John Ellizz’s All Seeing Eye Book Confirms That Christians and Muslims War-ship A Reptilian So Called Good

John Ellizz’s All Seeing Eye Book Confirms That Christians and Muslims War-ship A Reptilian So Called God

You all have to read this book!

Here are some excerpts I am using to buttress what I am about to say that I have endured with these things which are reeeeally in sync with his experiences…..

That being said as I have said before they – the reptilians, the skeletal archon entity, the archons period – do something to alter your brainwaves and energy body thus using you to unwittingly carry out self sabotaging and destructive things designed to undermine me……

That’s the cause behind why I unwittingly absorb folks’ energies…..

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

Here John speaks of surges in his body that are very similar to the surges that would go thru my neck and to my brain – same place where John would experience said energy surges – to force him to do shit against his will. I have spoken of that here:

This Is How These Evil Fucking Entities Set Up Traps For Your Downfall

I RealEYES That The Black Snake Right Eyed Entity Attachment Is Designed To Keep Us Enslaved To The Matrix

There Definitely IS A Parasitic Etheric Snake In My Right Eye

Evil Entity Physically Places Implant On The Right Side of My Face

Fighting The Sephiroth Tree Parasitic Entity Attachment And What The All Seeing Eye REALLY Is

Fighting Off Severe Right Hip Pain Caused By Ars Goetia Demon Beelzebub As I Break Free

Then this shit right here happens…..

I Gotta Keep Myself From Falling Into Old Toxic Patterns

Here he talks about how they come into the dreamscape and set up scenarios designed to be re-created in real life to keep you trapped in a cycle very much like how before I left my old apartment I had a “dream” where an entity that I knew was a manifestation of Beelzebub, an ars goetia demon and archon, said that if he could not get me hooked on meth and alcohol aka alkie-hole would be the next best thing, hence my addiction for it (and the crazy energy surges from the base of my neck – where my kundalini is – to the base of my brain):

James Bartley spoke on astral dreamscape manipulation by reptilians as well…..

That said the end of the article went on to mention how Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” is a war song against the reptilian-archon-demiurge complex oppression Soulled humans looking to escape the wheel of Samsara rebirth and death cycle face:

Now, the most troubling of this is this which proves my point…..

…..Naw, remember what I said about the demon seeds ??

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

But this ain’t about them so Imma stay on topic…..

That said NOTE he says that a reptilian entity appeared before him wearing Mayan architecture…….

Like Quetzalcoatl…..

There were many serpent gods on the planet back in the days worldwide, unfortunately.

That said, based on an astral vision I had where I was at a symposium being held by Colin Powell and I was with my mother….. I learned that the ancient Egyptians did in fact live on Mars and got ran out by the reptilians…… From there they settled on Earth and as learned from a friend whose third eye is open as well they invaded Khemet (Egypt), infiltrating them and thus establishing the pyramids as launching devices for their spaceships worldwide while enslaving humans and manipulating our dna to lower our vibration.

I even saw via my third eye that they ran Atlantis while we ran Mu (Lemuria) and we got into a big war with them and ran them underground, which they still inhabit to this day:

Famed Zulu shaman the late Credo Mutwa – who taught David Icke all there is to know on the reptilians – told of how early humans had telekinetic, telepathic abilities before the reptilians took it away and made us trade those away for their banal “technology”, thus enslaving us to a life of separation from The Source, spirituality and even separating us into gender to create wars between us…..

This proves once and for all that what christians, muslims, those in santeria who call on olodumare – a manifestation of the “supreme god” are in fact war-shipping the demiurge, which looks like this as seen in the astral:


Moving Closer To Defeating The Demiurge

Later, I defeated him:

I Defeated The Demiurge

He will – just as John Ellizz describes – look like a dinosaur head in flames, like this:

But it’s really this mofo here – a less imtimidating bronchiosaurus…… lol

It’s like I been saying…..

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

NOTE the all seeing eyes on the biblically accurate angels up there ??

