I Defeated The Demiurge

I Defeated The Demiurge

Eye (pun intended) knew shit would go down when I saw that all seeing eye on the border patrol t shirt….. ?

Funny cause I looked young ass fuck too…..

Since I was able to stop the demiurge from sending energy surges to my kundalini to bolster my desire for alkie-hole, he instead had a nice gentleman send me McD’s which I had to subsequently shit out – as I do alkie-hole – so my energy body can stay on point ??


It was a long drawn battle but I did it….

Here is P1:

And P2:

Back in the day, this was the movie……

It is The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino that inspired me to wanna become a lawyer, move to NYC, and be the devil’s lackey as the antichrist!

Well, as you all can tell from my blog life didn’t turn out that way! The only brush I had with being a lawyer was filing a topless rights lawsuit which I was pretty good at but I couldn’t do that shit 24/7!

That said, a young lady in 2017 said I would bring down the illuminati and I believe she was right but it would be in the spiritual plane this would be done.

After doing this I awoke to a BEAUTIFUL almost otherworldly sunshine-y morning seemingly tailored for me and pointing to my efforts…..

The sun’s spokes formed a triad here:

The orb also showed, the same orb that I said appears to “program” the local homeless….

This mofo was fucking with my electronics cause I could not get a clear shot of it:

That said, remember how I talked in the video about using your third eye to get rid of the entities controlling people to harass you ie gangstalking…..

I noticed this person here (it was a Mexican girl from Miracle Mile – my old neighborhood) creating troll after troll accounts to harass me online.

I honest thought it was funny ??

So what I did was I used my third eye to see WHAT was influencing her to fuck with me and I saw a dragon. I quickly quelled the threat and took it out of existence and she stopped messing with me immediately!

Funny thing is brother gave me some sage that is mixed with dragon’s blood…..

Why reptilian’s follow me….

He even told me saw a rep lying on a rock saying he tired of fighting – I think it was the brother he was tired of fighting ???

This is profound.

There are times where I regret where my life has gone (in a way due to family pressure) and I wonder how things woulda been though I know how things woulda been….

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

Astral Projection Experience In Which I Saw Two Life Paths I Coulda Took

This was out the box…..

Seeing Into Alternate Timeline Where My Parents Woulda Got Divorced Had I Gone To De La Salle

I am right where I need to be. I am not really interested in materialism (beyond what I need as per necessity and survival) or being part of the backdrop and flow of humanity (which I’ve honest ascended beyond in terms of consciousness). That is why I have noooo interest in forming human relationships and being friends with anyone. I am beyond that.

I always felt that I was here for a greater purpose and now I feel at peace cause I am fulfilling it!

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