Danny Vendramini’s New Doc Reveals Neanderthals Were Reptilian Superpredators

GOD, I started having issues with my other main cellphone (the toplessinla site wouldn’t’t load in the browser) AFTER I REVEALED IN MY PREVIOUS ARTICLE THAT THE DEMIURGE IS A REPTILIAN ITSELF – WITH PROOF! THEN before writing this article here the usb connector broke. That’s okay!

That said, while watching THIS the other day:

I couldn’t help but look at it’s eyes and couldn’t help but wonder that I was staring into the eyes of…



Think about it! Everything he says about the “neanderthals”: they were 10x faster, 10x smarter, 10x this, 10x THAT – SOUNDS LIKE THE PERFECT DESCRIPTION FOR FUCKING REPTILIANS!

Those mofos are like that!

I believe that they have co-existed, of course, with humankind for millenia.

I also believe it is no coincidence that white people are known to have THE MOST OF THEIR GENES OF ALL RACES. Given their savage history, it makes you wonder and even CDF drew a correlation to it yearrrssss (Yes, pun intended) ago:

Welp, I couldn’t find his video but this kinda touches on it a bit (shit if you find it send it to me: [email protected])!

But that said, EVERYTHING he said is notably true and correlates VERY WELL to reptilians! They cause ALOT of the drama that takes place on our planet – and I BELIEVE (I made sure to copy his video before they take it down) that they are still here – along with other alien groups – creating as much havoc as before!

I believe we got our reptilian stem from them and, now, just savagery and fucked up civilization from them as well.

I also believe they didn’t except save for a few humans (the Nephilim) did not directly mate with us but INSTEAD GENETICALLY ENGINEER US! Look up the Annunaki!

There is FAR MORE to history we DON’T KNOW, that they ain’t telling us!

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