The REAL Reason Why Other Races Hate Blacks But Want To Be Around Us

This chart, which you can see here:

Basically explains that the reason why all other races wanna be around us while treating us like shit is cause we have more testosterone – both black men and women – hence the hypersexual stereotyles, the desire to invade our spaces which is bourne out of fear of our physical – and other strenghts and thus the desire out of a major inferiority complex to “tame” so they won’t be as intimidated:

This whole “taming of the uncivilzed black animal” trope can be seen in other films where blacks are brought in, accepted and “treated well” by whites, like in the 90s film Losing Isaiah:

– Look at how they got the black woman blocked from accessing her child.

Reminds me of the Stolen Generation that the whites did against the poor black aborigines of Australia where they stole their kids and try to “whiten” up and this fucking POLICY was occuring as late as the 1960s:

It reminds me of how – when I ain’t being “nice” ie allowing myself to be seen as some fucking zoo exhibition because I’m black and topless assholes sicc the cops on me like here:

And here:

That’s why them wetback “crakkkas” told me to go back to Africa because there is a racial component to my being topless (I saw in the cards your asses got ‘woked and I got something for ya’ll later on hisssss hisssss ?):

Wetback Wannabe White Bicyclists In Malibu Tell Black Woman To Go Back To Africa

– ALL of Malibu prob feels that way!

I can’t WAIT to be done with this fucking healing period and hopefully I’ll be able to develop telekinesis and kill mofos outright just by looking at em – I already can merely curse a person by giving them the evil eye ? but I honest just want to be able to kill people and put heart attacks on em by looking at em ?

But, I chill in the cut and later unleash my demons on them to fuck em up, kill em, bring them to the underworld ie to hell to get them back, like I (proudly) did this man here:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

And all these people here:

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

That’s why they don’t want blacks fucking with their ancestral spirits and doing black magick cause they fear the shit we’ll wrought in revenge when we do!

I’ll say rite naw I got something around me that possesses people and snatches their souls as sacrifices so watch the fuck out ? hissssss

That being said, this is why they look up to us like you would a daddy: they all have low testerone and, so thus, like bitches are, are codependent and fucking needy, hence why they feel an entitlement to be around us and I sense they look up to us as a “father figure” cause of the heightened levels of testerone we got. This explains why these wetbacks still try to impose themselves on my social media tho I have made it numerous times here…

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians


Praise Goes To These Brothers and A SiSTAR For Handling A Wetback


Wetbucks Are Now Getting They Deserved Due For What They Have Been Doing To Blacks

Just look up wetback, wetbuck or any variations of to see what I mean….

They ain’t welcome but they still come (to get ‘woked I guess cause that’s what’s gonna happen ???

Speaking of energy vampires I think I finally figured out who this weird mofo is now (I just got ringing in my left ear regarding him which ain’t good)….

– LOL!

He’s this fool who I see waving his flag on the PCH every often:

– There’s another video of his crazy ass putting on an impromptu “concert” which I will post up when I find it, lol!

I recall this dude parked on Topanga Canyon – right where I’m at – and was yelling at cars, etc. I feel that an evil spirit guides him and, be careful, he might be doing low key spells via those impromptu “concerts.”

That being said, the low testosterone in wetbacks and crakkkas explains for why wetbacks have a cult-ure of death (think Santa Muerte and La Calvertina) and of overcompensating machismo due to the small dicks and homosexual tendencies – since many are low key gay, really bi-sexual and WILL fuck ANY hole cause they ARE truly hypersexual as conveyed by a white gentleman who told me one time he himself and some very feminine looking blonde surfers got wolf whistled and hollered at by some bean bag wetbacks who I am quite certain got refridgerator shaped wives (and heinas) as well:

– Bet the fucking doctor the daddy….

Wetbacks just LOOOVE to rape, don’t they?

As I always say, if rape were an Olympic sport, them wetbacks would win the gold everytime ???????

Now, this is why crakkka males fear us:

– Looka how they try to steal our credit by placing in the picture of an Afrikan world Indians….

The schadenfraude.

This is why I killed my half-crakkkas (and sacrificed them to Lord Satan – I actually ate part of the fetus in a ritual, uncooked, back in my old apartment when I had a medical induced abortion).

I couldn’t stand that lil fucker and couldn’t WAIT for those half crakkka PARASITES – LIKE HALF THEIR RACE IS – to get the fuck out of my black ass womb.

Eye sea ? what’s going on….

I sea ??? what ya’ll are trying to do….

Ya’ll are trying to use our superior genes to carry on your weak genetic defective ones…..

I ain’t gonna act as a vessel to carry on your weak genes.

That’s why I




Only dealings I’m having with crakkka – or any other males – is taking your money. I ain’t taking SHIT else, including your basturd seed! ??

