Astral Projection Experience In Which I Saw Two Life Paths I Coulda Took

Well, I took one: this timeline! Now, that said – this feels like more of an astral projection due to the vividness of it which I will explain later but….

After taking those animal bones which I sensed were used in a ritual and more than likely have something negative attached to em (I felt intuitively inclined to throw that shit out) I caught an attachment on my right shoulder which manifested in the form of pretty bad and unsual pain. Nothing I did (how I sleep, etc. which were all the same) coulda caused it. I foresaw bad luck if I woulda kept them. So I threw them out and noticeably the pain started to dissipate (I didn’t feel too much in the way of severe pain since I guess there wasn’t that much in the way spiritually that was attached to it).

Now, before doing energy work on myself, I had watched a silly video of some Arab crowd getting into it with christians which is kinda like oranges fighting with oranges in that they are both the same (but I personally and STRONGLY feel that for a mainstream religion the Quran is the best book – surprising – on how to deal with the spirit realm, esp. given how they dress like the astral witches I saw which I discuss here:

That said, to get rid of the entity attachment, I smoked sage, then burned it, got my black obsidian stone, used it for a bit to no avail (I just didn’t have the strenght to fight it like that) and intuitively decided to just rest while placing my quartz crystals and moldavite stone which I have in a copper wire basket and went to work meditating since I felt on this day – Sunday – was the Day for me personally to do energy work on myself.

That said, now, when we come into the world, we all have Divine Life contracts we must fulfill. Make a long story short, I saw who was blocking my money (not that my material needs aren’t met but I would like to have freedom to do what I WANNA DO and not have any blocks in the way) which was a blonde white woman wearing a white robe and gold belt (the significance of I will explain later) and I felt that – shit it just REALLY came to me now – Archangel Uriel who I have called on in the past (NOW I just heard angel of the bottomless pit!).

That said, I came to after making the energy changes and I felt like I was maybe at a crossroads with the timeline! I was feeling the way I did when I was subject or rather ENSLAVED to the values imposed upon us by our matrix society. I soughta wanted that normal, “norp” life but I knew my consciousness was in a state of ignorance and not where it is now. It was like I was sorta back at the pre De La Salle high school phase where I tried to be “in the world” but my starseed quirkiness reminded me that I am not and my life will not be ordinary. I also felt like I was in control of my destiny.

Now, I threw tarot cards and it was conveyed that it would be a negative outcome if I were to stay down this path! My destiny woulda been thrown overboard. But my life path would be assured if I stay the current course.

I in a way fought with this cause I know spirits can influence your cards since they are energy and tarot card readers ourselves have to get the cards acclimated to our energy signature to activate them! I was like, “Do these archons wanna control me!”

That said, I still had pain on the right side of my back though it was subsiding. I decided to at some point place my black obsidian stone on my third eye chakra and allow it to heal by calling on it and allowing its energy to percolate through me in energetic waves. I fell asleep. Here is what happened:

This had to be an astral projection experience. It also had to be taking place in either the higher dimensions OR in my own inner world inner landscape where most “dreans” are thought to come from (I just coughed after saying that which I rarely do). I “dreamed” at one point that I was in the woods of Malibu but it was in that weird astral, distorted way – much like a dream! I saw walking away from me a burqa wearing being – a couple of em, maybe three – wearing a gold belt! I just realized that some beekeepers wear similar garb.

It is funny just now something told me to look at the word count for 780 and 788 and here is what came up:

– Very interesting what is being conveyed in light of everything!

That said, the “scene” suddenly shifted to two Arab men getting in their car which is what I saw yesterday. But it was into a van. It had something to do with my brother Kristen and picking me up for the topless thing, trying to ply me with booze (something I have on my spiritual journey walked away from) and they brought me to a place where if I recall correctly there was a special stone they were guarding. It was real distorted.

At some point, I was in a rustic home that looked like Malibu but felt like rural Louisiana with wooden beams with a window that said, “Home Sweet Home” which seems to echo what woulda happened had I taken an alternate route in life. It was so vivid… I was washing dishes in the sink, etc. I saw a red old car, a clunker (not a clucker) and another yard diagonal from me next to a literal gravel – pebble – rocky road.

