Vision Reveals Illuminati And Reptilians Are Putting The Curses On Me

– Notice in the pic one, the “leader’s”, wearing red robes. This alludes in significance to what I am about to talk about…

Last night I had two sets of dreams, visions, nightmares if you will… I also have to SERIOUSLY rethink my stance on white people! All throughout as you will HEAR HOW IT HAS BEEN WHITE PEOPLE who have been instrumentally and spiritually helping me out, showing me things while it’s been blacks who I believe have a LOT of generational curses put on them due to all the evil traumatic things they did in palo mayombe rituals which begot voodoo and santeria (I believe that’s why blacks were enslaved as KARMA) FOR ALL THE CHILD, HUMAN SACRIFICE RITUALS THEY DID WHICH SEEMS – SINCE THEY HAD NO IDEA HOW TO DEAL WITH THE POWERS THEY WERE DEALING WITH – AFFECT THEM TO THIS DAY! I have been holding out on saying that there is something toxic and evil about most blacks but now I will say it…

That said, yesterday when I went into the autozone on 4851 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019 I saw a dude with a mason ring. I wondered for the longest time why they disdained me (I can hear their chatter) and I couldn’t figure it out. I saw it right after I had had this vision in reptilian dominated miracle mile (ALOT of reptilians – alot) in which what I believe to be the illuminati was sending me this: – I neglected to mention in that article that I saw robed men in red, one older white man whose face I saw partially!

That said, in the vision I had last night – it seemed I was a substitute teacher who had romantic relations with this “official” teacher who took on the appearance of this blonde haired dude I used to work in a christian radio station with years ago. He had on a blue shirt – but before I get to that, let me explain what I saw….

Before, I had a dark haired, younger looking young white lady reveal to me that there were three (notice the number “3” in numerology) voodoo snakes near me that were acting as “protection” from Ogun but they drain their victims – THEN SHE SAID PEOPLE THEY “PROTECT” – of energy. They were like cobras and it is funny because in voodoo snakes represent one of the voodoo Lwas named Damballah WHICH WAS A FUCKING REPTILIAN (LETTING ME KNOW THAT’S THERE ASSES AFTER ME):

– Which look ALOT like the nagas of India who were reptilian beings (said to eat humans) who had human upoer half bodies and snake/reptilian lower half bodies which you can read about here:

– It’s funny cause I’ll get visions of Oshun, Baron Samedi (who I initially revealed here had eyes of a zeta grey reticuli alien which changed to black then to normal: and Ogun (I even saw his face with an Africsn hat and daishiki in that vision) appeared and I feel INTUITIVELY like it is designed to draw me back into the energy archon harvesting matrix system and so I run them up the street cause I KNOW intuitively they are not there to help but draw me back into that web of EXTORTED protection so I can stay under the archon’s and Demiurge’s control! I also was talking with a psychic kid who said he was born IN THE YEAR OF THE SNAKE according to the Chinese calendar. Being that I was born in the year of the pig, the boar, it’s funny that before he revealed that to me – I was listening to a radio program which said that those born in the year of the pig don’t get along with thosd born in the year of the snake!

So, returning back to the vision I had of the white dude from the radio station – I recall him discussing taking me and a couple kids on a trip to Canada. I wonder if it has something to do with this: since it’s funny that this vision occurred the day after I had a vision of being sacrificed by the illuminati for not wanting to be the Antichhrist!

That said, and here’s the kicker… Before I delve into this part, I had a vision which seemed to have involved a client I saw YEARS AGO who said he himself was having curses put on him by witches. In this, he was a cable install/repair man. I recall he was installing a new type of cable called CI/ALNET AS IN SEE – ALL – NET with the “net” being like skynet! I recall him saying that they were “2” dollars more than time warner AND you can only pay PER YEAR which was 88 DOLLARS. HOW IS THAT FOR NUMEROLOGY??? Now, the number 2 in numerology means Master Builder (Well, “22”) esp. according to the freemasons which means to determine your destiny. I also personally – as a former satanist – know it to mean the Devil! 88 is associated with Christ the Redeemer (it’s supposed to be three “8’s” but still) which you can read here: It seemed like a choice was being given to serve the Darkness (satan) or become the Redeemer!

That said, I had another vision: I was in a home, there were white people, of the light, including one person who was acting as an Oracle of God, THE TRUE DIVINE FEMININE FORCE I felt and NOT the Demiurge (I felt like I was being given Godly protection by God, the Divine Feminine Force that lies within and outside this realm NO MATTER what Earthly shit gets sent my way!) and when I asked what is fucking with me, she said she saw MEN IN RED ROBES, ILLUMINATI (I got a bad feeling now) ALL AROUND and when I asked another person if they were reptilians – I got the sense one followed him – as they are doing with my friends in real life – and was fucking with him!

