Los Angeles County Sheriff Handing Out Tickets Based on Racial Bias

THESE BASTARDS HONKED WHILE PASSING BY MY CAR JUST NOW (though after replaying the tape you won’t hear that part BUT YOU CAN SEE THEM PASSING BY)!!!

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I didn’t see a ticket given to the OTHER people who happen to be white in the RV next to me (Not trying to start mess – JUST POINTING THE OBVIOUS):

Also, OF NOTE and I filmed last night as well which was probably a good thing – I DID NOT SEE A TICKET ON MY WINDOW (BELIEVE ME – I WOULDA NOTICED) AND I filmed at around 3am. Note the time on the ticket:

1:51am! I didn’t see SHIT on there. They full of shit!

That said, I KNOW why they doing this shit! Aside from racial reasons… I feel ALOT of this shit that’s being compounded on my plate to throw me off track is all and all threw have me focus on seemingly dumb shit that I can’t focus on the bigger shit! AND I KNOW WHO they are using as an instrument to enact all this dumb shit. Remember, WITCH, YOU WILL BECOME A SACRIFICE to those grey and reptilian aliens you unknowingly working for…

Anyways, since I was built for a hard life (I never cared too much for the Earthly delusion matrix made designed version of “comfort”, Earthly trinkets WHICH IS WHY I WAS BUILT FOR THIS) I am just gonna keep trucking, exposing until I can fully do something about the system. As for people like this lady – think about what you’re fucking with cause your afterlife won’t be so nice:


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