That woulda been my life had I gone to De La Salle high school. No Raven getting on the internet, preaching. Just a norp life which I woulda got disgusted with, hated and went on a spiritual journey – leaving two red haired half white daughters whom I sensed were/woulda been autistic with one being more severe and a balding blonde husband – behind. And I wouldn’t of been successful with that spiritual journey, not like I am here! I’m happy I am here. I am happy to be in this timeline!

That said, I have talked before about how when you come into your own power the Demiurge will try to shut you down here:

Baba Bobby Hemmitt even touched on it in a lecture, here:

That is why I debate and question the validity of these “protectors” – whether they are here to help me. It’s like why stifle my money, keep my message from being heard by more folks (I’ve heard this from one talented psychic) and basically in many ways – though I stay afloat – BLOCK ALOT OF OPPORTUNITIES! I really believe as based on my knowledge and what Baba Bobby Hemmitt said, the more you come into your own Divine Feminine power, the more the archangels who are AGENTS for the Demiurge will go against you. I’ve been told – and I sensed this as well – that there is an energy around me that makes people not like me. Why my “protectors” not stopping it? IT IS CAUSE I FEEL THEY ARE PART OF IT and in a way my experience today confirms this. The fact that they in a way do want me to reach spiritual sovereignty is a testament to the fact that they work for the Demiurge and DO NOT WANT YOU TO COME INTO YOUR SPIRITUAL OWN!

However, on the other end – things happen for a reason. Had I gone to that high school – and without the adversity I faced which is necessary for spiritual growth and development, I woulda just been a norp, a cog in the wheel. A part of the matrix. Yes, I woulda been materially comfortable but I wouldn’t of known myself. That is why you see so many sell-ebs, wealthy people doing self destructive things cause money doesn’t bring you happiness; it’s inner contentment that does. When you are at peace with yourself via knowing you, you can live in a trash can:

– LOL at this picture!

but because you will have forsaken the shallow values our matrix-society imposes on us, cause you will be able to see past those values and why people hold them which will cause you not to give a fuck what people think – as long as the needs to survive are met (food really!) you won’t give a fuck and that is true freedom which many seek.

This man lives amongst literal shit in. landfill but he is happy ??

He got food, he good! When you think about it, you really don’t need shelter unless the weather is mad inclement so who is to say what is and what is not shelter?

That said, what I’m experiencing is alot like a spiritual tug of war: figuring out what is around, what is it’s TRUE objective for my life. Not taking shit at face value. I am a natural skeptic so I don’t trust anything. That is why I strongly believe in spiritual discernment. While in jail one time (lol at one time) I saw Amun, the ancient Egyptian rams horned Deity, emerge in a holographic image in which I saw parts of but not his whole body. I hadn’t been drinking, none of that. I was told he was on my side. Later on I saw “him” in a vision. I FELT evil from it. I wondered if it was him or some evil spirit taking on his form or aliens projecting it since I know they have been around me since I was a child:

That said, that is why I question. I was told three spirits are around me with one male spirit fucking with me. When I hear of the Ra – Amun – and an unknown Egyptian female deity, maybe Nefertiti as shown here:

I think of those spirits and what a Korean client from my sex worker days said to me which was, “Spirits are energy so they can take on whatever form they like.”

I believe him cause he ain’t biased by “gods” like other cultures are. There shit is cut and dry and more accurate of the spiritual realm hence why in Chinese feng shui they call the appearance of spirits “dirty energy” as well as feminine energy (let that factoid sink in). It almost seems like something is deceiving me to keep me from coming into my own power, honestly.

Just today I kept getting blocked when I tried to post this on facebook on how a female – interestingly – was condemned for not giving into the whims of the gods by allowing a man to rape her. Her name is Lilith:

Here is more on her:

She is called a “demon” for DEFENDING HERSELF! It makes me wonder about how that is the biggest subliminal that can be sent to me of all!

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