Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

I can’t get over how real this featured image I made is….

The contrasting imagery between two contradicting lives is profound…

I’ll never forget when I first came out here to Malibu, while riding down the PCH I SWORE I heard a demon go, “You coulda been a senator’s wifeeeee”.

On another occasion, I had an astral vision where – just as a psychic said years ago – I saw myself wearing pearly white teeth and I felt that, in that timeline, I woulda been fake ass a mofo! In this timeline, I am authentic. Years ago a VERY accurate spiritualist saw me doing pizzagate shit to kids, mistreating kids for rituals, etc. I felt that in that timeline tho I did not see it for myself.

On a coupla occasions – and that timeline has been sticking out to me STRONG recent – I saw myself attending that school, with faces I didn’t know, etc. where I could just FEEL poliTRICKS playing a big part: In one instance I was in a library and I was looking up a book on “how the personalities of Presidents influence the economy.” Recently, very recent after drinking – I saw a bald headed young priest follow me as I walked down the halls there. Once I asked my third eye if I woulda sold my dad’s soul to become a famous actor as a spiritualists – and Eye ? myself saw in that timeline. I saw this home:

– I have always oddly felt drawn to this home, like it has always weirdly caught my attention…..

I was in the home and I saw the devil “dancing” in the living room – itvwas as I saw in the astral 2 stories. I saw I would of got a starring role in a Will Smith/ Martin Laurence film/sitcom but, as my twin flame called, I wouldn’t of been right in that timeline. I woulda been on benzos, anti depressants like many selleba – from what I understand I woulda felt depressed cause I couldn’t be myself which is why I walked off here, twice:

– I was cutee ???

– This is why I merely ‘woke people who question me on why I didn’t do the show or continue.

I’ve checked my cards and some folks ain’t doing good ? They know.

That being said, I asked my third eye to show me a timeline where, what woulda happened had I NOT been into the occult, sold a person’s soul and I saw that I woulda went to the University of Mississippi – which was right next door.

With my inflated ego with my art, I woulda got involved in an art contest in which a black dude who was 47 who had served time in jail winning an art contest (cause he was a felon – you know how liberal colleges are) and me returning back home after being impregnated with a professor’s child: I saw how he looked and everything, a thin “white” jewish looking dude with glasses, geeky, and blonde curly hair. I didn’t see beyond that!

One time I got to see how my alternate twin woulda felt about this timeline and, aside from thinking sellebs attended Xavier Prep – it had an interesting roster of graduates – she was like, “Fuck no” regarding this timeline and, can I blame her?

That being said, some of us are stuck in timelines based on our divine soul contracts. Some of us, like myself, had proverbial forks in the road that we coulda encountered.

The choice between De La Salle and Xavier Prep (now St. Katherine Drexel) was mine.

I KNOW now that I woulda been materially well off had I gone to De La Salle but, at what cost? Based on dreams SOMETHING had to have happened to make me so materialistic cause, I mean, when I was in middle school I was big into Nirvana, free living, Collective Soul. My mom, really, both my parents were big into what we now call helicopter parenting and I felt FREE when my hair was wild (cause she couldn’t “take care of it” ie keep it straight) on an 8th grade field trip. I was never a conformist. They are! I recall when I dropped off that reality show my dad saying, “You gotta do what them white people want you to do.” Man, fuck them! I don’t make alot of money with my blog, social media, but I’m happy I can be free!

That said, Imma bring you to the point of why I am writing this….

A coupla days ago I had a VIVID fucking astral experience where, I was in the astral attending De La Salle high school. It was early evening and I was going to like a dance class but I left the library – again – with the thought of politics weighing heavily on my mind. So, while in this dance class I saw a bunch of roaches fall on the window outside then a GIANT roach went to attack a dude, a student on the window OUTSIDE and, being in fear – it was trying to get in to get me. It looked EXACT like the giant roach in Men In Black:

Ugly mofo, with wings and all!

