Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Before I begin, I wanna show you what folks call a white liberal racist:

Anyways, now that I got that out the way, let me break down what this article is about….

I have never had any illusions about these thangz (I will NOT refer to them as human due to the points I will make in this article). I have always seen them for what they are: racist, low vibratory, hateful, destructive, demonic, deceitful, sexual predators, an unnatural obsessiveness with sex (from my experience if you just have a hole it will do and same for the females – I refuse to call em women), an unnatural, inhuman preoccupation with violence and unbridled, unmitigated sadism and an utter tendency to deceive and be very (in a childlike manner) glib when called out on their shit. That being said – and thank goodness they exist on the internet ?? – let me introduce you to bestgore.com

– Because I am human, even though that man was one of em, I still show empathy and compassion (but don’t let that fool you)!


You can read the article here:


Here they are cutting a woman’s arm off (whether she was cartel or no, this ain’t right – it ain’t human)!


You can go on here to look at the rest:



Here the rest of the article:


Humans do not do this. This is not human shit.

– Fox news are some dirty ass bastards to put a black woman as if she is the person in the article and nowhere do they post the actual pic of the lady:


Now let’s talk about Quetzalcoatl….

Quetzalcoatl was a reptilian shapeshifting god who would shapeshift into a white man (which is why latinos, messycanTs war-ship them and want to be like them and want their features to this day) who ruled over mesoamerica which includes modern day mexico and Latin America:

– Nigga got a gap tooth in his mouth so mah dick’s got ta fit!

Now, let me tell ya’ll about these fucking reptilians….

– My boy 2Circles breaks it down….

Now, before I break down what I am about to break down, EVERY culture has their day of respect for the dead.

In Haiti they got a Day of the Dead

They also have a Voodoo Loa (God) who helps souls safely pass thru such as Baron Samedi:

In Europe they have their celebration of the dead and, though not as ebullient as the celebrations that take place in Africa and other majority African nations, it is still a respectful outlook towards the dead – a rather somber one:

That being said, looka this shit:

Santa Muerta, La Calavera Catrina, notice they have not ONE POSITIVE SPIRITUAL IDOL THAT THEY CREATED! Messy-co has a cult-ure of death, decay and negativity, COMPLETE negativity as can be seen here:

That being said, and this is why blacks need to STOP thinking that we are somehow related to em and have much in common – because they are the Children of The Dragon aka reptilians while we are the the true humans – the original ones at that:

Here is my belief system – based on assiduous research: there were different alien races that birthed each individual human racial group. UFO contactee Alex Collier expounded on this here:

That being said, nordic aliens (like the ones who guided Adolf Hitler), gave birth to the white race:

Black folks were created by an alien black race who I presume based on Norman Bergrun, a CONFIRMED former top secret worker for NASA, created the rings of Saturn, Uranus and other places – we don’t know about – in the solar system:


Now Imma really break this shit down with some proof….

– That is Nefertiti’s shadow appearing right alongside mine!

Now, from what I have seen astrally – once I was with my mother in some type of UN assembly place in the astral and I was shown that the ancient Kemetians aka Egyptians were from Mars but got ran out by the reptilians and they arrived on Earth on a spaceship I recall was called “Ashanti” – it was something along those lines….

The great Baba Bobby Hemmitt REALLY breaks it down in terms of our true unearthly Divine origins:


I could go on forever, but you see what I mean ?

Now, the asian…. and the wetback are the Children of the Dragon aka reptilians!

– I swear on ERRYTHANG my cellphone started fucking up while writing this subsection….

Let me make the correlations….

I want ya’ll too look up the Rape of Nanking

The one where they got that lady bound always gets me.

While researching those pics the collective energy of just…. from them people just got to me! I felt it!

Reading this was my first look at how evil “humans” can be (I put human in this case in quotes for a reason). You can start with wikipedia as a primer on this:


Now, to be fair – blacks and whites can get down like this:

– They prob doing that shit to albinos cause after the white man first appeared to em, like them North Sentinelese they don’t want that shit again lol ??

– With whites and blacks, there’s a reason. In the case of whites as the late great Dr. Francis Cress Welsing expounded on….

