Demiurge Tried To Pull A Fast One With Vision Involving Me Dying Via Drowning

I know exactly what this shit was allll about:

I had an astral projection experience (where I wasn’t fully conscious but it was vivid ass all hell) where I was a latina with white skin and on my left eye I had a black dot on the eye that was sorta reminiscient of David Bowie cause it was just a splotch.

I recall driving to a place to get my tires fixed in macarthur park when I drove into a parking structure and then lost my car (symbolic). I then came out and I saw a Lowe’s worker I have seen before – an indian young man – say I know you (he looks alot like a dude who works at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s station). A bunch of workers gathered and they showed me that I had drowned and that my car was in this pool and that I was dead. I then had a wave of water come rushing at me and when I was about to use my third eye to change the scene, I woke up!

The demiurge don’t want nan of it! I am spiritually very powerful! What I was about to do was reminiscient of when the girl, Queenie, from American Horror Story 3rd season attempted to change the scene of where she was at from the hell she was initially condemned to:

As one lady said, when you escape this matrix system aka the “kingdom of ‘god’ the demiurge” you can enter the real heaven, which, as she explains, is why you shouldn’t work with any gods or goddesses or anything in this matrix: no fairies (had them around me as supposed allies but when I got rid of em by sending them to the underworld I got better):

I have even been plied with being rendered a platoon of demons to work under me a la King Solomon that involved two snakes intertwined (reptilian-archon deception) but I refused. I won’t show the symbol cause I don’t want it falling into the wrong hands but this is how the demons looked:

– Now they attack me but I always whip they asses in the astral.

I don’t make deals with the demiurge or his minions. Not when I got the true power. Not when I am God!

That being said similar shit got pulled on me involving water and drowning and the threat of that being my afterlife when I was trapped in a bathhouse style place where it was all walls with only a narrow walk way where folks could barely stand – kinda like a tightrope – that was far out of reach. When I couldn’t leave on my own since I didn’t quite master my third eye yet two Orishas: Yemaya and Oshun appeared and rolled their eyes at me and said practically you couldn’t do this on your own in a jab intended to convey to me that I needed to war-ship them!

Fuck no!

That is what you call selling your soul!

They fuck with folks like my baby brother Bryan who had no spiritual knowledge while alive and grab them and bring them to the underworld which is part of the astral. This is why it is mad important to become spiritually knowledgeable and know your Source Self while you are alive. Otherwise you will fall prey (hence the catholic word “pray”) to the demons, angels even and other minions that the demiurge will cast upon you at his disposal.

Take for instance this video where this lady recounts seeing her friend in a torturous hellish realm where she was being raped by these wolverine monsters PERPETUALLY:

Based on what I saw with my third eye she don’t realise she’ll end up there her damn – pun intended ?? self as I saw she will be in a cave making love to a black man with an afro (she’ll have one too) while wife swapping! She’ll have free will and will be freer then her friend but she’ll still be trapped in the cavernous underworld. The demiurge wants to save her for himself by having her save all her sexual sacral chakra energy so he’ll feast on it in the astral. Speaking of which, this is god the demiurge:

Listen to this christian low key tell folks god is the devil:


Here the youtube vid:

They target those who have latent spiritual gifts (hence why she can journey there) who aren’t aware of their gifts but have powerfull souls which translates to energy ie food for the demiurge. They use hellish visions to capture these people’s souls and use em as food in the astral, as this man named Ranmabushiko explains:

You can read his comment thread here:

And she explains the same thing basically saying gods use you too for energy (and she ‘wokes – lol – with em):

Read the rest of the article here:

Here is proof of what I been saying: this is an archon aka alien (sounds reptilian esp with that name but Andromedan also came out at me as I pictured a blue being) fucking with this man as he became more spiritual and started opening his psychic senses to his soul self:

Here is the article:

In a nutshell they will try to throw you off with archon archetypes aka gods and goddesses and if you are really advanced like me sicc THE ARCHONS aka reptilians, insectoids and greys on ya:

– Hell, pun intended, just search reptilian and archons and shit on my site ??

That being said, they will try to get you with addictions programmed into your physical body via urges, cravings etc when you start to become spiritual. For instance mines is alcohol. The worst is sexual cause you can quit alcohol but are you supposed to quit sex????

It’s fucking maddening!

I guess if it is in urge form don’t give in!

I will say if you got addictions, urges FIGHT THAT SHIT! Those are demons chasing you, getting you to be focused on Earthly and not spiritual pursuits so they can chain you, imprison you! If you don’t fight it, those evil ass demons will be there to greet you on the other side right after you die like they did my brother and then imprison you for all eternity like THEY tried to do to him but big sis knew what was up ??

– In his case he got placed on meds he did not need all cause he could not adjust to the new home my family moved to after Katrina cause he had asperger’s. It opened up a doorway for him to hear evil voices, telling him to do things he didn’t want and to keep himself from killing my parents he killed himself instead.

That being said don’t fall for the deception. When you come into your Source power there are plenty AND YOU WILL BE ATTACKED but hang in there!

And don’t forgot to worship yourself cause the kingdom of God IS You!

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