Journey To The Underworld The Land of The Dead And The Ether

I’ve done it, plentay of times while looking back on it:

This story describing it ain’t lying:

I’ve been there. I recall a while back I used a Star of David to transfer me to where my brother is. I was in the early, latent stages of using my third eye to navigate the astral plane. So before going to sleep I asked my third eye to astral project me to wherever he is in the astral plane. I was “awokened” – I astral projected in the dreamscape – to a world where I was initially in a hospital. There was I’m guessing a reptilian (cause I saw the tail and felt the evil) portraying itself as a black man and acting as my guide. While in the hospital I was topless save for wearing my black thong and prancing around while folks were laughing. The scene then changed to a ballroom then a nation of islam like center where all races and creeds were but nobody fucked with me for being topless. I then in a desperately tried to use my third eye to teleport me to where my brother is at!

I was then transported to a realm where it was dark but blacker than black. The darkness was alive (I just heard what sounded like my brother in child form saying “daddy” and there is a demon that mocks him so I guess that is him saying that). The darkness was so oppressive I felt like if I stayed there long enough I was LIT about to disappear from existence.

I attempted to use my third eye to teleport out and when I opened them I was still there. That’s how I know shit was real and I got scared shitless!

The reptilian who guided me in the form of my other half brother, a Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputy, then came and it seemed he sacrificed himself to get me out.

I then went back to the ballroom place where everybody sat at a huge table getting ready to have a feast. All of a sudden this samurai demon who had been (I been whipping his ass) stalking me named a named TH with a squiggly line deformed face barged in with hordes of samurai soldiers coming out of government like black cars, sedans looking to get me! That’s when I came back into this world.

The TH motherfucker looks like the demon who stalked Bruce Lee:

Listen here at 0:37 and this is EXACTLY how the demon I hear sounds like!

Just heard him after writing that! Fucker said “hey” lol!

I think TH is the soul of a man who lived who was a serial rapist who would – like the film “Kiss The Girls” – “collects” strong spiritually powerfull women and imprison em! I saw thru my third eye vision that he keeps strong and spiritually powerful women in cells in the astral!

I been kicking his ass so I ain’t been having much problems with him – hell I been getting rid of both good and bad entities away from me which is why my luck been getting better. The less spirits you got, the less intrusions but the more your light shines the more these entities which you do not need become attracted and come to you, looking to feed off you!

There was another time where I went straight to where my brother may be. This time I saw a scroll with English words but before I could read em I teleported out as that heavy darkness was “eating” me again!

THIS where I went:

I believe when I saw the white scroll, it was gonna be the same thing the lady saw there but my own Soul Source energy pulled me out! You can read more here:

I hired a shaman awhile back to rescue him from the underworld. She and Hecate found him in a place where he was in that dreaded ass cavern. He was chained by meathooks to a fucking wall. She got him out but – this where shit gets tricky – there’s spells all around in certain rooms to keep folks from escaping so all these fake ass organic portal love ‘n light motherfuckers everything doesn’t revolve around your energy over there. I’ve been told these entities fuck with him to get to me. I dunno why! So they finally found a way out and got him out.

I am not so sure if he is perfectly safe which is why I use my third eye to check on him (yesterday I clearly saw he was in a realm that looks like Malibu being chased by a T rex with another person ??‍♀️). A friend of mine who is a natural medium and is native american is used by mainly evil spirits to convey messages to me and in one instance, after the rescue, I could hear a hellguard (the shaman said they look reptilian with spears wearing medieval clothes) say, “Get back in line” and to “Chain him up!”

Man I been going doom on dese demons ever since:

One time, one evil entity that LIKED to fuck with me who I used my third eye to destroy – effortlessly – and sent to and imprisoned in the underworld I could hear thru the dude saying, “It’s cold and dark here.” Then out the BLUE it says, “Worship god!” That’s how I know god aka the demiurge is evil!

You don’t fuck with family! I’ll kill ya!

In another instance, using my third eye to see where he at, I was teleported to a giant skyscraper that was ALLL the way in the sky that seems to have been built out one (tall ass) cave. I saw the demons that look like this:

….patrolling it! I then started running down into the lower levels to get my brother who I know was being held in that oppressive darkness below!

That being said, from what I was told by the shaman and another man who is spiritually gifted, I was in the realm of the dead.

Now, I’ve been to the ether where, like the low ass realm of the dead, bad shit dwells.

Speaking of which, before I talk of the ether, I recall back when I had my old apartment, I awoke in the middle of the night at around 12am and saw 3 neon lights flanking both sides of my kitchen door and on the floor with the light off (I usually kept it on as I was afraid of the dark and this shit justifies it) pointing inward with a neon red sign saying “Exit” at the top with that oppressive darkness gleaming and a red glowing light coming out. That was the underworld:

You can look at where the door is and see trapped souls in there if you look close enough.

This how people disappear into “thin air.” I felt if I walked thru it, I’d never come out!

Being used to this shit and more intrigued then scared I decided to go back to sleep. While trying to sleep I felt a force pulling me from my body at the crown and saw a red hand that was human like an old lady’s but “drawing” or pulling back tears of blood. At one point I heard what sounded like my grandmother say, “Come here.”

Another time I had done came out of DEEP meditation and I saw a tearing in the fabric of reality what sounded like a zipper than a black hole with that eerie red light appear. Closed my eyes and it appeared again (I just saw red TWICE on my cellphone screen).

Another time in my old apartment that darkness appeared in my kitchen then disappeared. The closet was right there in it and it has always been said closets are portals to another dimension.

Kinda reminds me of how during my satanic phase I witnessed an invisible entity playing with the closet lights. I pointed to it with no fear as if to demand it to stop and it did!

A thought just came to my mind that it mighta been my baby brother since he liked to do that lol ???

That being said, let me talk on my trip to the ether.

A while back – all this shit happens in my old apartment – it was during my satanic phase – I would try to sleep but my back would be uncomfortable as a motherfucker! When trying to go to sleep, I would awake in the ether which looks like our realm but all the colours are muted like a grey sepia tone, all is like damn near black and white.

I recall seeing the priest who did services at my old middle school St. James Major falling off a roof (it seemed to help me and he was a nice lil man when alive) then I heard a lil boy’s voice say, “You see the priest, he fell off a roof.” Then I saw some black bitches in business suits I conjecture who’ve been cursing me at a table doing voodoo in a parking garage.

THEN I heard the kid say I believe “Shadow ways” repeatedly as a GIANT tarantula’s arm came thru the window. Shit was realer than real. I awoke and when I went to sleep I saw that shit again. I knew I couldn’t sleep at that point.

That’s it for now. I may do a second blog for later.

Oh yeah, earlier while astral projecting, thinking of how I saw in the astral a t rex chasing my brother, I had an experience where a giant alligator chased me while trying to eat me but I got saved.

That’s why it is important to become spiritually potent ??

Also looka all the weird shit in my ole apartment:

– That’s a trick demon, lol

Also I peeped an eel like entity appearing thru the window of my regular eye while my third eye is open (I just saw a flash of light strike past me and heard a thud sound behind right where I saw the lightening):

– Tell me shit ain’t around me!

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