Wetbucks Are Now Getting They Deserved Due For What They Have Been Doing To Blacks

Before I begin my sermon, look at this anti white crime these wetbacks did:

To a 13 year child I am quite certain tried to rape her. Ya’ll need to check out grendall’s channel (I’m not a conservative but I see ? what’s going on with them):

I can not get over the absolute and utter and complete SELFISHNESS and ARROGANCE of them. They have been attacking blacks for being black in a war of ethnic genocide:

But yet get pissed when some silly black kids mess with an elote man….

And this foo’ says we stole rap and hip hop from them….


I can not get over the ASTOUNDING just utter and complete gaslighting and just selfishness – it is okay for them to kill us in planned acts of genocide but we can’t mess with a lil ole ILLEGAL elote man?

This wetback bitch here wants me to suppress my voice cause she doesn’t want the smoke of retaliation ?????? like they did in Chicago after they were murdering innocent elderly blacks and black women, including killing a PREGNANT black woman:

These wetback mofos got to go or as they say cut the head off they snake….

This is wny I bring awareness to what us human beings are dealing with with them. You are not dealing with humans but literal organic vessels for reptilians to occupy who act out their demonic ways thru them.

THIS is what they are….

South Americans And Mexicans Are Organic Robotoids Created By The Draco Reptilians To Be Worker Bees

They are not human and are not of the light and like the cucarachas that they are hate to be exposed!

Now these demon reptilian spawned seeds of Quetzalcoatl are PISSED cause we are getting em back….

After they been running us out of Compton (and South Central) for ages….

– Yes, it’s a fucking war, a war ya’ll STARTED! Looka these subhuman demon reptilian seeds of Quetzalcoatl BOASTS of running blacks out!

– At the end is a white guy saying they tried to recruit him in their gang war against blacks.

I’ve no illusions about em hence why when they come to my platforms I snuff em out by erasing their comment then use ‘woke to snuff em out, like I did the cholo gangmember who tried to viciously murder me over nothing, FOR BEING BLACK last weekend:

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

Here some mofos attempting to smooth stuff over on my channel, like I am easily fooled:

– That last one won’t say or do anything about their program of racial GENOCIDE against us!

They both gonna get ‘woked just cause of who they are.

I have said time and time again: I have no illusions about these demons. They are the basturd seed, the slave worker race derived product of the reptilian Quetzalcoatl. They are pure evil. That’s why they can talk this shit out one side of their mouth about bringing peace – after we got their ass in the Chi for what they were doing to us ?? (KEY NOTE: being that they are reptilian scum violence is all they respect ?) – yet commit genocide against us and not correct each other for what they do to us yet they declare war when silly black kids steal – do really less shit than what they been doing to us – to some ILLEGAL elote dealer who shouldn’t even be over here in the first place. It is what you call sociopathy and I have observed ALL the reptilian traits of misogyny (via “machismo”), obsessiveness with sex, all sorts of low vibratory behaviours – smarminess, glibness (thinking they are slick yet their low IQ asses can’t deceive me), DECEPTION – in the wetback. They are the children of the dragon. We – and whites – fought reptilians as Credo Mutwa explained. They have a culture of death and unbridled sadism for the sake of being sadistic:

This breaks down the correlation between reptilian aliens and death culture ?☠ skull and bones ??

– They get it from they reptilian daddy, Quetzalcoatl, shown below:

– Blood sacrifice. She got it from her demon reptilian daddy Quetzalcoatl ??

– Look like a nice lil lady huh!? They are deceptive (just like they will lie to your face with a straight face and smile afger talking about you in Spanish). That’s why I don’t trust em.

They are ruthless, degenerate, sex obsessed, pedophiliac, rapist demonoids and everybody from whites to blacks and even Puerto Ricans and Cubans (knew many in NY who didn’t like em) who see them for what they are.

That’s why I don’t argue with “them” and peep when they argue it is with a simplistic transparent child like deception = low IQ.

They are some evil sinister mofos and we blacks need to start waking up standing up with whites and others to run em out the U.S.A.

I am glad to see more black kids fighting em. We now need the white man’s army to do the same.


They’re lucky. If I had my way those would be pure de concentration camps and I’d be gassing they asses and deporting them back to hell with the rest of the reptilians!

We all need to as blacks, whites get behind Trump:

We need to stop this brown (shit ?) invasion. They are demonic, reptilian organic portal vessels with no concern or empathy for utters or even amongst themselves when they are not united. Look at the cruel shit they did to this poor mixed Cuban girl (she got mexican in her which is why I included her):

And this poor child:

I’m sorry both those interviews EQUALLY HONEST ✋? broke my heart. It really did.

These are cruel ass demonic mofos and we gotta see them for what they are and not what they appear to be – and already their actions speak louder than words….

She look like a child. Reminds me of this:

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