– In the last one, Phil Donahue, an old talk show host (I rem. watching him in the 90s as a little girl ☁️ #memories) was trying to dismiss her yet her prediction on whites dying out 2 centuries later has turned out to be true:

That being said, my point is there is a rhyme and reason behind WHY whites and blacks will act brutal. Whites colonized, did all the nefarious shit – including wear the uteruses of captured and dead indian women on their heads – out of fear of genetic white annhilation, to scare and strike fear into the hearts of the enemy so they won’t fuck with them and wipe them out. I believe this was fear was caused after the black moors colonized them. This is what got them to want to colonize others in a feeling of self defense.

Blacks – we do shit in rituals and will be brutal out of fear – but we don’t enjoy it like the asian and wetback spick and cspan races do! The other day I saw a barbaric video of a chinese 2 year old child being ran over:

Even the way they kill their dogs for consumption shows the reptilian derived inherent nature in them (and so thus their cousins, the wetback):

Meanwhile, in Africa they kill it clean….

– Whites gonna lose their shit watching these videos…. ??

Now let’s get back to the wetback ??

That said, to understand what you are dealing with, you must understand their origin.

Now I already laid bare that, like with the Asians their creators were reptilians as can be seen via the “gods” they war-ship. That being said, I have personally never had problems with Asians (so don’t take what I say as a stinging indictment against ya’ll). They have a thriving surface cult-ure of politeness but they can be some cruel bitches…. Listen to the story of Junko Furuta….

They had that child starve – force fed her cockroaches, beat her after despite all the shit they put on her she beat em in a game….

Look up the Japanese Yakuza and how brutal they are. Look up the Japanese kamikaze WW II pilots – all that shit is that reptilian dna expressing itself in em. We are nothing like em. Which brings me back to the wetback.

It is said they come from Asia:

Just like with the asians, there gods aka creators were reptilian. Let us take a look at reptilian characteristics:

From my experience (from having fought with the FULL BLOODED reptilians which you can just search on this blog), reptilians are:

1) Hateful

2) Remorseless

3) Lacking in compassion

4) Hate to be exposed

5) They have a hivemind

6) As you can find out on the internet – a wanton desire to commit cruetly and horrific acts for sadistic pleasure.

7) An obsessive preoccupation towards sex, fucked up sexual acts

8) Misogyny aka machismo

I want ya’ll to read this article on reddit where a human encountered a LATINO reptilian hybrid:


In case they ever remove the article I reposted it:

For more research on the attributes of the reptilians, read here (he is my fav):


And here:



Looking at the above characteristics, who does that remind you of….

https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/reptiles/reptiles50a.htm#Reptilian Manipulation of Human Sexuality

Two ladies here describes being raped by them:



I found her off of 2circles’ channel:

The “blacker than blackness” that she notes she saw is extremely intriguing which I will expound upon later….

When I have interacted with these monsters aka the wetback, as humansarefree.com
have noted with reptilians, these suckers have a hivemind:

One day I was trying to do an internal reprogramming of that whole thing (feel like I’m beating a dead horse) with the chemistry teacher saying, “Drop the English accent,” da dah da dah dah”….


As if (they did) read my mind, a group of wetbacks start mocking me – OUT THE BLUE – talking in a mock British accent while saying, I KID YOU NOT ?? in whispered tones, “She still worried about that.”

This website talks on this:

When I have interacted with them, aside from having a strange obsessive compulsion for sex….

….which as James Bartley explains is a reptilian tendency…..

– Ya’ll need to read his article: it is some deep stuff


– To prove that this is a reptilian trait (since all dem cult-ures war-ship reptilians), I wanna show an example of the EPIDEMIC (this shid been going on since forever) of young girls esp. on Japanese subways:

– I have had reptilians try to offer me human body parts (for conditioning) in the astral….

I find that there is almost an emptiness (while maintaining STRONG psychic abilities) in them which the website humansarefree.com have noted in reptilians:

There are talks online of organic portals who exist amongst us – who mimic us, siphon off our soul energy while interacting with us true SOULED humans:


I’ll say this: one day while at a red light, they had a latina lady who smiled at me. Being turned off by her reptilian energy instinctively, I rolled my eyes (I personally disdain distant ass shallow interactions with folks cause I am human and have a soul – after all, would she talk to me if I were topless or if she knew me?) and this woman, who I am quite certain never read my blog, hissed at me like a reptile – this random lady!

