An Amazonian Shaman Caused The Mandela Effect To Avert A Major War With Creatures From Another World

An Amazonian Shaman Caused The Mandela Effect To Avert A Major War With Creatures From Another World

Reminds me of this Reddit story here…..

– It is a very good read.

We woulda been grappling with non human creatures, including dinosaurs, not of our world!

I saw that what woulda caused this rift in time and space was I saw a bunch of dark entities – maybe robed beings – swarm I am sensing a world leader at a conference which woulda taken place in what I saw an Aztec temple in 2011 – the date shown to me (I was expecting 2012) in which a giant Aztec serpent – Quetzalcoatl I am guessing who could be the demiurge as stated here – woulda declared this war-rift to occur. I sense he woulda got tired of humanity and just wanted to…. end us!

Maybe the illuminati wasn’t supplying him with enough human sacrifices and adrenochrome πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

This brings to mind Cabin In The Woods at the end…..

I ALWAYS KNEW that the illuminati wasn’t doing sacrifices for nothing. As the conclusion of the film explains they were doing it to stave off an ancient evil with power over our domain that could wipe us out if they wanted!

Thankfully, the shaman sent us to a timeline where the powers of the demiurge (Quetzalcoatl) are dying down:

That said, there were notably some disruptions here……

Remember this mofo here…..

Rooster Comes After Astral Vision of A Nigger Bitch Ex Neighbor And Her Crakkka Ass Boyfriend Tried To Curse Me

Why is this rooster sounding like a reptilian, the one sent to implement a curse against me as confirmed tonight…..

And, I hate doing this to other blacks, this dude. He’s very creepy……

Me and him got into it the other night over his shit……

Cops fucked with him the other night and he was talking shit about me to em lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ˆ

Here he is…..

– And to the nigger bitch – I can’t stand black bitches – talking about “fuck that bitch” in the dark car I saw parked by that big tree in front of him early this morning…. Imma come for your ass too.

– You know what. Fuck that nigger. I hear him talking shit about me…..

I don’t like this creepy ass nigger as I feel he is coming around for me and once craned his neck to look at me.

You can tell by the vid above he sounds hurt when I confront him (he had parked behind me once and I ran his black ass up the street). Bitch, I will do worse then that πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‘ΉπŸ‰πŸ‘₯πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ They don’t call me El Diablo for nothing and he bout to find out πŸͺ„

Just now I heard him turn on his car and his lights not once came on, confirming what I sensed all along that that nigger was doing that shit to fuck with me…..

– You know I’m here so why do this shit…..

Know what? ‘Woke On Niggers Shang Tsung edition.

I feel like he pissed cause I don’t want to be sexually harassed by his black ass and so thus he doing this stupid shit.

In light of the Mya Mercano situation you gotta put these lip niggas – and crakkkas and wetbacks – FIRMLY in their place so they know not to get out of line.

Fucking organic black ass Soulless portal!

Imma fuck his black ass up he ain’t gonna wanna come around here – or me – anymore!


I don’t know but I know this dumb ass lil black mofo is an organic portal that got sent to fuck with me tonight as I dropped this know-ledge (he doesn’t do that).

That said, I knew we had to leave our original timeline for something really really bad that would transpire. I’ll never forget back in 1999 my seeing that the BerenstEin books I grew up with were all of a sudden changed inexplicably in the blink of an eye to BerenstAin and that is because I distinctly remember at the age of 5 my thinking, “Why do these bears have a Jewish last name” that just came to me! It wasn’t CERN like many folks think but simple indigenious people who saw we were headed for a MAJOR MAJOR disaster of fucking epic, non human proportions and decided to throw us off course to get us back on track…..

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