Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

::2020 update: I looked JUSS LIKE DAT, LOL::

This was a very interesting vision to say the least…

THIS HAD TO HAVE BEEN a past life… no other way around it…

Basically, in a past life from what I saw, I was (note I got the phrase “I saw” followed by “I was” which is “I saw” in reverse, lol) evidently I was a little rich blonde white girl who lived HIGH atop a mountain with two doting, MEGA WEALTHY parents who were very nice people but wielded ALOT of power. It seemed like it might have been during colonial times or the 50s even though I saw she got alot of modern presents (I saw telephone which was a big deal if you grew up in the 1900s). I don’t know why – maybe because in that past life I looked like Elizabeth Smart (when REAL YOUNG) – I got the feeling I was a mormon or maybr just lived in mormon territory or lived out West. I recall seeing Veritas Entrepreneurship with another black lady – on the slick – looking into this past life as well (I know how you all operate 🙂 That said, I remember being MEGA RICH but never really caring for it.

I recall Veritas Entrepreneurship saying, “Did she not appreciate what she got” as if I in that past life was SPOILED! Anyways…

I recall there being a big scandal that later ensued in which I saw all these high school aged kids at a school dance and I saw a young white girl who stuck out the most who looked like Elizabeth Berkley from “Saved by the Bell” wearing a blue modern dress with a black belt buckle on her waist – now that I think about it, very similar to what I wore AT MY OWN HIGH SCHOOL PROM – I think it was meant to symbolize that I was her and she was me in that past life and, I dunno why – but everything was colored brown (even the MANSION I grew up in was mad brown, very dullish, depressing colors) – anyways, here is the BIG REVEAL: myself in that past life HAD SUPPOSEDLY COMMITTED SUICIDE yet Veritas and the other, older psychic black lady she conversed with saw that I may have RAN AWAY from home cause,I was unhappy to BE WITH THIS OLD ASS WHITE PROFESSOR OR TEACHER (the nugga looked like Colonel Sanders AND I WAS PRETTY, DA FUQ!):

– I hate to say this, but my heart just SKIPPED looking at this old ass white man, probably due to my past life’s attractions!

That past life is probably responsible for why I’ve always liked older ass white men, like this crazy ass nugga, here!

It seemed like I thought about suicide – ALOT – in that timeline. I didn’t get the feeling I was really bullied by kids but it was just, I guess, and this was stupid imo of my past life self to commit suicide over this – but I felt trapped! I was also very “different” and non conformist in my thinking, which I pretty much am like right now in this present life! I guess if this was like the early 1900s where women were limited in what they can do, I’d feel trapped – and depressed – too! All in all, it was a very odd experience, seeing how my past life, THAT ONE IN PARTICULAR – played out! I can’t get over how I ran away with that old ass professor cause I was unhappy.

I think it explains why I don’t see the value in acquiring alot of material possessions – and money – in this life. When you lose your soul or, in this case, see in order for souls to EVOLVE YOU NEED CHALLENGES! CHALLENGES ARE THE COLOR OF LIFE, THE THING THAT SPICES IT! With challenges like this: this: including this: THEY HELP YOUR SOUL GROW, which I especially experienced with the last major experience I listed! Without em, life becomes boring, mundane. THAT IS WHY YOU HEAR ALL THE TIME LIL RICH WHITE KIDS WHO SEEMINGLY “HAD IT ALL” COMMITTING SUICIDE! That shit is NOT DESIGNED to make you happy but trap you to the Demiurge which I discuss here: who wants you to be trapped to the carnal aka bodily things BUT DOES NOT WANT YOU TO GROW IN SPIRIT! WITHOUT THOSE EXPERIENCES AND MANY – IN SOME CASES FAR WORSE – BEFORE, I WOULD NOT BE AS STRONG AS I AM TODAY! I woulda never became an evolved soul.

It’s like reptition or working on an assembly line, day in and day out. Many people QUIT their jobs cause they ain’t getting challenged and that’s what is meant by “dying of boredom”.

– Imma still file it under, “crakkkaroaches”, lol!

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