“god” as christians know it to be is satan and visa versa. “god” is the demiurge and the demiurge is a reptilian with the all seeing eye which, according to his book, are what all folks who war-ship an all seeing external god are actually war-shipping…

Anyone war-shipping an external god outside of their Soul (Sol = Soul = Sun ?) is war-shipping a reptilian, the very things that hate us and seek to oppress us by confining us to a realm that keeps us stuck in the 3D and keeps us from ascending.

That is why in HYPO christianity – contrary to real christianity (of which I am – I am a gnostic) – they teach you that witchcraft, the opening of chakras, all those are “sins” which is latin for “without”. They want you to be without your spiritual talents, devices, so you can stay stuck in their wheel of samsara designed to feed them and the archons and stay trapped in their Soul milking farm, similar to the matrix:

It is also otherwise called the reincarnation trap – the cycle of death and rebirth designed to ensnare Souls and keep us stuck in a loop where we are reborn here just to go thru the traumas which the demiurge and his archon minions feed off of.

Karma as people think it is (it is really just the consequences of any action) doesn’t exist. It is used as an extortion tool to get you to follow his capricious, arbitrary rules so, if you just break one, he can use the energy of your guilty conscience against you to force you back into the reincarnation matrix trap!

They don’t want you to have any knowledge of your Soul’s Divine Derivation from The Source – hence why as I am experiencing and many others do they do everything to cut you off from The Source by fucking with you, throwing entity attachments at you to keep you from reaching The Source via your crown chakra.

This skeletal archon that has been around me, fucking with me for a long time, conceded this…..

Stick with the hypo-christian, mass mind control shid and diss is where you end up…..

And note how that mofo likes to play the dual role of light bringer….

Just as I said before, just as god is satan is duality, just as his angels are, so are his archons, playing dual roles to confuse you and throw you off.

John Lerma’s book told of this, where he spoke of a patient with a near death experience who told of meeting the demiurge who then told him that he likes to keep the world in 66% hell and 33% hope (so the Soul will become addicted to return either out of revenge or to seek carnal pleasures) so he can feed off the negative energy called loosh deriving from Souls via traumatic experiences.

Kinda reminds me of Report From Iron Mountain which spoke of how “world leaders” who report to the demiurge say how they gotta keep us living in hell (as per their agreement with the demiurge):

Before Pizzagate: The Coverup of The Report From Iron Mountain

Speaking on that, I had an astral vision where some reptilians who claimed they were related to me said they pick our world leaders…..



The sacrificing for negative energy reminds me of how in voodoo they cut up animals to feed their “gods”…….

Same way “god” requested sacrifices, including the false tale of him requiring the sacrifice of “jesus” aka HEY-Zeus to “cleanse our sins (without).”

Nigga wanted loosh to maintain itself.

That said, why the negativity? “Christians” gotta be blind cause how can you think a “god” that requires sacrifices, kills villages for not war-shipping him, uses fear to force folks into war-shipping it as demonstrated here:

And here:

Think about it ?? Evil fucker using threat of hell = fear to force you into war-shipping it.

Same fear thrown at us on the daily news meant to control us for the all seeing eye illuminati agenda.

That said, as Bobby Hemmitt said, the demiurge is an ignorant, dying “god”:

Fucker needs loosh to exist. Loosh can also being gained by convincing YOU to deny yourself Earthly pleasures, which festers into suppression with no outlet = misery.

As ole boy in The Devil’s Advocate said…..

“Look, but don’t touch.

Touch, but don’t taste.
Taste, but don’t swallow.
And while you’re jumping from one foot
to the next, what is He doing?

He’s laughing his sick, fucking ass off!

He’s a tightass!
He’s a sadist!
He’s an absentee landlord!

Worship that? Never!”

– That’s “god” in a nutshell, the demonic reptilian you war-ship!

A sadistic who tell you not to do what he does like killing and aborting…..

A major mindfuck, jedi trick!

That said knowledge of your Soul and using Source energy is how you break free. Overtime – as I am seeing – the more powerful you become the more the demiurge and his archons leave you alone. They starting to leave my brother alone. When you defeat the all seeing eye aka the demiurge aka “god”, you liberate yourself from the rebirth reincarnation matrix trap by going beyond the pyramid, which is what the freemasons I heard wish to do = 33 is the number of enlightenment:

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