Red Robes is worn by the (“Satanic”) Pope to celebrate the BLOOD OF THISE WHO DIED FIGHTING AGAINST THE DEMIURGE – AS A SACRIFICE TO IT which you can see in the first post in the google search below:

The illuminati also dons them as well as can be seen in 2nd to last post in search:

– It kinda reminds me of what I wore last night to bed (kept me warm!). Look at the brand name – says alot, symbolically):

I remember walking outside – it seemed I was outside my old childhood garage – and I saw Winnie the Pooh – a FRIENDLY childhood character, chasing honey then turned and looked at me and with this angry ferocious countenance turned to come after me. I think this is designed to mirror how in the real world the illuminati are turning innocent people against me as what happened here: here:
and here is the origin of said curse:

I had a vision of these people in red robes being in a basement – same stuff I saw the other night like in this vision here:

That said, I remember taking off running with Donkey Kong (carrying Diddy Kong wearing a PURPLE AND GOLD SHIRT – very significant spiritual colours) – off into the woods near my childhood home (where I REALLY seem to be – of late – in the astral) and at one point I was turned into a rat (I’ll explain the symbolic significance of later) and ran into this rickety, brown, old haunted looking abandoned tiny home. I recall running down into a basement (it seemed I might of been running from Donkey Kong, too) and for some reason I could not close the door!

That said, I feel the being turned into a rat symbolizes that I am telling too many illuminati secrets and they don’t like that! The turning Winnie the Pooh against me was designed to show how they are turning innocent, GOOD PEOPLE AGAINST ME!

– Also, regarding the comment I made earlier about blacks, I won’t let reptilian, demonically possessed people make me turn my back against a whole people but I feel the truth must be said! One black guy I kicked off my timeline whom I always had bad vibes about I SAW – IN MY MIND’S EYE – SHAPESHIFT IN THE FACE INTO A DARK SKINNED REPTILIAN (That’s why it is SOOO important whom you create ties with)! I won’t let them turn me against a whole group of people. I feel what I am enduring is MUCH BIGGER than this.

This zeta reticuli (I see A BUNCH of em around her) possessed lady with the black eyes like a zeta grey is talking about how I am gonna DIE soon!

Here is where she say I’M GOING TO DIE (She referring to me ALL throughout that video):

Notice she places ALOT of emphasis on making her husband “skeet skeet” – it’s because Archons, grey aliens and reptilians are NOTORIOUS ENERGY VAMPIRES as you will see in a side by side comparison showing her eyes up against an alien grey that her body is inhabited by one! This article by this GREAT WEBSITE THAT STAYS exposing archon, reptilian influences in our world (I once had a hard time posting their link on my Facebook page) EXPOSES EXACTLY HOW ARCHONS AND ARCHON POSSESSED PEOPLE LIKE THIS LADY USE SEX TP STEAL ENERGY hence why they are so obsessed with it (I bet due to the draining of his life force energy he prob. looks old AND IS TIRED, poor man!):

– I also sense the curse she placed upon me will have me by her – IT’S (Since that is an alien in there’s) – intentions which are to be hit by a truck or something else in a one on one collision!

Here she is with the ZETA RETICULI GREY COAL BLACK EYES – just like I saw on Baron Samedi (I see A BUNCH of grey aliens around her, CONTROLLING HER for their own ends…)

Here is the article I did on her awhile back:

I know the reptilians have put a death curse on me. I have been bleeding money for quite sometime like – as if consistent by clockwork – SOME UNEXPECTED EMERGENCY EVERY MONTH WILL EMERGE TO DRAIN THE LIL BIT OF SAVINGS THAT I HAVE (That’s why if you want feel free to donate here: ) and because of smart moves I made I was able to stay afloat but I knew not for longer… That’s why it’s a good thing I CHOOSE to stay in my car cause the system would have me by the balls – and thus able to be pushed into one of the archon spiritual, religious systems as they forced me under satanism in the past due to needing money – if I was in THEIR SYSTEM and forced to come up with money for rent (SOMETHING WHICH YOU WILL NEVER OWN!) which can be EXORBITANT ASS FUCK – WHICH IS WHY SO MANY OF THE PEOPLE THEY POSSESS AND USE TRY TO SHAME ME, GUILT TRIP ME TO PUSH ME BACK INTO THEIR MATRIX SYSTEM WHICH INCLUDES RENTING so that I can be vulnerable again to theif agenda. Because I don’t need alot to survive in this matrix system, I don’t take TOO MUCH to gain what I had loss!

That said, I know they are attacking my ass and THAT IS A GOOD SIGN! IT MEANS THAT I AM WAKING MANY PEOPLE UP AND THAT IS A THREAT TO THEM! I hope to continue to further wake people up and destroy their asses, soon!

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