Vision of Coming Into My Own Power And Being Able to Remote View

I acquired some bones I saw the other day in Malibu which I saw a looong time a while back which I talked about here:

Here is how I set it up in my car:

Now my back is hurting 🙂 ?

The shit was probably used in a ritual – I bet satanic!

That said, last night I had a weird juxtaposition of visions after posting the bones and another stone I haven’t used in a while in conjunction with my other stones together.

It was very weird but please bare with me – I felt this was a form of astral travel but everything was in fragments. Basically, from what I can recall – and it was SOOO vivid – I recall that actress Gabrielle Sidibe was in it. It involved World War III, destruction, a kinda changing of the guard. But HERE is what stood out the most… I was covered in what appeared to be an indigo aura and fighting demons, the patriarchy. I almost felt like a warrior embodiment of Goddess Kali:

Maybe it was because of what happened last night which I discuss here (THAT MOFO was demonically POSSESSED – HE HAD SOME SHIT ON HIM):

That said, here is the second part – I was in this grocery store in the astral which I always end up at. I recall talking with someone about opening my third eye. I started working on it and expanded and expanded till I saw very life like images (I have had these experiences before) then a light skinned black man or Indian since he wore glasses AND he looked like Ghandi – I don’t know who he is – popped up and I asked him questions on who I am and I saw the writing appear on the screen much like I saw for Rebuggo Low when I found out the name of that demon. It was so vivid. Then it ended.

That said, I don’t know if the bones I got earlier facilitated everything to happen along with having my labradorite out but it was a mad powerful experience.

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