And people call me crazy!

Nah motherfucker I just see beyond the veil.

Like an organic portal, I peep even their arguments when I call em out are superficial, (not so cleverly) glib, child like, canned responses, like you would expect a soulless ass mindless robot to make:

* There was another one that was a perfect example of what I am talking about but I can’t find it…..


Yet but that wetback won’t talk about “dese”….

That’s why I don’t trust them. That is why I hate them.

That is why I would not sleep with them (did before but those mistakes aka dazes are over), trust them or be around them far beyond superifically engaging with them in business or when they making my food ?

As I have shown here with how they are indignantly upset over some elote man aka ILLEGAL vendor getting robbed yet won’t address the literal actual ethnic cleansing of blacks from our former living spaces aka Compton, South Central:

Wetbucks Are Now Getting They Deserved Due For What They Have Been Doing To Blacks

These thangz are nothing but fucking reptilians whose plan or La Conquesta is to destroy, steal, conquer, rape and committ acts of violence cause is that what reptilians do as this blog, many blogs have shown on them:

– Just as the wetbucks use our lax immigration to try to steal the U.S. I say STEAL because even if theoretically your people were here first, which they weren’t:

This complete proof right here we are indigenious (looka that nappy ass hair):

– Taken from here:


That’s why in New Orleans we had the Mardi Gras Indians Ron Ton Rouille!

YA’LL WERE BROKEN UP INTO TRIBES THAT ONLY OWNED – really they didn’t believe in ownership since they respected nature – by small tribes = small plots of land so you only owned as much as the small tribe you came from owned, dummies!

**As an aside there were black indians, white indians and the HISstory books put you all on some truth in the 4th grade when they told ya’ll the story of Lief Erikson who came here from Scandanavia and was the first European in North America ?**

Let’s talk about what the ASIAN indians did before European contact:

That’s why I don’t argue with them, try to placate them cause I know what they are: a demonic descendant of a reptilian race.

That’s why in Chicago they didn’t stop killing blacks until we bared teeth and killed one of their own:

– Now they want peace (peep his neckbrace on).

There is no talking, no negotiation with these demons. They are not like you and I: their psychological, emotional makeup is different. They are not the same as us. Their dna is reptilian. They hate blacks specifically because we are the true humans as this article notes:

– That’s why they hate us!

They are, the wetback and spic and cspan, innate predators, they do not respect love, compassion but only acknowledge and desire violence and destruction as seen in their home countries, as I witnessed in a youtube video where a mexican kid who was getting bullied was not only NOT getting help from but was getting dogged out by the other wetbacks in the crowd who ignored his cries (animalistic – nah fuck that – REPTILIAN nonhumans)! Their whole CULT-ure is the antithesis of humanity.

Now, let me elaborate on what I mentioned before regarding the lady who said that she was walking thru a blacker than black tunnel en route to being raped by a reptilian (after being brought there by one):

I’ve been to that blacker than black hellish realm (but I got blocked) which I describe here:

Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

The shaman who rescued my brother from the underworld touches on this “blacker than blackness”…. peep she said that there were reptilian guards…. ???

Many of these christians talk on it….

They are all talking about hell. That is where that reptilian led the young lady.

It is a well known fact that reptilians live underground. In LA they have a huge underground kingdom (which is why the wetbacks are so eager – and have been able – to reclaim it):


– Interestingly it is in Downtown LA which is not that far from East L.A. which is a major wetback stronghold:

This talks about them hellish realms again:

As I talked about here, the reptilians run the lower astral aka hell. They are known to live underground, near the Earth’s core (which is fiery) which is said to be where hell in the astral is located:

Astral Projection CONFIRMS That Heaven Is Hell Which Is Ran By The Archons The Reptilians

Running Wetback Biker Gang Up The Skreet With 6000hz Frequency

I peep – and it is no coincidence – that when I play 6000hz frequency it runs wetbacks off, just as it does reptilians as explained here:

Black folks, white folks = humans, this is what I am talking about when I say the wetbacks are demonic: they are literally made by an alien race that lives underground who are all for the destruction of planet Earth and the humans living within.

Do not try to explain them away as you would you and I cause they are not of our bloodline but are of the bloodline of the serpent reptilian demon seed.

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