That said, it somehow got into the building looking for me – but couldn’t get me. EVERYBODY fled outside and it was trying to pick people off there but I got to a police station, somehow I could not get to (nor was allowed) into my parents house. Later I saw a giant hispanic man coming to me who I felt looked like him:

– I have seen this mofo IN MANY ASTRAL visions like this vid says:

I don’t think this some viral marketing campaign as many folks pegged it but some real legit shit.

I saw him attached to Aarona.

Must be a major astral figure!

This could mean this asshole mighta been responsible for the curse!

That said, I can’t help but realise how BIG the role of being in government woulda played a big part had I gone to De La Salle high school. The timeline of government seems to stand out – BIG – when I journey to that school in the astral.

I recall attending a college in the northeast, possibly Virginia, for college and seeing a classroom where I saw a big strawberry coloured straight wig on display and wanting to wear it. I wore and I recall walking past (along with the condescending vibe) I felt to some asshole ass students – a blonde haired fat white dude in a black shirt and beige khakis who was drinkinh outside with his friend – to I guess my dorm in the evening.

The desire for the strawberry wig makes me think that some event woulda made me insecure and desire material accrucements to validate myself and become “successful.”

In one astral vision I saw that a gay ass art teacher, racist mofo with a bald head, bespectacled who looks like the monopoly man, woulda tried to fail me for art and a coupla black students – including my childhood friend Brandi and a tall, dark skinned handsome young man – woulda stood up for me since apparently from what I felt that teacher had tendency towards racism.

It reminds me of how EVERY person I know who went there, including one of my younger brothers, a cousin, and a girl who left there from Xavier Prep (then transferred to McMain) with the exception of my baby brother who was learning disabled were quiet about it. My baby brother was kicked out for being learning disabled tho. they oddly accepted him there (they tested students so they can attend).

I know how my life woulda turned out had I gone there but at what cost?

The other day I was reading this article about senator Ted Cruz:

– They oddly removed it…..

But the article was about him murdering someone to help an intern get ahead and him teaching that intern to do shit like that to get ahead.

This paragraph from there stuck out while reading it (I felt guided to read it):

Just like how Utah always felt like home and turns out I lived there in a past life….

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

Ted Cruz always stuck out to me…..

Remember I said the demon said, “You coulda been a senator’s wife”, WHAT IF I woulda been this nigga’s wife (now that I think about it ?)! I always felt that I woulda got raped – THIS IS WAYYYY before I started pondering on this – by him as some sick ass “initiation” and kept mum which woulda ate at my humanity.

You know, I remember working as a volunteer for a local democrat office in NYC in the early 00’s and the amount of just, demonic, vacuous, soulless energy, like just selfish – PERMEATED that mofo!

I couldn’t do it! I couldn’t get into politricks! I am too real, too in touch with myself really to sell out to anything!

Based on my cards…..

Here is what I got when I threw cards asking, “Why does De La Salle keep appearing to me so strong….”

The other day when I threw cards, I got knight of pentacles which is my reptilian card cause it’s green.

I think that had I gone there direct instead of to where I went, I woulda made deals with even soul sucking entities to get wealth and material fame, hence why a demon said I woulda been a senator’s wife (now my fucking throat chakra is closing and I know reps be fucking with it).

Enduring THIS timeline with all it’s trials and tribulations – as I said before – the more you endure, the stronger your soul becomes.

I’ve had a coupla people, including Jamila’s crazy ass, concede this!

I’m meant to become a God in this timeline, hence all the spiritual shit I am going thru. That way, if I choose to reincarnate and get the experience I still feel I missed out on by not attending De La Salle – fucking wide bois, etc. (De La Salle got ALOT of black students there now – I recall when it was mostly white – damn I’m getting ole) – I will be able to control my own fate and not have to make deals with entities to get fame and fortune.

I’ll never forget too, before I graduated Prep in ’01, a fellow student told me (she was DEAD accurate about EVERYTHING that has happened now) she saw a grown version of myself protecting me, purple pants and all! Peace!

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