woman

– Damn before I saw this video I instinctively broke down the science behind this…..

I have the pentagram, the 5 pointed star on my right shoulder…..

I also broke down that it’s gonna be someone melanated, like Isis (6 neutrons 6 protons 6 electrons = melanin = chaos magick – think Goddess Kali)…..

How The Netflix Film Bright REVEALS That The Antichrist Will Be The Savior To Blacks

Now, with that being said, you put all of this together and it will make sense why the same gun toting males who are pro death penalty and pro shooting people off they land as per the 2nd Amendment got a problem with you “killing” a clump a cells and a fetus that operates on the same instinctive level as a cockroach and is technically a parasite as per the spitting definition as these mofos – these fetuses – need to live in your body abd feed off of you to sustain itself like a parasite…..

….Guess he shouldn’t of aborted his parasitic twin too? Where the outrage against him…..


– That’s why Gloria Steinem said that if men could get pregnant abortion would be a sacrament 🧠💡

This is why Bobby Hemmit broke down in one of his vids how members of the matriarchy left planet Earth on a spaceship after a violent takeover by the patriarchy (I gotta find that vid).

I broke it down in this article here:

The REAL Reason Why This World Hates Women

That said, on a spiritual level – FROM MY KNOW-LEDGE AS A SPIRITUALIST, EVERYTHING from plants to animals got a spirit or a Soul. Most animals and humans (who I call organic portals) have spirirs in them that comes from some sacrificial head designed to control a large organic group in the matrix…..

Thru my Shang Tsung ‘Woke™ I have removed the spirits, Souls out of people, animals etc.

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion

Just Killed Another Lil Basturd Using My Third Eye #ThirdEyeAbortion

– I’ll snatch your Soul right out your fucking body…..

I also wanna say too that animals can have Souls as some folks get reborn in animal or even insect and plant bodies. Perfect example of this is the human acting French bulldog Geoffrey, one of my favourite Youtubers…..

– He doesn’t have a Soul but a spirit as I saw a human spirit within a giant sacrificial head…..

That said, what I am trying to get at is, everything has a Soul or a spirit. Everything is conscious. So why the fuck single human beings out as being more deserving of existence just because they have a consciousness vs others hmmm…..?

There is also a racial aspect to this too.

See, white people – who are unnatural (white skin came into existence some 2000 years ago) to this plane have a rabid fear of white genetic annhilation, which is happening all over the world including Europe….

Indigenious groups always said Mother Nature was gonna start taking out the trash 👉🏻⬜ that is destroying Her……

NOW, see, white males created misogyny because physically and genetically speaking they are the weakest and they know it…..

It was meant to be a faucet, an aspect of white supremacy to preserve their race by oppressing their own women and girls into this submission and conformity into stereotypes designed to suppress their indiviuality for the sake of preserving the white race due to their insecure…. meanwhile they are raping enslaved women and other females of colour whom they conquered all over the planet, disrupting whole indigenious ways of life and being.

This is where the “pro life” movement evolved: see, it started at the start of the Civil Rights when these white men saw – and were in fear of – thr fact which came to pass that their women were gonna demand – and rightfully so too – their rights and emancipation from misogyny for the sake of “preserving the white race” as if they are fucking broadmares and shit as George Carlin once said. Out of fear, these gun toting, hang a nigger on a tree, pro World War II wide mass killing mofos all of a sudden started coming out the woodwork talking about “pro life, pro life.”

Where the fuck that shit come from?

It’s a last ditch effort to control their women and now they are pushing that ill-logic on slow ass blacks who wanna be accepted by these crakkka-cretins so they can have a robust baby black market to buy new slaves from as I explained here:

White People Are Pushing The Pro Life Narrative In The Black Community So We Can Produce Unwanted Black Kids To Be Trafficked As Slaves In Their Homes

And here:

The Pro Life Movement Is A Front For Child Trafficking And Pedophilia

– And stupid mainly organic portal ass knee-grows are falling for it!

That said, that’s why they are pushing the “pro life” bullshit and don’t give a fuck about – and will shoot – the same babies that they encouraged women while they are in the womb to pop out.

It’s criminal to wanna push out babies into an already burdened system.

I mean, to me, it don’t sit right the idea that babies are being sold in the adoption market in general, with white babies fetching more down to black babies ending up down the bin cause no one wants em.

Many of these fuckers be going to these poor countries to adopt cause they ain’t gotta worry about having paper work and can do whatever to these kids like these two faggot ass pedophiles who were selling this toddler’s ass for years…..


The other day the Pope was proselytizing how young folks need to stop being pet parents and have more kids but looka what was found in the Vatican……

Vatican literally means Diving Serpent” so we all see 👁👁👁 why they want us to have more kids = unwanted babies = adrenochrome.

There is a spiritual science behind this shit, they need more sacrifices to appease the demiurge god quetzalcoatl as broken down in my article as to why the Mandela Effect is happening…..

An Amazonian Shaman Caused The Mandela Effect To Avert A Major War With Creatures From Another World

Shit gonna go south if they don’t make the sacrifices but the demiurge power is lessening as we move in this dimension so therefore sacrifices won’t be necessary.

Looka this:


Imma be honest when I used to attend pro choice demonstrations even before I came thoroughly into my spiritual powers I saw like an emptiness, a vacuousness, a zombified deadness in those pro lifers eyes and energy, like they were just vessels for other shit and they gave off a cold feeling as well, and that’s cause they are – for archon demiurge forces…..

That’s why you gotta see shit thru spiritual eyes. Thar’s why they didn’t want women fucking around with witchcraft which, as one hispanic lady said is the real great equalizer. Peace.

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