How I Defeated A Reptilian Spiritual Husband Using Spiritual Fasting

It was an UGLY motherfucker and FOR YEARS really tried to stop me from coming into my power….

He look just like this motherfucker…..

– What a FUCKING subliminal representing this topic!

I got the screenshot from 2Circles channel on Youtube. That is his video up above. Check him out cause he is the premier youtuber on the subject of reptilians.

He (the reptilian) was one of the ones who tried to come to me in the spirit realm and claim he “related” to me (while committing incest?)!

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….My phone started fucking up as I wrote this!

If you wanna fight this drink chamomile tea (I forgot to mention it in the video)….


And stay away from low vibe people and things like alcohol, drugs – really ANYTHING brought on by urges (cause that is what the entity feeds on to stay attached to you)!

If you are having unusual bad luck in your life that is usually a SPIRIT behind it!

I suffered for fucking years with this shit which brought me close to death after dealing with this extremely selfish fucking spirit who I am guessing wanted my soul!

I am just gonna mention this but interestingly when I was drunk that night and a mofo tried to run over me the reptilian THEN decided to pull the clog he had in my throat chakra.

Here me chronicling my fasting….

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Cause of the fasting, I don’t feel the weird urges I once felt on the right side of my body, I was getting really hot in certain areas while fasting meaning the malevolent spirits were being affected, NEGATIVELY ?? and I feel like myself again.

Imma continue to fight that shit for however long it takes. ⚔??????? Fucking lizards (I feel them weakening and leaving) ??

And here’s some Malibu gangstalking:

Peep she was in the main vid just there and when I got in my car kept playing on repeat something about, “This (I guess my body, being topless) brings joy to her.” That is energy vampirism!

I am getting my old self back!


Another thing: when reptilian energy comes into you, it makes you docile, “calm”, pretty much dead. It kills your emotions which is why I had a hard time gettingbthe fyre to fight, being able to astral project – I believe they fucked with my throat chakra and heart chakra to make me feel “calm” so they can take away the emotions I feel out of envy!

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