Astral Projection CONFIRMS That Heaven Is Hell Which Is Ran By The Archons The Reptilians

I wanna say for the record that when you look at the thing that is holding the child in the vat in the Matrix….

Don’t that look like a bird-reptilian, the same things that David Icke – based on knowledge from Credo Mutwa – states is running our planet ?

I ain’t never wrong…. read this to see what I mean….

Even before writing this I feel a sharp tightening on my throat chakra and crown and I saw thru my third eye early this morning a fucking reptilian putting that shit there.

I’ve said it and talked about this before….

Hear ??? my testimony:


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As an aside, I SWEAR I saw a man who looked like the Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt sitting on a bench yesterday in Miracle Mile, talking to a blonde woman right by the Taco Bell by La Brea.

Also, while making that video – my eyes CHANGED to gold and I saw it for a split second!

I been saying for the longest that god the demiurge is an e-vile mofo, he runs what we call the archons aka reptilians, greys, tall nordics who run this soul milking farm we call the 3D – so given it’s an evil mofo running shit, we can’t logically expect “heaven” to be any better.

I think this is what the illuminati is referring to when they say, “As above, so below” aka duality = what’s good is wrong and visa versa cause the mug who runs the show – aside from being dualistic in appearance:

It is also dualistic in nature aka good AND evil simultaneously! I have heard that the bible even states that there are abominations that look like amoebas and Lovecraftian creations up there.

It reminded me of Nightmare Hall at Dulce base:

Here this man, Phil Schneider, talks about a firefight that happened between humans and aliens underground at that base after the experiments they were doing on humans got exposed!

Showing me how they manipulate our holographic reality thru technology!

The place aka Heaven aka Hell I saw looked like this:

I think it confirms (the tightening around my crown and throat chakras just got tighter) my suspicions that we do in face live in a matrix and all this shit are illusions controlled by them. Also they were trying to get folks to sign contracts saying they would go to paradise aka heaven when they were actually going to hell aka the underworld and be tormented till they would agree to leave the astral and return to the soul milking farm known as the 3D or Earth.

These videos talk more on the soul reincarnation matrix trap:

I will just give an excerpt of what I saw and leave it at that: it was underground, had vats, technology and had a ROOM that looked like the lake of hell = holographic universe. That’s why underground via entrance to caves is said to be hell aka the underworld = underground! Peace!

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