JP Logistics Employee Pulls A Knife And Attempts To Expose Himself To Me On The PCH

As I go thru this healing phase alot of bad shit is bubbling up the surface.

Thus I shoulda been aware (but emotions take over) that bad, lecherous people – who are sent on a spiritual level to throw me off my path – will come.

That happened today!


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Here he is with a knife in hand

Here some other photos….

Naw I’m the last person to complain about nudity….

Showing Off Pictures of My Naked Body

To Help The Sheriffs I Decide To Run Naked To Run Folks Out In Midst of Corona Parking Regulations Deputy Telles Calls Me Out

Woman Runs Around Naked In MacArthur Park In Westlake Los Angeles LAPD Called

– This ain’t me ?

Celebrating Ma Death ‘Woke and Malibu Sheriffs Cum To Fuck It Up

– I fucked his ma up and got that heaux in the underworld wit dat death ‘woke (that mug and his entire company will get it too hissssss ?)

Topless Lady Shows Up To Where The Satanic Fruitbat Truck and Chilling With Inuit


Told ya!

Anyways, it is about CONTEXT and his shit was (about) to be done in a sexual DOMINANT manner mad similar to why rapists rape in the first place.

That being said here are the responses from his company (Chris Case Chris Caseee)…

– When you read the string of the thread he chilled when I put da ‘woke and I see what is to come.

Here the company info here:

JP Logistics

Anyways, all diss weekend, Imma be doing SERIOUS healing work. I am almost done but as the shaman who advised me said – the evil entities I got fucking with me are feeding on long suppressed emotions which are sadness, rejection (which I have faced ALOT of) – I am crying as I talk about this, creepy folks (even before the topless thing), scummy folks wanting to use and abuse me – which is why I am so hyperdefensive and HATE the fucking predators who tend to come my way (which pisses me off even more cause with my strong front I don’t understand WHY they still are attracted to me, why they still come – but now I do).

I’m crying right now. Alot of emotions as I heal are coming out. As a kid I would sit in solemness, lonliness and cry and I couldn’t understand why ??‍♀️ I still don’t. I’d cry on the first day of class up until high school. Then out of necessity I put up a hard front since no one cared if you were sensitive.

Like as a kid, I gotta dominant so folks know not to fuck with me. But I won’t lie, I’m deeply wounded. I just don’t why. Even as a child, people shit on me, treat me like shit (even now). I think it might be a past life thing perhaps. I keep sensing that cause my upbringing was pretty bucolic, happy.

That being said, I gotta get to the depth of “why” so I can remove this cancer in me and come into my own personal power. It’s gonna be hard.

Cue Juicy J

….But in the meantime, Imma ‘woke these fools: ‘woke the company, the dude, just like how my black magic took out this nigga’s ma here (got that bish in the underworld with reptilians fucking with ha’)…..

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

– Just like I caused this mug to end up in a mental home after my reptilians, DEMONS came for him….

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Just like they did to ha….

They gonna have to be my last sacrifices on my road to healing.

Talking about voodoo black magic. Naw I fuck with illuminati/freemasonry shit and didn’t even know it hisssss hisssss ?

I wish them and all the other mofos I (death) ‘woked this week the best of luck ????

Peace ✌?


– This a message to any other truck driver who wanna be on some nasty shit as well (EXO). I ain’t something to be observed like an animal in a zoo (the energy I pick up from they ass). Take it as a warning. Spread that on your CB radio.

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