That’s why I want stalking ass Charles Manson looking wetback Raymond, GONE! Sacrificed too! ??⚰

I was drunk when this picture was taken!

….Got the nerve talking about “he wanna have kids”…. HOW DARE HE SPEAKS OF ME IN SUCH A LOWLY CONTEXT! How dare he….

That being said, the wide race is dying out cause wide bois feeble small infinitesimal penises aren’t quite cutting it…. for the women (which is why they go and perv on and try to make themselves at the top of the hierarchy financially in societies involving colonization since they know their strenght game – and penis game ✏? – is weak due to lack of testosterone).

Now that I think about it, it’s sad that, when I was fully in the world of prostitution aka heauxing white “men” actually thought it a “compliment” that more men wanted to see them and not black men!

Naw fool!

It’s cause black men – who control the pussy trade (as pimps) see you all as easy marks in addition to not wanting competing black pimps to steal their girls!

It’s that simple!

Meanwhile, as your dumb whyte ass pay for pussy, the brotherz gettin’ mo-nay ? and pussay out the wimmin they heauxing, oops, I mean, leasing to ya!


One thing I respect about Mexicans and latins in general is that they know they gotta pay for the pussy.

I remember when I got started on the PCH heaux stroll dumb ass wide bois – some who I ‘woked like the dude who got a big plastic thing where his car window used to be – thought that cause I was topless I was fucking – for free!

Bitch, please! I do the topless shit cause it gets hawt ?

You want extra, bitch, oops, I mean trick…. oops, I mean bitch, bitch trick – you gotta pay me in mo-nay ? to get puss-say ?

It’s just that way!

Always been that way!

Prostitution ain’t the oldest profession in the worl ????

That said, they know cause of they weak dicks (cause nobody really wants em beyond heauxing) that they are gonna die out. That’s why they invented racism to avert white genetic annhilation (witch ??‍♀️ is happening right now) and misogyny (to keep they wide heauxs in line)….

To late….

– Yassss yassss – white girl at the end pretty ?

Looka all this schitt you see when you google “interracial porn” – nothing but brothers bustin’ nutz in wide heauxs….

– They had to throw in a sad ass wide boi in there for (comedic) measure….

Anyways, I will show you the type of porn that titilates (how ironic) me. Aside from hentai, a (gay) friend of mines turned me on ?? to….

He is sooo pretty….

Looka how unhappy the gay men look next to them while they smiling lol….

The brother’s face lol

– He kinda look like my lil brother….

– HE look like Ben Shapiro….

Hot ?

– This look like the nigga who raped me….

– Why his gay azz got the rebel f(l)ag on his shoulder, lol!

I can’t talk….


That said, me personally, I have always found femail bodybuilders (like the ones who go all stereoidal) to be attractive like this wo-man here named Candice Armstrong (what an appropriate name for her):

– That last photo don’t do it for me….

She is very hawt!!!! Alot of women like here actually AGREE!

– We both agreed (and alot of women did clandestinely too).

You can watch the full video:

I make it no secret that I found Ms. Mann in Scary Movie mad hawt ?????

I find her voice, her looks, the way she walks outta her chair, the way she pervs on the girl HAWT ????

Mad hotter than most natural born men
SHE is a real new age man there ?❤??

Speaking of hawt, I low key wish the black haired “white” wetback (NOT the red haired old mofo….) here woulda did something….

I ain’t gonna lie: I thought that mofo was cutee and I was hoping we could fight and “wrestle” (he was too cutee when he got all ‘woked up). You can read about the incident here:

Wetback Wannabe White Bicyclists In Malibu Tell Black Woman To Go Back To Africa

That being said, the wide race is dying out cause they got little dicks ✏? This explains WHY – for eons (ever since they stole America from us and landed on our continents) – they have been in a farce of a “competition” with black men ever since….

I kinda touch on it here – along with some weird ass astral visions AND a horny ass client who came to see me in the middle of the fucking night, looking like a zombie for my pussy….


Also, I’ll leave ya’ll with this….

Alex Collier noted that whites were the products of the biggest reduction in genetic distribution by the alien races who produced the human species….




Now, Saturn – as represented by the cube – is war-shipped ALLL over the world….

This blog breaks it down better than I can….

The superiority of blacks runs deeper than we know….

Think about it: the bible says we will get trampled on etc. before the last days….

Many articles online stated that africans were the only ones with no neanderthal dna at one time which Danny Vendramini low key admitted was reptilian dna. I saw in the astral – while at some UN planetary meeting in which I was with my mom – we were watching a powerpoint slide presentation showing that the original BLACK Egyptians fled Mars and escaped on a starship called Astuarte cause the reptilians were fucking with em.

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