People Got To STOP Putting Black Women Into The Category Of The Super Strong Black Woman Terminatrix

I wanna say that I find interesting that all other races – including wetback males and whyte males, got lessor testosterone then us:

It’s probably why wetbacks attack (esp. the original akq black) woman and why white bois envy black men (THEY ALL DO) = cause they are genetically weak!

There is even a ufo contactee named Alex Collier who said whites are the weakest, genetically, and were bred that way:


I am a human being who is extremely fucking sensitive, has been hurt and so thus is forced to be “strong” as a survival mechanism to protect myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Look at this fucking response: I think this may be the rapist who raped me!

Like this incident here…. it really pisses me off…..

This mofo wants to perv…. I call em out in self defense, but he wants to come at me like I’m a fucking man (I wanna kill this mofo) and you wonder why I’m fucking angry and anti social and am ADAMANT about being mean to mofos to keep em at bay!



Then he calls the cops….


As a social experiment, looka how slow people drive as the cops park tee hee:


Just like this crakkka ass couple here….



It’s like they wanna beat down my spirit and bring me down to the level of being nothing more than a marionette puppet and I don’t play that….

Reminds me of how they tried to beat down Oprah as Harpo for “disrespecting a white woman” cause she wouldn’t kiss her white ass in The Color Purple:

– And it’s white bois beating on her!

That is how “strong” they see us ??‍♀️ smdh!

And to think some wide folk were telling me not to ‘woke folk – my best AND only of justice!

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

I will kill you with black magic

Don’t pull this shit with me. I am a fucking human being; not a zoo animal to be leered at. I can feel that energy coming from most people who do that – I can understand curious ones who will still see me from the paradigm of human eyes (cause I am psychic and can sense that shit) – but not you nasty motherfuckers.

And assholes wonder why I have to act hard!

I don’t owe motherfuckers shit, esp. given how they have treated me!

That being said, I am not like most people in general. I have ALWAYS been outcasted by everybody: black, white. I don’t – nor care to – fit into a tribe. I have been unfairly misunderstood by everybody because I don’t fit the neat lil boxes that they have set up for whole groups cause they lack the intuitive capacity to understand nuances – and intuition, period.

I am not like most people. I am not normal. I understand and accept this. This is why I don’t accept most people. They unfairly judge me and – cause they can’t make sense of me – on THEIR terms – they gotta throw me in a mish mash of craziness of being “the angry black woman”, “the psychotic black woman” all cause I have my breasts out and other stereotypes cause I defy – FUCK, REFUSE – to be burdened by gender and racial norm stereotypes like the respectable kneegrow politricks shit!

That said, I break it down here:


Yes, I’m a hateful mofo and it is all in how the world has treated me, rejected me….

I will also say they want us to “tone shit down” cause they fear and envy our power ✊? ‘woke

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